Image of the new CoComelon X BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush in green.
Courtesy of BURST.

This CoComelon x BURSTkids Collab Will Make Kids Smile (And Brush!)

Hello JJ. We meet again...

Getting toddlers to brush their teeth can be... challenging. Some kids downright refuse to “open wide.” Others love running around the house with a toothbrush in their mouths — they just never get around to actually brushing. If you’re struggling, explaining the habit with a familiar tool may help. And who better to get kiddos to listen than JJ, the little star of the hit singalong series CoComelon? Oral care company Burst teamed up with the CoComelon team to create an exclusive collaboration featuring CoComelon x BURSTkids sonic toothbrushes. Adding to the excitement of this launch, their will also be new animated content dropping with the oral care tools.

What Products Are Launching with the CocoMelon X BurstKids Collaboration?

The vivid CoComelon characters have already produced billions of views, and kiddo content like a new podcast. Now you can get your hands on a couple of sonic toothbrushes, which will be available in both green and pink, and sport colorful, recognizable objects from the CoComelon world, like stuffies and stars. The brush’s silicone handles are designed for toddlers to easily grasp in their developing grips, helping kids learn to brush their own teeth properly. And the small brush head is soft, and ideally sized. But perhaps the most impressive feature is the timer. Once you press the button on the handle (marked with an adorable smiley face), each brush will vibrate for two minutes, and stop every 30 seconds; the prompt will remind the child to move the brush to another quarter of their mouth. Genius.

To make this daily task all the more enticing, new animated CoComelon videos will drop along with these sonic tools. Once you buy one of the brushes, you’ll find a QR code on the box; that code will give you access to two videos starring the CoComelon friends. One of the songs is even designed to help encourage your kiddos to brush.

Maybe watch these videos before you grab your toothbrush; it might be tough to brush and sing at the same time.

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Courtesy of BURST.

When Will The CoCoMelon x Burstkids Toothbrushes Be Available?

Mark your calendars for February 3, because that’s the day you can get your hands on these brushes. Head to, or, to pick up a box (complete with charging accessories) for $39.99. With the coded packaging in hand, you’ll then be able to access the additional CoComelon content living on Burst platforms. On, you’ll also find a link to enter to win a giveaway package of oral care products. How’s that for making brushing fun?

Hopefully the thought of incorporating these sonic brushes into your child’s twice daily brushing routine makes the habit feel less a chore, and more a delight.