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'CoComelon' has a new podcast coming out.

ATTN: An Interactive CoComelon Podcast For Toddlers Is Coming To Spotify

Let JJ and Cody read fairy tales to your kids.

If your kids can’t possibly get enough of the CoComelon gang, buckle up. The hit animated children’s series is getting a new life as a podcast on Spotify, and it sounds like just the kind of soothing, comforting fare kids will absolutely love.

CoComelon Story Time Is Coming To Spotify

Spotify announced a new partnership with CoComelon to create a new podcast for kids. “We're thrilled to announce CoComelon's first spoken word format with Spotify, the premier partner in audio," Patrick Reese, general manager at Moonbug Entertainment, which produces CoComelon, said in a statement. “CoComelon's goal has always been to inspire positivity and nurture a growth mindset for kids around the world, and this helps create a fun and new way to entertain and support our global audience.”

CoComelon has an audience of millions on its massively popular YouTube channel as well as its own show on Netflix, and now CoComelon Story Time will give kids the chance to hear some of their favorite characters reading “playful and educational” stories to them on their very own Spotify Original podcast.

JJ and Cody read to kids on ‘CoComelon Story Time’ podcast.

In a preview of CoComelon Story Time, we see everyone’s favorite cute little characters JJ and Cody read from classic tales like Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. CoComelon Story Time will feature classic fairy tales, expanded nursery rhymes, and global folktales read by JJ and Cody. The podcast will be an interactive storytelling show designed for kids between the ages of two and five years old featuring 42 stories in its first season.

When Is The Release Date?

CoComelon Story Time will premiere on the Spotify Kids app, exclusive to Spotify Premium subscribers, and within the Family and Kids Hub on Monday, Jan. 24.

Not only will CoComelon Story Time share stories from around the world, the podcast will also be available in English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

In the meantime, if you and your kids need a refresher on the whole CoComelon universe, you can watch them sing and dance and learn together on their immensely popular YouTube channel or check out their series on Netflix. Those CoComelon characters know how to keep the content coming.