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Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Making A Comeback

Truth is they never left.

Decorating for the Christmas season can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when you have to pull bins filled with decorations from over the years out of your attic. Or untangle strings lights that you thought you’d neatly put away. But when it’s time to add something new, ceramic Christmas trees are not only an uncomplicated addition to your holiday decor, they can become a meaningful remnant passed down in your family.

In the 1970s, the popularity of ceramic Christmas trees shot up among families. You may have seen your parents put one up year after year. Have you ever wondered where it came from, or why they took such care to keep it from being broken? It may have been handmade by grandma.

The first holiday ceramics were created in the 1940s by private craftsmen. By the ’60s, women wanted to make their own keepsakes for Christmas, so they learned to create molds and hand paint it themselves, reported Today. Some of these ceramic trees played music and some lit up. And now a vintage piece is worth hundreds of dollars.

This year, you can start your own tradition by picking out a ceramic Christmas tree that will tell the story of your family’s holiday experience. That can include letting each of your children handpick their own ceramic Christmas tree, and there are so many options like a carousel, tea light tree, night light, and plenty more.

Watching your babies be mesmerized by these ceramic Christmas trees is a chance to experience the wonder of this time in a different way.

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Gumdrop Ceramic Christmas Tree

Your children may or may not have “visions of sugar plums,” but this exclusive mini vintage ceramic Christmas tree by Crate and Barrel is covered in little multicolored balls that look like gumdrops. The contrast of the white ceramic against the lighted spectacle easily represents a winter wonderland and will brighten up your space with jolly. The aqua, coral, red, purple, orange, and green are fun colors that cascade down this mini-sized tree and it only stands 5” high and 3.5” wide. The simplicity of this piece still makes it vintage, but modern at the same time. You’ll definitely want to add it to your holiday decor.


Pink Ceramic Christmas Tree

A pink tree at the center of your holiday trinkets will undoubtedly be the main character in its version of any movie. That’s just how glamorous and attention-catching this Mr. Christmas ceramic nostalgic tree from Walmart is. The bright pink product gives the illusion of a snowed-on forest tree with each white-tipped layer. It’s covered in multicolored bulb lights and has a beautiful 10.6” circular base. All 16” of this piece is topped off with a golden star. Many parents allow their children to have their own Christmas tree, and this would be perfect for your little one.


Glossy Hand-Painted Christmas Tree

It’s the golden moment. You’ve put up all your Christmas decorations and give the cue to turn on the lights, illuminating your holiday masterpiece. Well, if you don’t have this beauty in your string of lights, you’re missing something. This pre-lit hand-painted ceramic tabletop Christmas tree from Amazon holds all of the traditions of the season and gives you all the feels. The forest green surface carries a multiplicity of lighted bulb colors like purple, yellow, green, red, and aqua. And its crowning glory is a clear star that heavily resembles the Star of Bethlehem. You can easily light this beauty up with the easy on/off switch attached to the cord.


Black Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you’re going for nontraditional with your holiday decor, this ceramic tabletop Christmas tree with jute rope needs to be in your shopping cart. The glossy black finish is eye-catching and the jute naturally balances it out. “This is a cute little tree and works well when paired with other trees in a group,” a customer wrote. At 4.5 inches high it won’t dominate your existing decorations, but will add a nice warm feel. If you order soon, you can get it before December. Just in time to let your kids help with finding the perfect spot for it!


Cut Out Ceramic Christmas Tree

There’s something epic and timeless about this green and gold cut-out Christmas tree from Wayfair. It can fit in seamlessly with any decor in any room. And even when Christmas is over, you may not be ready to pack this piece away because you’ll like it just that much! The glossy ceramic tree, which is a part of the Merry Little Christmas collection, stands 7.25” tall and will set your holiday spirits high. It’s probably the contrast of green and gold and the strong yet simple design that puts this option at the top of your list of decorations to purchase.


Simple White Ceramic Tree

West Elm has a Best Seller, and you don’t want to miss it! This medium ceramic Christmas tree has its own unique aura and fully puts you and your family in the mood of Silent Night. The ivory cone-shaped tree has a delicate balance of simplicity and intrigue. The ceramic cone has cone cut-outs all over the surface to let the light peek through when you add your tealight inside. And it wouldn’t be a cheerful season without even a small discount, and this product is currently running at a discounted price. If you’re looking for a beautiful, classy piece that you can pass down to the family, this is it.


Peppermint Ceramic Christmas Tree

When children have multiple siblings, they like to feel like they have something of their own. Unshared and untouched by anyone else. So having their very own personal Christmas tree that looks like a colossal crash of peppermint sticks will put them on a holiday high. Home Depot’s product, the pre-lit incandescent ceramic artificial Christmas tree, would be perfect for the child who has a sweet obsession with all things candy canes. It stands 15 inches tall, is decorated in red and clear bulbs, and is topped off with a clear sparkly star. Everyone else will be jealous of this beauty, and your child gets to beam with pride.


Retro Nightlight Ceramic Tree

A tree so cute that it looks like a cartoon? Yep, that’s on our list, too. And this retro lighted Christmas tree by The Lakeside Collection is the perfect match for you and the kiddos. They offer a tabletop version, but also a nightlight version that can illuminate your hallway or kids’ rooms. The colorful bulbs that sit on each branch are rippled in texture to make them look like pine cones. Fun! This product will be a hit for any guests who get to experience your home this season. Don’t be surprised if you catch your children sitting next to it on the floor singing ‘O’ Christmas Tree.’


Joyland Retro Tree

Belk has the cutest retro Christmas tree figurine that is an excellent fit in this ceramic holiday lineup. It’s a traditional green tree, but the fun is in the snow that rests on each branch and the colorful lights that top them perfectly, making this a classic product. And the golden star on top really sets it all off. You can get 50% off with the website coupon (code: LOVELYDAY) that marks the cost down from $80 to $40, and shipping is totally free. If you don’t have the patience or vision to assemble complicated string lights or organize a house full of decorations, this piece is a classic that says it all.


Ceramic Carousel Tree

Michael’s has a new ceramic Christmas tree in their product line that can only be purchased from their website. But there’s a playful and unique twist to this piece that every child (and heck, us adults too) will love because it’s a Christmas tree and a carousel. This 18” nostalgic tree carousel embodies the essence of childhood and the holiday season at the same time. The carousel has four reindeer attached to peppermint sticks and Santa in a sleigh. It will be enchanting for your family to watch this as it illuminates and rotates and plays 20 different Christmas songs. It’s on sale now for $89.24, marked down from $178.49. If you want an unforgettable piece that will last in your family for years, grab this now.


Ceramic Tree Mugs

Get the hot cocoa ready to pour into this set of nostalgic Christmas tree mugs from QVC. Each ceramic piece is shaped like a Christmas tree with a handle. They have snow-frosted branches, colored hand-painted bulbs to brighten the look, and a top and matching spoon. When it’s time to clean up, you can easily throw these ceramic pieces in the dishwasher and go about your business. These would be a hit at your family gatherings and grab all the attention. Having your holiday drinks will be a whole experience that you and your kids will look forward to every year.


Elegant White Ceramic Tree

Target makes decorating for the holidays effortless with these simple white 8” ceramic Christmas tree figurines. If you are the ever aspiring minimalist (which parenting can throw a monkey wrench in), then this product would fit right into your goals of keeping things uncomplicated and uncluttered. Having a few of these around the house will add to your holiday charm and they can go easily with any existing decor you already have. Place one in the kids room, on an entryway table, or even your television stand to bring a bit of the warmth of Christmas to the area without overpowering the space.


Classic Forest Ceramic Christmas Tree

This green ceramic Christmas tree by At Home is 14 inches of winter wonderland cheer. It may not be covered in lights, full of ornaments, or be dawned with a star, but it still radiates with warm feelings of the holiday season. It depicts forests full of snow-covered trees — an image that makes your Christmas decorations liven up and pulls together to complete the seasonal scene. Make sure to find a surface away from tiny hands so you don’t have to worry about hearing a crash. This classic piece is affordably priced, and with standard shipping, you can have it within three to five days.


All White Light Up Ceramic Christmas Tree

This white old time ceramic Christmas tree is a handmade classic. The branches individually extend from the piece, and beautiful warm lights are placed on the limbs bringing out the magic of this season. These timeless and stylish pieces are made to order through Etsy, and the seller guarantees that no two pieces will be the same. One customer says it’s “absolutely gorgeous” while praising the creator’s talents. Don’t let the season go by without adding this piece to your decorations. When you get to put it up in your home year after year, you’ll be happy you got it!


Golden Colored Ceramic Christmas Tree

Have you ever seen a ceramic figurine that actually looks like a party? Well, this champagne ceramic Christmas tree from Wayfair has all the color and glam of a holiday soiree, and it’s currently 27% off. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about this piece of decor. For starters, forget a traditional green tree. It’s a shiny champagne-colored Christmas tree that is 15 inches tall. One customer review reads, “Although I haven’t used it yet, I know it’s going to be a beautiful centerpiece when Christmas comes. It’s the perfect size and the color is awesome.” Your kids will be mesmerized when you finally light up this masterpiece.


Green Pearl Ceramic

Christmas Central’s 10” green pearl finished ceramic Christmas tree is one of the most elegant trees out there. It’s simple, sleek, and perfect for your tabletop or to sit on both ends of your entryway table if you purchase two of them. And they’re worth it! The glossy pearl finish won’t take away from your other furnishings because it sets more of a neutral tone that blends well with any decor. A combination of tan, ivory, splashes of mint, and even red for a pop would be a compatible color scheme to perfectly match this polished piece. Enjoy creating your own holiday display with this as a centerpiece.


White & Gold Ceramic Light-Up Christmas Tree

If you haven’t seen a snowy forest during Christmas, I’m pretty sure it looks a lot like this hollow Christmas tree with LED lights from Wayfair. This beautiful ceramic work of art is currently on sale and has been marked down from $45.99 to $35.99, making now a great time to grab it. You can pair this piece with Christmas town figurines to create a centerpiece for your winter wonderland. Or, you can make a space where it can shine on its own. The best part is turning on the LED lights and basking in the holiday glow!