Tiffany Eve Lawrence

Tiffany is a lifestyle writer at Romper, where she covers parenting, pregnancy and mental health, and brand happenings and products - especially those that are culturally representative. She sources some of the best experts in pregnancy and maternal care to get parents the information they need and has also written features on social issues like birth equity, race, and injustice. Tiffany has been writing professionally for several years and is a contributing journalist for print and online publications including Glamour, Military Families Magazine, and she has an upcoming series at Sesame Street Workshop. Her bylines can also be found in Parents Magazine, Courier Newsroom and Military Influencer. As a Marine Corps spouse and mom of twin girls, Tiffany’s had to navigate life and "momming" all over the U.S. and abroad, and it's given her a valuable perspective of what the world is like beyond our borders. Follow Tiffany on Twitter and Instagram @bytiffanyeve and find out more about her storytelling at
Tiffany Eve Lawrence

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