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Costco's New Year's Hours Might Not Be What You Expect

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Read this before you make your shopping plans.

You’ve been cooking all year long thanks to the quarantine, and damn it, and you’re done. If you don’t want to turn your oven on at all for New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to — thanks to Costco. In fact, from entrees to desserts, you can pretty much plan your entire feast with a few good finds at the superstore. But if you want some buttery croissants to go with your breakfast on January 1, knowing what Costco’s New Year’s Eve and New Year’s store hours will help, especially before hopping into your car.

Like most stores, Costco is open on New Year’s Eve, which falls on a Thursday this year. Half sheet cakes are yours for the taking, along every imaginable chips and dip combo. And of course, you can always get a rotisserie chicken (or two) for a quick lunch or dinner. But depending on your location, Costco will probably be closing earlier than expected. Although the store usually closes at 8:30 p.m. on weekdays, Costco will be closed come 6:00 pm on New Year’s Eve.

But if you’re looking for big bulk buys on New Year’s Day, you’re going to find closed gates at Costco. The store is only closed on a handful of holidays each year, and you guessed it, New Year’s Day is one of them, the store’s site reported. That means if you want Kirkland Signature Cheese Pizza 4-pack, or the 5 dozen Kirkland Signature Large White Eggs for a mega frittata, you’ll need to wait until January 2, when the store resumes normal operating hours.

Now, if you’re shopping on New Year’s Eve, you’re either looking for apps — or alcohol. Luckily, you can always buy some booze at the Costco Warehouse. You can pick up spirits to suit the season, from wine and beer, to Scotch, whiskey, and gin, or you can always stick with the softer stuff, and get sodas and huge packages of water for a more kid-friendly fare.

Food shopping might be the last thing you want to do on New Year’s, but if you find yourself grabbing a cart, try to do so early, before the crush of last-minute shoppers make those checkout lines extra long. That way, you’ll start 2021 with a well-stocked fridge — and enough croissants to last you for a long time.