Family Bond

National Cousins Day is a perfect time to remember your family members

13 Cousin Memes That Sum Up Your Special Dynamic In A Nutshell

Because they get you like nobody else.

In many families, cousins become fast friends as kids and maintain that bond for life. After all, who understands your family life and all its quirky dynamics better than someone from your bloodline? As these funny and totally relatable memes about cousins prove, those childhood bonds deserve some celebration in real life or on social media. Here’s some memes to share with your beloved cousins to celebrate on National Cousins Day, or really any random day of the week.

Falling on July 24, National Cousins Day recognizes the lifelong connection you share with those just outside of your immediate family. You can hang out in person, shoot them a friendly text, or share a couple of these all-too-true memes. Posting a funny or sweet Instagram caption in honor of National Cousins Day is another option for anyone whose family is all about the ‘Gram. Hey, you might as well remain friends, because cousins often remember all the goofy stuff you said and did as a child, and they probably have the pics to prove it. Plus, it’s always fun to have someone else around who remembers hilarious (maybe even disastrous) family holidays, vacations, and time spent with the grandparents. You can still make each other crack up remembering a family story from years ago that just wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. Here’s to family members who feel like they’re part of your inner circle. Honor your special relationship by sharing some sweet National Cousins Day memes.


Family Fun

At least you kept yourselves entertained, right? This goes out to the cousin who is your #1 partner in crime.



Have you ever been mistaken for siblings, or even twins? That family bond is impossible to deny.


Continue Watching

That “family plan” is the best way to enjoy streaming services, to be honest. Just don’t forget the login.


Agree to Disagree

If your cousins are from a different part of the country (or world), then these types of cultural differences are likely to come up every time you hang out. For instance, you each probably have a very strong opinion whether your favorite fizzy beverage is called soda, Coke, or pop.


Fandom Fans

Sometimes family members help guide your interests — you know, the ones you pretend you hate but secretly love because it’s another excuse to interact with your favorite family members.



How do kids just know to do this? It’s as if they’re born ready to perform for an audience, even if it’s just the grandparents.


Age Gap

If your cousins are from a different generation, then not all pop references will land the same way, and the discovery can be downright hilarious.


You Get Me

Nothing is better than a buddy who shares your weird sense of humor.


Role Model

Is anything cuter than baby cousins who want to be “just like you”? Heartwarming.


First Friends

What’s your first memory of your cousin? What’s your bond like now?


Super Cute

Whether your younger cousin is a year or 20 years younger than you, it’s very possible you’re a real-life hero in their eyes. (Also, this kid has some serious chalk skills.)


No Chill

Sometimes baby cousins can be a lot, too. It’s part of their charm.


Friends Forever

Those connections to childhood become so much more important as you get older. Celebrate those family members who knew you way back when.

Wherever you are now, cousins help keep you connected to family memories. Bust out your best memes this National Cousins Day in honor of this totally unique bond.