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This Reddit Post About A Dad Demanding A Paternity Test Has Everyone Screaming “Divorce”


A new father was less than excited when his baby was born recently. According to his wife, after she gave birth to a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes, her husband was absolutely certain the baby could not be his child. So certain, in fact, that he left the house and refused to come back until a paternity test had been completed, leaving her alone, postpartum with a brand new baby. And as hard as it is to believe, things got even weirder from there.

The mom in question took to the sub-Reddit “Am I The A**hole” forum after her husband of two years had an over-the-top reaction to the birth of their daughter. “What happened was that our daughter came out with blonde hair and pale blue eyes, while my husband and I have brown hair and brown eyes,” she wrote. The new mom, who had literally just given birth let’s not forget, tried to explain that babies are sometimes born with light hair and eyes that get darker over time, her husband “freaked out at this and refused to listen.” Instead, he “demanded a paternity test and threatened to divorce me if I didn’t comply, so I did.”

While waiting for the results of the paternity test, he went to stay with his parents for the first three weeks of his daughter’s life, and his mother had no problem deeply involving herself. “My MIL called and informed me that if the paternity test revealed that the child wasn’t his, she would do anything within her power to make sure that I was ‘taken to the cleaners’ during the divorce,” the mom shared on Reddit. All of this while she was at home, thankfully with the support of her sister, raising her newborn baby.

When the paternity test confirmed that he was, indeed, the father, he had a rather surprising reaction. “[The results] showed that he was the father and my husband had this shocked, kinda mortified look on his face with his eyes wide as he stared at it,” she shared. “I couldn’t help but say, ‘I told you so.’ and started laughing at the way he looked.”

Instead of being embarrassed by his own behavior, this husband instead had the gall to be angry at his wife for laughing and yelled at her. “After that, my husband went back to his parents’ house to ‘clear his head,’ and two-three hours later, my MIL called to scold me about laughing in my husband’s face, because apparently it was kicking him while he was down.”

A you might imagine, people had a whole lot of thoughts about this situation and nearly everyone agreed that this new mom was “NTA” (not the a**hole).

“The fact he didn’t grovel and apologize profusely but instead yelled at her because he’s a moron is just too much,” wrote one Redditor.

“Not only doesn’t he have a basic grasp of genetics, he threw a tantrum and left you immediately after the having the baby to struggle alone for almost a month,” one person commented. “He’s lucky all you did was laugh in his face.”

Another pointed out, “He abandoned you postpartum and forced you to take care of a newborn by yourself while healing. My husband and I also have a baby that looks nothing like either of us. She came out with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes while we both have brown hair and brown eyes. We both just said wow genetics are crazy and moved on.”

It is true that doing a simple Google search would have told this new dad that it is not terribly uncommon for parents with brown eyes to welcome a blue-eyed baby. Even the new mom noted in response to a question from a Reddit user about why she is staying with someone who is “that clueless about genetics,” that she “did not realize he would refuse to listen to basic facts about biology when I married him.”

One more asked, “You’re divorcing his fool ass and taking him to the cleaners, yes?”

Hopefully this new mom will get some kind of an apology or explanation as to why her husband (and his mother) felt it was okay to treat her so poorly at such a vulnerable time. Because, as most folks on Reddit said, yikes.