Daylight Saving Time

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15 Daylight Saving Time Memes To Get You Through The Struggle

Sometimes, all you can do it laugh about it.

The whole concept of daylight saving time (yes, it's saving, not savings) is a huge conundrum for parents. Even when you're supposed to gain an hour, the small humans in your household who can't tell time tend to throw the whole thing out of whack. These daylight saving time memes for parents can provide a much needed giggle when it’s 4 a.m. and your toddler refuses to get back in bed, but it’s still dark out.

In the fall, daylight saving time ends, so the clocks roll back an hour. For many people, this means an extra hour of sleep. (Yay for them!) But for parents, the “fall back” time change is pretty disruptive. Several giant mugs of coffee are absolutely required when your kid falls asleep face down in their mashed potatoes during dinner, but then wakes up an hour earlier. Overtired kids can wreak havoc on every aspect of your day, and the extra stress of trying to get them back on track after daylight saving time is just a lot for parents to deal with.

Hilarious memes can't make up for the lack of sleep, but they can make tired parents feel seen, and that helps a little. Yes, even *that* Cher meme made the list because daylight saving time doesn’t officially end until you see the Cher meme. (It’s iconic, what can I say?)


Not Happening

Yeah, that’s just not how it works. I knew I would lose sleep when my kids were babies, but there was no warning about the literal years of rest lost. Years, you guys.


All. The. Coffee.

Part of me just wishes that there was way to inject caffeine straight into my soul the morning after DST ends. (Or, for that matter, begins.) If anyone out there wants to invent this, it would be a multi-million dollar parenting hit, I promise.


Busy Moms Can Relate

This meme makes me feel seen. I can do the simple math to add an hour to the clock and make sure we’re all on time to soccer practice, so it just wasn’t a priority. I was also just too distracted by the dried ketchup stains on my minivan seats to change my clock, OK?


More Coffee, Please

I’ll take a triple-Venti, stat.


*Raises Hand*

Regina George has nothing on an overtired toddler. The morning after DST is the perfect time to try the trick where you close your eyes and pretend to be asleep while your 3-year-old tries to pry your eyelids open with their tiny fingers. It probably won’t work, but it’s worth a try.


A Day Off Is Needed

Technically, this meme was intended for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time when everyone “springs forward” and loses an hour of sleep, but it’s actually pretty fitting for parents in the fall. I know I could use a full day (at least) to let my kids adjust and get everyone back on track before we start the whole school/work routine up after the time change.


Mind Boggling

If you can do the math on this and figure it out, let me know. The whole thing is just really confusing.


We Can’t Win

You all know which finger they’re talking about, and it’s not your pinky!


A Valid Plea

“Have kids,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Now, you’re just begging people to change the way literal time works while your 2-year-old splashes cereal milk across the table pre-dawn. Fun stuff, indeed.


It’s True

[Insert gif of Pam saying “Yup.”]

Instead of sleeping an extra hour, you can watch two episodes of The Office during your baby’s pre-sunrise nursing sesh. Win-win-win, right?


It Never Gets Old

If I could turn back time, I would undo all of this Daylight Saving Time nonsense because anything that makes parenting harder is just unnecessary.


A Whole Lot Of Nothing

As usual, parents get the raw end of the deal when Daylight Saving Time ends. I guess I’ll get to enjoy that extra hour when they’re teenagers. Maybe? Hopefully.


Not A Fair Trade

If you ask me, this isn’t a great deal. Sure, we “technically” get an extra hour of sleep, but at what cost?


It’s Not Just Kids

Yes, even pet parents have to deal with the pitfalls of a time change. It’s OK to cry a little. There is no judgement here.


Something To Look Forward To

When your kids are older, you’ll eventually get to enjoy that extra hour of time to snooze... eventually. Until then, just embrace the memes and hang in there until spring.


You Can, Cher

Your kids won’t help with the sleep, but at least Cher can get you through.