This TikTok Unlocked A Core ‘90s Memory Of Listening To Delilah In The Car With Our Moms

The beloved radio host saw it and absolutely loved it.

Do you remember driving home from swim practice or just a quick run to the grocery store with your mom? It’s the ‘90s and it’s dark outside, and you’re both tired from your busy days, and a voice comes on the radio reminding you to give yourselves a break. Asking for your song requests. Delilah, our sweet Delilah, the radio host who managed to bridge the divide between mom in the front seat and kid in the back seat. One viral TikTok absolutely nailed that particular moment in our shared history, and Delilah herself responded.

On Feb. 14, Alexander Joe, comedian and content creator about all things ‘90s known as @alexbegs on TikTok, posted just about the most wholesome video you’ll ever see. He is both the mom driving in the front seat, unclipping her long hair and drinking a nice can of Diet Coke, and the son in the back seat, yawning and looking out the window. Then Delilah comes on the radio in her soothing voice, “Did you have a busy day today? Rushing to meetings, trying to take care of business. Taking care of everything,” she says before telling her listeners that “now is the time to kick off your shoes, untie that tie, and relax.” At which point that ‘90s mom smiles to herself, the ‘90s son tucks into a cozy blanket, and they both start singing along to “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis.

“Delilah will forever have my heart,” he captioned the now-viral TikTok that has over 6 million views, and we couldn’t agree more.

Many commented on his TikTok to share how deeply this resonated with them. “Dude this is a core memory right here!!!!! There was nothing like just falling asleep in the car too this,” wrote one person.

Another added, “This brought back core memories with my mom, driving around at night listening to Delilah. Thank you.”

“My mom ALWAYS listened to her!!! Her voice knocked me the hell out in the car it’s so soothing,” one shared.

One more said, “Core memory unlocked! I miss Delilah!”

Delilah herself saw the video and made it clear that she loved it, and she’s still here for all of us. “A lot of you have said, ‘Delilah! We miss her! What great memories!’” she said in a recent Instagram video. “Come back! I’m still here! I haven’t gone anywhere!” She went on to say that she’s still taking music requests on Friday nights. And just hearing her voice got us nostalgic, whether we happened to be the mom in the front seat or the kid in the back.

Whether you listened to Delilah as a kid in the back of the car or listened to her as the mom driving the car, there’s one thing we can all agree on — she kept us company and somehow sort of brought us together at the same time. And she’s still doing it to this day. You can listen to Delilah through the iHeart radio app or check out her website for more amazing Delilah content.