These dirty Kindle books are must-haves.
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These Dirty Books On Kindle Will Give Your Library A Serious Upgrade

A. Serious. Upgrade.

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With the huge popularity of Bridgerton on Netflix, the show based on a series of books by Julia Quinn, people are desperate to find more books with that magic combination of actual plot and steamy encounters. Fortunately, even some of the dirtiest books on Kindle have incredible stories and writing that serve to make the sexy parts even better.

The amazing thing about sexy romance novels and erotica is that no two people read the same book. The way I imagine Bones, the main love interest from the Night Huntress series, is naturally going to be different from the way you'd imagine him. The stories will happen in the same order, but the visuals are completely unique to the individual. And there's a dirty book out there for absolutely everyone — from the ultra vanilla reader who just likes some straight sex thrown into her romance to heat things up, to the kinkier reader who loves the idea of a bisexual reverse harem situation wherein all the men pleasure her and each other. Trust me, there's a Kindle book for every kind of kink and quirk.

There’s also such a huge range of diverse authors writing sexy stories, so everyone can find someone they feel like they can relate to. Romancelandia is experiencing a wonderful renaissance right now, and we are the lucky ones who get to read all of it. In this list, I have compiled all sorts of delights for you from a variety of authors with stories that span centuries, worlds, and even planets.

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A Classic, Kinky Fairytale

This series is a classic. They're also the first dirty books I ever read. Looking back on these, I will tell you they're insanely well-written, and Rice is a master of her craft. They deal with everything from BDSM to straight sex, bisexuality, homosexuality, to pony play to polyamory. However, there's a bit of an issue with Stockholm Syndrome scenarios and dubious consent, so be warned.

Excerpt: “My body seemed to lose the very last of its strength, all my remaining vigor collected in my organ. My Master drew back a little and fed on my mouth and I could hear my own loud sighs echoing up the walls. Tentatively I lifted my arms, and he did nothing to prevent it as I embraced him. I felt the smooth velvet of his tunic and the soft silk of his hair. This was almost ecstasy.”


When Religion & Fantasy Collide

Talk about taboo. I wasn't sure I could handle this one. It was recommended to me by a good friend, but I was so hesitant to read it. And yet somehow? It’s just — wow. The taboo makes it so much hotter and I want to feel dirty about that, but I mostly don't. If you've ever wondered what a man of the cloth wears beneath his vestments, or what it would be like to be naughty in the narthex, this one's for you.

Excerpt: (In the confessional) "'God made us as sexual creatures, Poppy,' I said, wishing my words sounded more soothing than they did. With my choked voice and barely controlled breathing, they came out sounding like a dark threat. A dark, imminent threat.

'Then He made me too sexual,' she whispered. 'Even now, I—' But she stopped. 'Even now, what?' And I was using that voice again, and there was no mistaking the danger now."


An Erotic Marriage Story

Married erotica. You read that right. This couple is already in it for the long haul, but what do you do when your husband changes so much you don't even recognize him as the same person you married? What if a part of you thrills at that?

Excerpt: “'Put your heels on the edge of the couch and spread your knees.' He put his jacket on a hook and came to me, rolling up his sleeves. I got my knees up, spreading them to show myself. His businesslike gaze had physical presence. He didn’t just look between my legs; he stroked without even touching me.

'Naked is naked.'

I shook off the coat. He undid his buckle, metal clicking on metal. Every cell in my body was drawn to him. Every inch of skin trembled for his touch. I’d never seen him like this. He was as stone cold and far away as he’d ever been. I didn’t know he could be this far inside himself. And yet, he was still the guy in the stairway. The man who was afraid he would hurt me. The husband who risked everything for our marriage."


Erotic Fiction If You're Ready To Let Go Of Your Inhibitions

This series is so hot, I feel wrong reading it if anyone else is in the house at the same time. (I worry they could hear my elevated breathing and heart rate.) It's truly something to behold. Because, holy wow. One woman letting go of her inhibitions in the most extreme of ways.

Excerpt: "Brie did as she was told and held her breath while she waited for the sting of the flogger. Instead, Marquis Gray’s touch was light as he rubbed the lace against her skin. The roughness of it felt like a gentle scratch, and Brie relaxed. He rubbed her upper back just under the shoulder blades on both sides of her spine. When there was a pleasant warmness to the area, he began gently slapping her skin with the flat of his palm. It reminded her of a doctor tapping the vein just before the poke of a needle."


War & Sex Colliding

This book is an amazing, sweeping, parahistorical epic — with tons of doin' it. It's a legitimately amazing series with sex that will set your panties on fire. Come for the sex, stay for the war.

Excerpt: "There is a point, always, where I no long control either my patron's desires, nor my own. I gazed over Gunter's shoulder, the room swimming red in my vision, gritted my teeth and wept at my body's inevitable betrayal. Delaunay had lied, when he had set his value upon me."


Erotic Fiction Starring Musicians

This is an unbelievably hot F/F erotic novel about a pianist and a violinist. Let's just say they're very good with their hands and their rhythm. Is it hot in here?

Excerpt: “'Trés belle,' she said softly, my fingertips tracing her bottom lip. The words lit me on fire. I pulled her to me, reclaiming her lips as I crashed mine to hers. The caress of her mouth moved from mine, kissing along my face and down into my neck. Juliet took her time, playing a beautiful sonata with my body. My vocalizations became the notes, while her fingers and lips played the melody with perfect precision. I closed my eyes, picturing every touch in my mind."


Erotic Fiction Combining Football & A Single Dad

A down-on-his-luck NFL player, single dad, and a hotter than blazes CEO? The pages burn up faster than you can turn them. Also, the hero is so sweet and loving with his son that you just want to bite him.

Excerpt: "I thought about it for a few seconds, and then I discreetly reached under my dress, removed the black thong that I was wearing, and passed it to him under the table. Without even saying a word, I pushed my chair back from the table and stood up. There was a private bathroom in the back of the restaurant, and I headed in that direction. I walked inside, pushed the door closed behind me, and I walked back and forth as I anticipated Get’Em’s arrival. Minutes later, he walked in then closed and locked the door behind him."


If You're After The Complicated Preacher's Son

A preacher's son and a wounded soldier go against their backgrounds and fall into a tumultuous, sexy, heart-stoppingly hot relationship. There's a bit of a coming-out story, which can get tiring, but in this one it's really, really sweet.

Excerpt: "The very next moment, the doors to the clinic push open, and Cody Davis eclipses the sunlight coming in. He’s wearing a pair of tight jeans — Lord help me — that wrap around his densely muscled thighs so exquisitely, I can’t help but let my heart race away from me at the mere sight. He’s got on a plaid short-sleeve button shirt opened to reveal a white tank underneath, the material of which pulls across his pecs in a very inviting way. Just his body below his neck is ripe with sexuality, strength, and unabashed confidence."


A Paranormal, Erotic Romance

Honestly, while this book is really dirty, it's also really fun, and a very well-written paranormal romance. Dragos and Pia and the cast of characters in the Elder Races' series are an absolute joy, and I read this installment every few years at least. Just writing this blurb makes me want to read it again.

Excerpt: "'Will you look at that?' She looked down at them. The lines and curvature of her torso and breasts looked ultra-feminine against the brawn of his big hands and muscular arms. Her radiance and the dusky hue of his skin seemed to feed on each other. The paleness of her skin was creamier, the blush of her nipples pinker. The sinews of his hands and wrists shifted under skin that was a richer, deeper bronze.

She put her hands on his torso and watched as she ran them up his chest. Muscles rippled underneath her palms as he took in a shaking breath. She raked at his nipples with gentle fingernails. Part of her was ecstatic with shock. I am touching him."


A Good Old-Fashioned Dirty Book

Honestly, everything Lorelei James writes is hot, and it's all worthy of your time and money. Most of them are also available on audio if you're feeling extra frisky. This one has everything: menage, kink, vanilla sex, good old-fashioned down and dirty. It's extremely hot.

Excerpt: “She lifted her leg, placing the toe of her black pump on his shoulder. Cupping her ankle, he removed her shoe and slid off the stocking, licking, nibbling and kissing each portion of newly bared skin. He repeated the agonizingly slow process on the other leg. Once finished, he scrutinized her, noting her ragged breathing as he placed his hands on her knees.

He tugged at the bustier. 'Take it off.'

'The zipper is in the back, so if you’re expecting a sexy striptease—'

Billy blocked up her dissent with his mouth. He fed on her sweetness, groaning at the press of her lace-covered breasts to his chest."


Come For The Sex, Stay For The Love Story

The title let’s you know that this book has its fair share of taboo happening. In fact, early on in the text, the MC (main character) has an orgasm on the table of her very hot, very youthful gynecologist during her exam. Honestly, come for the sex, stay for the love story, because this one has a great happily ever after.

Excerpt: “He strokes back and forth, so deep, kissing me long and hard while he’s burrowed within me, before pulling back enough to watch himself slide in and out of my body.”


An Erotic Vampire Story

One in a series of books by Elizabeth Hunter, this second-chance vampire romance has action, romance, and yes, very fangy sex. The best part about this book is its intimacy. These lovers have been apart for decades, and yet they are still so linked that their encounters hold such closeness while also displaying that fire of discovery between new lovers. The sex burns the pages.

Excerpt: “‘Anne,’ he groaned, resting his face against her neck, kissing her collarbone and the rise of her breasts. ‘You feel…’

‘Consumed.’ Her voice was barely over a whisper. ‘You consume me.’”


An Erotic Paranormal Story With Multiple Partners

This whole series is hot, hot, hot, and it has so much action outside of the bedroom that it is utterly unputdownable. However, a note of warning that it’s a little out of the ordinary for a paranormal romance series, as the protagonist is *gasp* sexually liberated and has more than one partner throughout the series. In this installment, Eleanor Morgan is in heavy with her vampire lover, the oh-so-over-the-top sexy vampire, Raj.

Excerpt: “Raj’s hand skimmed up my side and brushed against my breast. My breath quickened, and he smiled at me. ‘If that’s the game you want to play tonight, I don’t mind indulging you.’

I found his lips with my own and kissed him, opening my mouth to him and running my tongue over his fangs. I shifted on his lap until I was straddling him and pressed myself into him, rocking against him until we were both breathing heavily.”


For Fitness Gurus

I say this in all seriousness — if Rebekah Weatherspoon decided to take a break from writing novels to write the copy on bottles of castile soap, I would buy every single one of them just for something to entertain me in the shower. Every single one of her books is exceptional, and Fit is one of my favorites. The story is about a test kitchen chef who wants to get a little slimmer who meets a hot-as-sin trainer/gym owner, and the sparks fly. There’s aspects of dominance and submission in this book, but it’s not overwhelming. And, everyone is fully in it and consenting. (Looking at you, Christian Grey…)

Excerpt: “Violet’s lips parted almost automatically, as his soapy hands moved lower, over his stomach and then down around his shaft. Grant stroked himself three, then four times. Violet knew then she was going to faint or beg or burst into flames if he didn’t do something with her soon.”


When Baby Plans Turn Dirty

If you’re reading a Lauren Blakely book, you can guarantee it will be funny, super hot, and the happily ever after will be hard-won, but sweet. This is the third in a series, but can absolutely be read as a standalone. Nicole and Ryder work together on a talk radio show about love and relationships. Nicole is looking for the one, but hasn’t found him, and Ryder isn’t interested in commitment. However, Nicole wants a baby and has decided to consider artificial insemination. When none of the candidates meet her criteria, she asks her friend Ryder, to help. You can imagine where it goes from there.

Excerpt: “Her beautiful body writhes and twists and bucks, and I can’t wait. I move up her, wedging myself between her gorgeous thighs. I bury myself in her and groan. Her wetness envelops me, and it feels so good. ‘Nicole,” I murmur as I lower my chest to her. ‘You’re so sexy when you come.’”


An Erotic Neighbor Fantasy

This one is a lovely unconventional sex fest. Heaven and Calvin, Tasha and Stephen live next door to one another in a duplex, sharing a bedroom wall. Soon, after amorous encounters are heard through the thin plaster, Tasha and Heaven begin to note their attraction to one another. Thankfully, their men are supportive of their sexual explorations, and the encounters are extremely sexy. (As are the scenes between the women and men. It’s all hot, really.)

Excerpt: “Tasha held Heaven’s gaze as her fingers drew low circles on her calf. Heaven’s entire body felt hot and loose. Her knees spread in slow degrees as Tasha’s fingers inched up her leg. There were so many chances to say no, to stop this, to leave, but Heaven didn’t take any of them. Instead, she scooted closer to the edge of her seat and spread her thighs.”


Erotic Alien Romance

I didn’t feel like I could do this list justice without some MM alien romance. They are extremely popular right now, and I promise, even if you hate paranormal or fantasy, you’ll still love this book. It’s got a kinky queer Star Trek (Chris Pine version) feel to it that is absolutely intoxicating.

Imagine if James T Kirk were gay and crash landed on another planet where he and the ruler of that planet cannot deny their attraction to one another. But Kirk isn’t about giving in, and that alien? He’s not used to being told “no.” Yeah, that. Fair warning, there is a scene with sentient sexual tentacles that might make your eyebrows move all over your face. But, it’s... oddly hot?

Excerpt: “The shot of pure relief sent him grinding against the king, rubbing from hips to pecs to Zercy’s torso. His d*ck swelled rock hard in the torrent of sensation. It needed friction, too, like everything else. Something big and firm to scrub against.

Fortunately for him, Zercy hardened just as fast, proving what Alec needed. The perfect grinding post.”

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