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You Can Now Join The 999 Happy Haunts On Disney Cruise Treasure

It has literally all the spirits you’re looking for.

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The Haunted Mansion is one of Disney Parks’ most iconic attractions, and is one of those you-just-can’t-miss-it ride experiences. Now, you can take a voyage with the 999 happy haunts right on a Disney Cruise Line as the company unveils that the cruise ship Disney Treasure will feature the Haunted Mansion Parlor, a brand new bar with all of those Haunted Mansion touches you love so much.

Coming December 2024, the Haunted Mansion Parlor will continue the story of The Haunted Mansion (You didn’t think this was just a bar, did you?) and follows a ship captain who is now one of the happy haunts. Throughout the Haunted Parlor, characters from The Haunted Mansion (some you’ll recognize and some you won’t) will come out to join you, and a custom musical arrangement inspired by The Haunted Mansion’s original score will set the tone and vibes. The Haunted Parlor will also pay homage to the classic attraction, and is inspired by the golden age of classic cruise liners.

Basically, you can just find me there for the duration of a cruise.


Disney Cruise Lines are pretty magical, and The Haunted Parlor is such a fun way to bring some of the brand’s iconic spooky storytelling to life and really immerse you in it. There are also some pretty impressive drinks, including a classic margarita with a spooky twist — it contains a secret message that can only be read via black light. There’s also The Ghoulish Delight, which is an ube-flavored treat garnished with a gummy eyeball, and Sympathetic Libations, a blood orange and sour cherry cocktail in a specialty mug.

Don’t want to wait until December 2024? Don’t worry, Romper can exclusively share these magical drink recipes here for you. Just be careful a hitchhiking ghost doesn’t enjoy you for some spooky sips:


Much like the traditional Haunted Mansion attraction, there will be plenty of merchandise based on The Haunted Parlor, too. There will be your standard mugs and a fun music box, but I’m really excited for the mirror that will remind you there’s a hitchhiking ghost in your own house.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will be available for you to enjoy on the Disney Treasure in December 2024. It honestly sounds so good, it might just be worth becoming the 1,000th happy haunt.

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