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14 Diverse Santa Pajamas, Be-Claus Christmas Is For Everyone

Merry Christmas to *all*.

All children adore Christmas time. There’s hot cocoa and cookies, special movies, and cozy new PJs for Christmas Eve (not to mention the actual toys they’ve dreamed about for months).

But some kiddos may like Christmas a little better than others because they see themselves in all those seasonal movies and on their Santa pajamas. Children of color, however, don’t often see people who look like them on holiday merchandise since Santa Claus and his elves are almost always depicted as white. Everyone deserves a pair of diverse Santa pajamas for representation, and for those who think, “Well, Santa is white,” there’s more to the story than that.

National Geographic reports that the real person Santa Claus is based on, St. Nicholas, was a Greek bishop born in the Mediterranean. Forensic anthropologists believe he would have had olive-toned skin, brown eyes, and a thinner build. The plump, jolly Santa that’s famous today is a mashup of German children’s figures that 19th century American poets popularized, and in 1822, Clement Clarke Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas” cemented Santa in our minds as the big (white) guy in the sleigh.

Since Santa started out looking nothing like the version we know today, why not make Santas of all races a bigger part of Christmas? As Common Sense Media reports, seeing a beloved character who looks like them can help children of color experience “more positive feelings about their own status, appearance, and happiness.”

So, this year, why not find your kiddo some Santa Claus pajamas that will help them feel seen and celebrated?

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A Snug Fitting Set

Carter’s has released a range of diverse Santa Claus pajamas this year, which includes a few different prints and colorways to choose from. This traditional green and red set features a Black Santa Claus and reindeer, and is also available in pink and red. This pattern also comes in a baby onesie and matching sizes for the whole family.

This snug-fit set has lots of positive reviews, with many buyers complimenting the fit and soft material. Be sure to keep an eye on the brand’s website as they add new styles and prints to their pajamas throughout the holiday season.


Fleece Footies With All The Representation

While the first pattern from Carter’s celebrates Black Santa, this pattern includes an array of skin tones so your baby can represent, well, representation. This footed pajama comes in sizes 2T through 5T, but the pattern is also available on a baby onesie pajama and on matching sizes for the whole family.

It already has a handful of five-star reviews, with one purchaser commenting that it’s a “great gift that will keep the little nice and warm.” And importantly for parents of growing toddlers, every reviewer says these PJs fit true to size, so you can order them with confidence.


PJs About Cookies & Inclusion

This is the perfect pajama set for a baby, toddler, or kiddo who you want to gift some special Christmas pajamas, but who isn’t comfortable in the usual collared, button-down shirt style. This soft long sleeve shirt and pant set includes Kris Kringles of three different skin tones who all have one thing in common with each other and your child: they’re here for the cookies.

The sizes run from 12 months all the way up to a kids’ size 14 (which will run you $16). You can also opt for a tighter fitting, lighter fabric in the same pattern if you’re looking for something a little cooler temperature-wise.


Footies For All The Babies

Old Navy’s Christmas pajamas this year are also bringing diverse Santa Clauses into the fold. This infant sleep-and-play footie pajama is available with Santas of three different skin tones so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your babe. As for the features parents look for in baby pajamas, these have some handy ones: fold-over mittens to prevent babies from scratching themselves, a two-way zipper for easy dressing and diaper changes, and a zipper guard at the neck so your little one’s chin and neck don’t get irritated.

These PJs are pretty new to the Old Navy site so there aren’t many reviews yet, but so far they’re all positive, giving the size and softness two thumbs up.


A Gender-Neutral Set For The Fam

If your baby isn’t a literal baby anymore, don’t fret. Old Navy offers their Santa Claus PJs in youth sizes as well with the same range of skin tone options as the infant PJs. This collared shirt and pant set is made with flannel so it’s an extra warm option, or you can opt for the kids’ snug fit set in the same print, but made with a rib-knit cotton instead. This pattern is also available in men’s, women’s, and maternity options with matching shirts or some mix-and-match options, too. No matter what you choose, it’ll make your family feel more festive than ever.


Pajamas With A Purpose

Greentop Gifts is a Black-owned, woman-owned business that aims to bring more diversity to special occasions. The founder remembers her mother painting white angels and other figurines to look like her family, so today, she makes clothing, accessories, and even gift wrap that depict multicultural children and Santa Clauses.

And this happy fellow? His name is Clarence Claus. Clarence Claus pajamas are available in infant, youth, and adult sizes if you want everyone to match, and he’s also got gift wrap and plenty of other apparel (shirts, hats, masks, even shoe charms) so you can deck the halls with diversity this year.


Shopping Small For Diverse PJs

This pattern, which features a festive Black Santa Claus on a bright blue background, is available in multiple styles depending on your kiddo’s (or your) preferences. Choose from a button-down shirt with pants, a nightgown with bloomers, or long-john style PJs complete with a little butt flap. They even come in baby doll sizes so you can buy your little one’s little one a matching look. Don’t forget the adult sizes or a pet bandana either. Yep, they really thought of everything.

One review says, “This is the first year that we are doing matching family pajamas. We weren’t sure what to expect. As soon as the package arrived we opened it. The PJs are fabulous. They are a soft jersey material and the fit is true to size. We are so pleased. We’ll definitely be purchasing from this shop again in the future.”


Santas Of All Sizes

Some are tall and some are short. Some have glasses and others don’t. On these PJs, Santa Claus is shown in all races, body types, and even heights. This long sleeve shirt and pants set is intended to be a snug fit, and is made with 100% organic cotton for maximum comfort. They’re available in sizes 4 through 14, and they have a handful of five-star reviews, with one happy grandparent saying, “My grandson loves all of the different Santas.”

These jammies don’t seem to be available in sizes for babies or grownups, so keep them in mind if you want to surprise each kiddo with their own unique set of sleepwear on Christmas Eve.


A Classic Striped Set

Whether your little one is 3 months old or fits in a kids’ size 10, this striped set comes in a size for them. The long sleeves and pant legs have white knit cuffs to hold in all the warmth and the cotton blend is a soft material for them to snuggle up with you at bedtime and read their favorite Christmas story. This website, Stelly Belly, offers a ton of boys’ and girls’ clothing, including huge Christmas collections and a monogramming service if you’re a fan of adding your child’s initials or their full first name to special things like this.


For The Nightgown Wearers

Pottery Barn offers this pattern in a nightgown, button-down shirt and pant pajama set, and even as a footed pajama onesie, so your kiddo (and you, Mom and Dad) can sport the look no matter their age. Personally, my niece much prefers nightgowns, but I haven’t seen any of hers that still include the cute collar, buttons, and sleeve details of a typical pajama set. This one offers the best of both styles and a pattern showing Santa Claus checking his mailbox for Christmas lists, flying his sleigh, patting a reindeer pal, and preparing to hop down a chimney, toy bag in tow.


Santas From Around The World

Just like all the people of the world, Santa Claus shouldn’t just be one skin color. These snug-fit pajama sets feature Kris Kringles in a spectrum of skin tones so every child is represented. They come in adult sizes, too, and go as small as size 3 to 6 months, so you’ll want to snag them for every member of the family.

The seller says these pajamas are made with a super-soft 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend, so they’ll have a little bit of stretch to them (i.e. maximum comfort). Even so, they recommend ordering the size your child wears in most other brands of pajamas.


Two Pajama Sets In One

These long sleeved pajamas are listed on Target’s website as boys’ jammies, but we all know Christmas colors aren’t gender-specific. Mix and match these two sets that depict the cutest, jolliest Santa Claus with a faithful reindeer friend, Christmas tree silhouettes, and some classic red and white stripes.

One reviewer confirmed these PJs are true to size, and gave them five stars for comfort, style, and value. They said, “Love these PJs for my 5 year old son, he loves Santa! They are comfortable and true to size, he got a size 6. Bonus star because Santa isn’t white FOR ONCE!”


A Shirt With All Sorts Of Santas

OK, but does Santa even have to be old?! This shirt celebrates diversity with the message “Merry Christmas to all,” and depicts people of all different races, ages, and facial hair styles as Santa Claus. You can get shirts for literally anyone since this design is offered in onesies from newborns to 18-month sizes, toddler and youth T-shirt sizes, and adult sizes as well. Be sure to check the estimated arrival date in the product description to ensure they’ll arrive in time to wear when you want, whether it’s for Christmas Eve or a bit earlier for a family gathering or movie night.


A Unisex Pullover

The Santa Clauses on this sweatshirt are making their fair share of silly faces (hello heart eyes, kissy faces, and a cheeky wink). If you live in a colder climate, or just like to go full cozy mode before bedtime, a pullover sweatshirt like this might be an important part of your pajamas. It comes in sizes S through 3XL, so you can outfit the whole family if you’d like to match. It also comes in a few different colors. This Etsy shop has 366 reviews and an average five-star rating, so you should be happy with your purchase when it arrives!