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These 11 DIY Baby Onesie Ideas Are So Cute & So Easy

Because a onesie is just a blank canvas.

If you’re planning a baby shower or just looking to add a little interest to the sea of stark white onesies in your baby's drawer, you may be interested in checking out these 11 creative DIY onesie ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural artist, (my Pictionary drawings are too “abstract”, according to my husband, so I feel you) but you don’t have to be a Picasso to make a really awesome DIY onesie.

From breaking out the puffy paint or the BeDazzler you still have somewhere, to using stencils or tie dying (more on how to do that later) there are tons of ways to make a cute onesie, and no one will have to squint their eyes and ask you what you drew.

Decorating onesies is a popular baby shower game, and for good reason; it’s really fun and hands-on to get to make something, plus the parents-to-be will love having extras on hand (you can never have too many onesies). If the baby shower is virtual, the host could mail everyone a blank onesie plus a few fabric markers and have everyone mail their onesie back to the mom-to-be. Read on for fun DIY onesie ideas you won’t be intimated to try.

Try A Stencil

If you're like me and freehand drawing isn't your strong suit, then you'll love how easy it is to use a stencil to make a DIY onesie. This set of 20 includes sweet animals and cute phrases, and all you have to do is lay the stencil flat and paint over it; it seriously couldn't be easier.

Tie Dye A Onesie

If you didn't tie dye anything during quarantine, now's your chance to get in on the fun. Baby onesies are great to tie dye because they're super white to begin with so the dye really pops. Unless you want your light towels suddenly colorful, remember to wash the onesie by itself for the first few times; Gerber has a great tutorial on how to tie dye onesies that you can check out for other tips.

For The Football Fans

To make the cute, Super Bowl-approved look, all you need is a rust colored onesie and maybe some sewing chops (or you could make or buy a stencil for the laces). In a pinch on game day? Just use masking tape for a temporary look.

A Puffy Paint Onesie

Puffy paint is fun and relatively easy to use, plus it gives onesies a satisfying texture. If you're planning a baby shower or just a DIY crafting day, be sure to stock up on puffy paint (which comes in tons of colors and glitters). After the paint has 72 hours to dry, it can go in the washing machine, making it a good choice for onesies which get washed constantly.

A Polka Dot Onesie

This polka dot onesie from A Little Craft In Your Day looks like it came from a store, but it's actually pretty easy to DIY. You can dye the onesie itself any color you like, then use a polka dot stencil (also simple to make) to paint the pattern in using fabric paint.

Try Embroidery

If you've gotten into embroidery you can use your hoop on a onesie to make a bespoke creations parents-to-be will love. The embroidery lends a cute boho look and you can make a simple design like a mountain or a sun or get ambitious by embroidering the baby's name.

Break Out The Paint & Fabric Markers

If you're artistically gifted, you could paint or draw freehand like @monzcrafts, who uses acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium to create these amazing one-of-a-kind designs (which could also be drawn using fabric markers). And if this guitar isn't enough to sway you, check out the mermaid onesie).

Bedazzle It

Most children of the 90s know their way around a bedazzler, and it's a fun way to add a little bling to a onesie. It's important to actually use the Be Dazzler tool (you can buy one on Etsy) because just gluing on gemstones could potentially present a choking hazard if one were to get loose. You can also recreate the look of glitzy rhinestones by getting creative with glitter puff paint.

Easy Iron-Ons

For a super easy DIY onesie that comes out looking profesh, you could opt for iron-on onesies. These are totally gender-neutral so they work well if the baby's sex is unknown, plus you can order the whole set or only the ones you love individually.

Freezer Paper Stencils

Turns out freezer paper isn't only good for keeping food free of freezer burn, it's also a great tool for making DIY onesie stencils. You can read more on HGTV about to how to make a freezer paper stencil, but basically you'll cut a shape out of the paper using scissors or a critcutter, iron the stencil onto the onesie (the heat makes it stick but not totally adhere), then paint over it. Once the paint is dry, you remove the stencil and have an awesome onesie ready to go.

A Name Tag Onesie

This cute design from Lovely Indeed is made using a silhouette machine, but you can also make one like this using the freezer paper stencil trick mentioned above, especially if your design is a little less tiny. This cute creation looks like baby is new around here (which they are) and it can go on any colorful onesie, or a white one if you use black paint.