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Here's What Those Dreams About Having A Boy Baby Really Mean

The little guy is a metaphor.

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Most of us have, at one time or another, woken up from a wild dream and wondered what in the world it meant. There’s so much mystery in the meaning of dreams, and if you’ve found yourself confused after having a dream about a baby boy, it’s for good reason. Could it be a sign that the birth of a little guy is on the horizon? Or, does it mean something else entirely?

In an interview Romper, dream analyst Layne Dalfen explains that there is certainly meaning to every dream, but the dream itself is typically symbolic in meaning, not literal. So, basically, if you’ve just had a dream about a baby boy, it’s not a premonition into the future, but rather a metaphor for something else going on in your life.

What Do Dreams About Baby Boys Mean?

According to Dalfen, there isn’t a single interpretation for when a baby boy shows up in someone’s dream, because each dream is unique to the person experiencing it. So, the best way to determine its meaning is to look inward. When you wake up from your dream, Dalfen says, “Ask yourself, ‘What comes to mind when I think of my male side? Is there a particular incident or situation this week where I need to arrive with my male side/tendencies?’” Perhaps you have an important meeting or event where your masculine traits will benefit you in some way, for instance.

While the general rule is that dreams are full of symbols and metaphors, Dalfen does note that there can be some literal meaning, in a way. “While dreams are, more often than not, not literal, that doesn’t mean they can’t be, so I always stay open to that possibility,” she says.

A good example of this is if you are currently expecting the arrival of a baby and you’ve had a dream about a baby boy. In this case, your dream may be more of a “rehearsal” than a metaphor. “Our dreams are often preparatory in their helping us become comfortable,” explains Dalfen, “We actually rehearse in dreams, and when we are ready, we take the behavior out to waking life.” So, in this case, your brain could be helping you rehearse taking care of your baby boy through your dreams so that you are better prepared when he actually arrives. “ The result of rehearsal dreams is once you are actually ready to bring the behavior outside to waking life, your feelings are not so intense or nervous anymore,” says Dalfen, “The dreams turn [the situation] into more of a ‘Been there, done that’ kind of thing.”

How To Analyze A Dream About A Baby Boy

So, assuming you’re not experiencing an obvious rehearsal dream, then how do you figure out what your dream about a baby boy actually meant? According to Dalfen, it’s all about analyzing what’s going on in your waking life. “I will always want to ask the dreamer about their associations to baby boys in order to help them attach their dream to a waking life current situation,” she explains. For example, she says if a man in your life has been acting immature (like a child), then that could be the reason behind the dream about a baby boy.

If your dream went a step further, where you’re not just having a dream about a baby boy, but that you’re literally pregnant with or delivering a baby boy, then that could symbolize the beginning of something. “If I look at this metaphor in a literal way,” says Dalfen, “I will be asking myself in what recent situation am I carrying something that I’ll soon ‘give birth’ to.” She explains this could be anything from a new business idea to something important you want to say to someone.

Unfortunately, unless it’s an obvious rehearsal dream, there is no quick and dirty way to determine what your dream about a baby boy really means. If it’s one of those dreams that you just can’t shake, then you’ll need to look inward and think about what’s going on in your waking life that might be influencing the symbols and metaphors in your dreams.


Layne Dalfen, dream analyst, speaker, and author

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