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Dreams About Having A Baby Girl Might Mean Something Else Altogether

The little cutie is symbolic, not literal.

If you’ve ever woken up short of breath from a nightmare, nearly in tears because your partner dream-cheated on you, or thinking about someone from your past who popped into your subconscious while you were sleeping, you know the real-world impact a single dream can have on a person. Given the weight that dreams can carry, it’s no wonder why you might wake up from a dream about having a baby girl and wonder if it’s some kind of clue for the future. That would be the obvious interpretation, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to dream analysis, the most obvious answer usually isn’t the correct one, because according to dream analyst Layne Dalfen, what we see in our dreams is usually symbolic of something that’s going on in our real lives. “A dream is an interior conversation that takes place between your conscious and your unconscious mind,” she explains in an email to Romper, “so the answers to dreams are not random.”

What Does A Dream About Having A Baby Girl Mean?

When we are dreaming, Dalfen says we are actually problem-solving about something happening in real life. “Your dream is triggered by a very specific situation that either happened to you or that you thought about yesterday,” she says, “[and] the event you’re discussing with yourself is something that’s bugging you.” So, how would a dream about having a baby girl play into this? Well, it depends on what you’re going through in real life.

One theoretical explanation Dalfen gives is that the baby girl represents a desire to approach a real-life situation with more femininity. “[For] example, I am positively aggravated with someone and the core of me would like to just go yell it out at them,” she says, “In my personal database that leans towards a more male-like side of me, [so] I might be asking myself to reach towards a behavior that I personally consider more feminine, as opposed to masculine.”

Similarly, if your dream was about having a baby girl, Dalfen says it could represent the birth of something new. For example, in this same theoretical situation, the baby girl might not just symbolize the need to access your feminine side, but also be preparing you to actually bring (or “birth”) it out of yourself. “My dream has prepared me to give birth to my softer, more gentle, feminine side as I approach [the person I’m upset with],” says Dalfen

How To Analyze A Dream About Having A Baby Girl

Since there isn’t a single symbolic meaning to a dream about having a baby girl, to figure out the metaphor is for you personally, you’ll need to do a little digging into your waking life. According to Dalfen, analyzing your dream involves finding the links between it and your real life. “What I teach [is] how to uncover the mirror,” she says, “what is the dream reflecting?”

To discover the dream’s meaning, Dalfen says there are “six points of entry” that you should assess:

  • The feelings in the dream
  • The action(s)
  • The play on words or puns
  • The repetition
  • The symbols
  • The plot

Once you’ve looked at all of these things, consider how they may relate to something you’re experiencing in your waking life. From there, you may be able to determine what the baby girl symbolizes and/or identify the metaphoric solution to your waking-life problem.

It would be nice if there were a dream dictionary that listed the symbolic meaning of anything that might appear in your dreams, but sadly, every dream is unique and personal so there is no universal answer. So, next time you have a dream about having a baby girl, try to remember as much of it as you possibly can so that you can analyze it and figure out what that little lady is trying to tell you.


Layne Dalfen, dream analyst, speaker, and author