The Easter bunny tracker app is a great way to follow the Easter bunny as he delivers goodies.
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How To Track The Easter Bunny & His Candy

Your kids will be buzzing with anticipation to see him nearby.

Easter might be a deeply religious holiday for those who celebrate, but for kids, it’s mostly about one thing, and one thing only: the Easter bunny. While the Easter bunny isn’t as big as Santa Claus, he’s still up there on the list of things little ones look forward to all year long. And can you really blame them? With this magical creature comes baskets of candy and toys and colorful Easter eggs filled with more candy (and maybe a few bucks if you’re lucky). So, while they’re anxiously awaiting his arrival, download this Easter bunny tracker app and get them even more excited — trust me, it’s worth the space on your phone.

Called The Easter Bunny Tracker, this app and desktop website allows your tots to keep tabs on exactly where the Easter bunny is in his journey around the world. As the app description playfully says, they use “volunteer observers out in the field, our engineers in-house, some sophisticated technology, and a complicated set of algorithms” to keep eyes on the Easter bunny’s location in real time every single year.

The app was available for download on Android devices last year and is still available for Android, but this year it’s available for iOS users as well. Plus, the Easter Bunny Tracker website will go live at 5 a.m. on Saturday, April 3, so you can allow your kids to check it out on their mobile devices or their desktop.

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The app is colorful and fun, and shows all of the places the Easter bunny has visited on a map using a variety of different colored Easter egg icons. There are also animated images of the bunny delivering Easter baskets that kids will love looking at. It’s super realistic, and just a really fun experience for them. It adds a whole other layer onto the anticipation that comes with Easter and makes the holiday that much more exciting.

The Easter Bunny Tracker has thought of everything, including a FAQ section that should satisfy the demands of the most curious little ones. Questions include things like “Where is the first place the Easter bunny visits?” and “Does the Easter bunny fart?” And for those kids who are worried about COVID-19, there’s even a response to the question, “Has the Easter bunny been vaccinated against COVID-19?” Spoiler alert: he’s safe to come into your house with all of the candy.

If your kids are really into this kind of the thing, the creators of the app have also put together an illustrated children’s book called Track Easter Bunny: An Easter Tradition. It includes stories of the Easter bunny, as well as the Easter Bunny Helpers (all of the little animals that help the Easter bunny deliver all of his candy and basket), and more. It makes for a really cute early Easter gift!

While you won’t be able to use the app or the website to track the Easter bunny until April 3, you should still download it now to have it ready to go, and to let kids learn more about the Easter Bunny Helpers and the Easter bunny himself. Happy tracking!