Happy Easter

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24 Fun Easter Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

For Easter baskets and beyond.

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When it comes to buying presents, Easter might not be on the same level as Christmas, but you will still most likely need to prepare some Easter gifts ahead of time. You might be buying something for your partner in lieu of putting a basket together, grabbing a cute gift for a niece or nephew, or looking for something else to add to your kid’s already stuffed Easter basket. Whatever the case, you might feel like you have no idea where to start.

The best and cutest Easter gifts feel inspired by the holiday and the themes around it. Instead of getting them something random that could be a birthday or Christmas present, opt for something more seasonal. Think items that can be used during the spring (like outdoor sports activities or gardening kits) or bunny-themed gifts that just feel right for this time of year, like a pair of bunny slippers. It makes the gift-giving experience a little more fun to be so on-theme. Below is a selection of fun Easter gifts, and you’re definitely going to find at least one item for whoever you’re looking for, kid or adult.


A robot-shaped bunny for a fun surprise

This robot jumping bunny from KiwiCo is perfect for your middle school genius who likes to tinker with toys. The crate and add-on kit comes with everything they need to build their own hopping rabbit that can be turned back into a robot with just a few swaps. This is a fun way to keep your little one entertained for a while and is definitely a sneaky educational option.


A snuggly bunny blanket for your newborn

Babies don’t really appreciate an Easter basket stuffed with candy and toys the way a toddler or older kid does. So take the opportunity to not clutter your home with more toys and get something more practical instead. This GUND bunny wrap is a great example: it’s adorable, it’s Easter-themed, and it’s useful. The velcro strap makes it easy to wrap around baby so they can’t wiggle out of it immediately, and it’s a great wrap for springtime walks in the stroller.


A interactive book for little readers

This interactive Poke-A-Dot Easter Surprise book from Melissa and Doug is a great Easter basket stuffer or small gift option (it’s less than $15, too). Each page features buttons that babies or toddlers can push or pop, and this helps encourage sensory development and fine motor skills. It’s cute to look at and read, and the popping means they’ll be entertained just sitting there and flipping through the pages themselves.


A perfect spring bracelet

This sweet stretch bracelet is the perfect piece of spring jewelry. You can customize the LeMel name stretch bracelet with, of course, a child’s name, but also the letter bead colors, too. You can choose an initial with a heart if you don’t want the full name as well, but this bracelet can also stack with other LeMel jewelry options. So gorgeous and a great heirloom Easter gift (there are adult sizes, too!).


The cutest slippers for Easter morning

Your toddler won’t be able to resist these super sot and comfortable Josmo fluffy bunny slippers. Made of luxurious-feeling faux fur, these have a textured bottom to ensure your little one won’t slip whenever they’re wearing them. They’re perfect for wearing around the house, and of course, they’re great for an egg hunt on Easter morning. Kids will get a total kick out of these and will wear them well after Easter.


A decorative trinket for your design-oriented partner

If your partner loves decorating the house for every single holiday and/or season, then this MacKenzie Childs Sweet Shop Egg Surprise makes a thoughtful gift. It’s a small Faberge-style egg that is lined with velvet and opens to reveal a small gold chick. This vintage-inspired piece is cute on its own or when added to the set of matching accessories.


The cutest spring chocolates for someone with a sweet tooth

When in doubt, buy someone chocolate for an Easter gift. You really can’t go wrong with that option. Seattle Chocolate sells this spring bar trio that features three delicious and unique flavors: chocolate wafer cone truffle bar, carrot cake truffle bar, and honey almond and coconut truffle bar. The packaging is so pretty that you might not want to dive into them, but the chocolates are so good that you won’t be able to resist.


A hatching chick for curious toddlers

Designed for kids ages 4 to 8, this Little Live Pets Surprise Chick Hatching House is a fun and cute toy for the little kid in your life. Once the egg cracks and the chick hatches, it hops out and jumps around. It’s something simple that will definitely keep them entertained.


Easter play dough for busy hands

For a classic Easter gift for little kids, you can’t go wrong with play dough. This Mimmo Easter Bunny Play Kit comes with two Mimmo dough cups, one featuring a pink bunny and one featuring a colorful Easter egg, and a four-piece set of bunnies with a little basket. Your kid will have a blast turning the dough into a little playground for the tiny bunnies. The Mimmo dough is made from organic and natural ingredients, and is gluten- and nut-free, with colors made from all natural fruit and veggie powders. They also have biodegradable glitter and compostable packaging, so you can feel good about giving this to your kids.


A cute candle holder for just about anyone

If you’re unsure of what to buy someone, another good go-to Easter gift is a seasonal candle. You can pick from a wide selection of 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works, and then also add this 3-wick candle holder. It surrounds each candle with bunnies and pretty purple flowers, so it acts as decor and helps protect whatever the candle is sitting on from the heat.


Bunny feeding essentials for little ones

Let’s be real: you don’t always want to buy your toddler more toys that are inevitably going to end up on the floor. Instead, opt for a fun and useful item that they’ll still love, like this Loulou Lollipop plate set. It comes with a bunny shaped plate and a matching fork and spoon that are easy for small hands to grab and hold. Everything is food-grade silicone that couldn’t be easier to wash.


Easter crafts that will keep them occupied

Made for ages 5+, this Easter craft bundle from Little Passports is a great Easter gift for before or after the holiday is a good way to keep your kids happy and busy. The Easter Egg Artist Kit comes with little easy-to-use tattoos and egg holders so they can make unique eggs, and the Breezy Bunny Easter Kite kit gets them into a classic Caribbean tradition: they can use the markers to color the bunny kite, then figure out how to fly it outside.


A fun headband for the beauty lover in your life

An inexpensive option at just $10, this bunny headband is great to throw in an Easter basket for teens and adults alike. You know those headbands everyone uses on TikTok to keep their hair off their face while doing their makeup or washing their face? This is it. The bunny ears make this option even more adorable.


A pickleball set to get ready for warmer weather

Easter means warmer weather is just around the corner (or has already arrived), so why not gift something perfect for outdoor hang outs? Pickleball is the latest “trendy” sport out there, so whether you know someone who loves it or someone who would love it, a set of paddles is a great unique gift. On Holiday has the most chic paddles out there to make the game a bit more stylish.


An Easter-themed tie for the professional

Buying an Easter gift for someone who wears a suit and tie every day? An Easter-themed tie, like this Rabbits silk-blend tie from Paul Smith, is a chic gift option. This one is subtle, with tiny rabbits on it, and versatile enough to work with pretty much anything.


A classic push and pull bunny for babies

If you need an Easter gift for an older baby or toddler in your life, this classic Bunny Pippa Push & Pull toy is absolutely the one. The bright colors and bunny riding in a carrot are just perfect for Easter, but it also feels a lot like an heirloom gift with the quality of the toy.


A little piece of hidden treasure

Add a different kind of egg to their Easter basket with this Treasure X Dino Gold egg. It’s a little kit that comes with treasure encased fossil and a pick for your kid to crack it. They can use the pick to get to the treasure inside to see if they can find the golden key to open it up. This is fun, entertaining, and inexpensive.


A spring-inspired mug

Rifle Paper Co. has the prettiest and most feminine floral patterns, and this strawberry fields porcelain mug makes a great Easter gift. The floral pattern feels spring-inspired, and the gold touches make this the most dainty looking mug you’ll want to use as decor instead of, you know, a mug.


Something for the golf-obsessed partner

Easter means it’s almost time for golf season, right? Well, for some people. If your partner is one of those people, then definitely get them these golf ball whiskey chillers. These will keep drinks cold without watering them down like regular ice, and look so adorable doing it. They also come with a little velvet pouch for storage.


A gardening belt for your outdoorsy child

If you have a toddler who always wants to help out outside, then encourage it! This Bigjigs gardening belt is a perfect way to do exactly that and a great way to make gardening fun. It fits little ones perfectly and holds a kid-friendly spade, fork, and gardening gloves, so it’s perfect for them to use to lend a hand.


Something for the whole family

Puzzles are one of those things the whole family can get into. This Easter eggs puzzle is made up of 1000 pieces, making it a perfect Easter gift option. It’s colorful, fun, and pretty, and it’s difficult enough that it will keep everyone’s attention for days (maybe even longer).


A classic stuffed bunny

A stuffed animal is always a great addition to an Easter basket or makes a great standalone Easter gift. This Melissa and Doug burrow bunny is super soft, cuddly, and comfy. It’s the perfect size, with big floppy ears and a sweet little face. Little babies and older kids will love hugging and snuggling it.


For the one who loves miniatures

Calico Critters are always a nice gift choice for someone — whether they’re a kid or an adult — who loves miniatures, but the brand new Calico Critters Easter Celebration set is just too darling. Featuring a bunny couple in their Sunday best, this set — like all Calico Critters sets — doesn’t skip out on details. The bunnies come with three little Easter eggs and treats to pop inside, and make for the cutest little Easter basket stuffer or gift.


A basket of tiny Hatchimal babies

Everyone loves a surprise factor, but these sweet little Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are really perfect for Easter. In tiny eggs inside a gold basket, kids can open them up to find cute little Hatchimals bunnies, making a family of six. The basket is especially cute and obviously makes for great storage so nobody loses their tiny bunnies.

Use these Easter gifts to fill up Easter baskets or just as standalone options for someone in your life. They’re fun, seasonal, and definitely going to keep little ones happy.