These easy Halloween costumes are perfect for every age kid.
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10 Easy Halloween Costumes For Kids

Just one accessory is all you need to pull together each of these no-stress Halloween costumes.

Some parents love Halloween; they put out their jack-o-lanterns in September, they dress up along with their kids, they sit outside and give trick-or-treaters multiple mini chocolate bars each. And that’s awesome! But some parents may feel less enthusiasm and more stress at the thought of buying or making multiple kids costumes. That’s why this list of easy Halloween costumes is so handy. These pieces, and styling tips, will help pull together a fun kid’s Halloween costume in minutes. Literally. There’s nothing complicated here, no outfits that are going to take days to assemble or hundreds of dollars to pull off. What you’ll find are 10 accessories to create 10 looks for your child. And if your kid has a change of mind at the last minute (because, you know, they’re kids), you’ll have plenty of options to offer up. There’s even a creative costume here that starts at just $1.

You might notice that a few of these DIY creations need a solid-color outfit as a base. If you don’t have, say, white pants or an orange top, check out primary.com, a female-founded kids’ clothing shop with basics in just about every shade you can imagine. So get ready to get inspired to get in the spirit of the season, because these tricks will make it so much easier to embrace.

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A Baby Bear

If you have a little baby at home, you might want to consider this costume because the one accessory you need is one you might actually have your baby wear after Halloween night ends. This linen bonnet (crafted for sizes from newborn to 4 years) is just so sweet, with its little ears, adjustable ties, and dreamy cotton lining. Worn with, say, a brown onesie, brown sweatpants, and brown knit booties, it’s an adorable animal costume. And when it comes to props, think about wheeling your dressed up baby around the neighborhood with a jar of honey, or honey-drizzling sticks in the stroller to really create a story.


A Cuddly Lion

Where would an “Easy Halloween Costume” list be without a cat? And sure, you can buy a set of cat ears for a few dollars, but why not take things up a notch and be a lion? And while that’s cute, you might then also want to take a little creative leap and try to spin the look as more... tiger. Does your baby have a pair of yellow sweatpants, and a red cardigan or hoodie? When worn with this adorable head piece with felt ears (which, technically is called a “Lion” accessory), you can put a spin on that famous children’s television tiger as you trick-or-treat around your neighborhood.


A Dalmatian Dog

Here’s another easy craft your kid can do: To prep the costume, first get some black construction paper. Have your kid cut out circles of all sizes. Then find a pair of white pants or sweatpants, and a white top (button down, t-shirt, onesie, any type of top will do, so long as it is a solid white color). Then fasten the circles all over the front and back of the pants and top. Now all you have to do is hand your kiddo this adorable eared headband and adjustable waist-wrap tail. It’s that simple — and fun — to pull off.


Linus In A Pile Of Leaves

If you make it an annual tradition to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown every Halloween, then this costume is probably going to be a winner. First thing to sort out is wardrobe. Your toddler or kid will need a simple outfit that you likely already have on hand: a pair of black shorts, a red horizontally striped shirt, brown shoes or slippers, and a baby-blue colored blankie to drag behind. Once you purchase this 5 and 1/4-inch lollipop, let your kiddo give it a few licks. Then toss it into a pile of leaves until it’s covered. Your kid’s all set! And instead of saying trick-or-treat, consider, “never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.”


A Grown Pumpkin

Likely the easiest look in this collection to pull together, this pumpkin just requires orange pants, and then an orange sweatshirt or hoodie. Then all your child has to do is top it off with this little wool hat, complete with stem, and you’ve got an entire look. Another accessory to help drive home the point? One of those plastic pumpkin buckets with which your toddler can go trick-or-treating. Now if you have two children, imagine one of them dressed like a pumpkin, and the other as “Linus In A Pile Of Leaves” from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown — they’d make quite the pair, no?


A Blooming Flower

Part of the joy of this costume is its simplicity. You just need green pants for your child to wear (that will create the ‘”stem” of your flower) paired with any solid-color, long-sleeve top. And if the shirt matches this gorgeous flower-petal head accessory, then all the better. These sweet padded petals have a glistening, shimmery sheen that lends a magical quality to the costume. The piece adjusts with ribbon to tie underneath the chin and fit your child. All together the effect is simple, yet stunning. Consider a spritz of floral perfume to really create the essence of a flower.


A Butterfly

A butterfly is a common idea when brainstorming kids’ costumes. But many of the wings you might find in stores have more of a fairy-tale vibe — with doses of glitter and ribbons — rather than a realistic one. That’s why this 10-inch cape-like set of wings (which fastens at the neck, and is recommended for ages 3 to 8) gets major points; the monarch-butterfly design creates a true-to-life look that also feels a touch spooky for Halloween night. If your little kid has a pair of black tights or stretchy pants and a long-sleeve black top, they’ll be good to fly.


A Caterpillar Cocoon

This costume rings in at... just 99 cents. But there’s some fun to be had while putting this costume together. First, ask the kids to get out their gray, brown, and black paints or markers. Get some cardboard, poster board, or newspaper, and lay out the spiderwebbing over it. Then have your kids paint the fibers a mix of the earthy tones and leave out to dry. On Halloween, your kid can wear green pants and a shirt, and then wrap the webbing around the body to create the cocoon. (Just leave hands and faces free, of course.) How’s that for creative?


A Mythical Dragon

Here’s something to keep in mind about Halloween night: weather. In many places, the sun can set early and the cold evening chill can come quickly. That’s partly why this accessory — which is basically a costume in and of itself — is such a good option for older babies and toddlers. It fastens with Velcro around the neck, so you can wrap it over several warm green or yellow layers to create a convincing (and toasty) mythical dragon. The fabric is crushed velvet, and the rippled back keeps its vertical stance throughout the night. Did we mention the cloak is washing-machine friendly?


The Sun

And you thought the pumpkin was an easy costume to put together. This ray of light may have it beat on the simplicity scale — but it’s no less fun! Dress up your child in yellow — be it a yellow tutu, pants, top or dress — and then add these sunglasses, with frames that mimic the shape of the sun. You’re done! Bonus accessories can include a yellow wig and yellow sneakers. On the flip side, you could also put together a costume of a cloudy day: Try dressing your kid in blue footed pajamas and wrapping spider webbing around their shoulders to create a raincloud.