No Booze, Just Boos

13 Halloween Mocktails For All The Kids, Pregnant Ghouls, & Sober Witches

They’ll get you in the spirit, without the spirits.

Are you throwing a big costume party this year, with fun Halloween games, spooky music, and all the yummiest snacks and drinks? Don’t forget to set out something to sip on that’s nonalcoholic — sober guests and pregnant friends will seriously appreciate it. If you’re on the hunt for the best Halloween mocktails, preferably some you can make in minutes, then look no further.

Listen, being pregnant around Halloween can be super fun — you can dress up your bump, and yes, even take yourself and baby to your favorite haunted house (which is surprising to some, but experts say it’s safe). But, it can also mean you don’t have the energy for all the spooky season parties you normally look forward to, and if you do make it, you can’t partake in all the fun cocktails with everyone else. So, if you’re hosting and know someone who can’t drink alcohol is coming, throwing together an easy Halloween mocktail that’s still super festive is a really sweet gesture.

You can definitely tailor your mocktail to the crowd. If your pregnant bestie, who always goes for a fruit cocktail, is coming over, make her a spritz with a simple homemade blackberry puree. If your kids are so excited to watch The Nightmare for Christmas for movie night, make it extra fun with a quick green monster punch.


A fruity, fun Halloween mocktail

This recipe from Food Doodles calls for lots of fresh fruit — strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and lemons for juicing. You’ll make a puree in a blender and top it with sparkling water when you’re ready to serve. Don’t forget the grape eyeballs.


A Halloween mocktail that looks truly magical

Half-Baked Harvest’s Halloween mocktail — the Smoky Sanderson Sisters Smash — looks cooler than any drink should, honestly. The full recipe includes bourbon, but the footnote at the bottom says you can sub it out for apple cider and a little vanilla extract instead. If you use dry ice to make the steam, just be sure you remove it or let it dissolve completely before sipping.


A frothy green Halloween mocktail

Goosebumps punch is a sherbet-based drink that’ll have kids and adults asking for another round. All you need to make this Halloween mocktail is a giant tub of rainbow sherbet, a little green food coloring, lemon lime soda, and a big ol’ bag of gummy worms.


Blood-red, nonalcoholic Halloween punch

Want to serve a bright red “blood” to your guests? This punch comes together in minutes by combining lemon lime soda, pineapple juice, and Hawaiian punch. Rim the glass with black icing and garnish with gory gummies to complete the look.


Spooky Shirley Temple mocktails

Everybody loves a Shirley Temple, even moreso when it has some novelty. These Halloween Shirley Temples by This Grandma Is Fun are served with the Sprite in a glass and the grenadine in a syringe, for a spooky little twist on the classic mocktail.


A butterbeer mocktail for Harry Potter parties

Harry Potter movie nights are just better with butterbeer. Food in Literature specializes in recreating famous foods and drinks from beloved books. Their butterbeer recipe calls for a few different flavored syrups and is slightly more involved than the rest, but it’s 100% worth it.


A pomegranate potion mocktail

The vampire teeth garnish is just too good. This pomegranate mocktail from Oleander + Palm blends pomegranate cordial, ginger beer, and blackberries into a sweet, sultry little drink.


A pretty, pumpkin-y punch with no alcohol

Spiced pumpkin butter sounds good enough to drink anyway, but shake it up with apple cider, orange juice, and sparkling water, and you’ve got a winning mocktail on your hands. Half-Baked Harvest’s recipe calls for vodka and brandy, but again, you can sub those out for more cider and a little vanilla.


A Halloween punch that stares right back

Those lychee and blueberry eyeballs are so clever and the perfect creepy garnish to a bright red drink. This nonalcoholic punch from Food Doodles can include rum when you want it to, or just leave it out for a mocktail version. You don’t have to sub anything in to make up for the flavor.


The OG Halloween mocktail

Honestly, everyone loves apple cider. If you need an orange-colored drink to fill cute pumpkin glasses or rim with black sugar, Gimme Some Oven’s version comes out with a bright, beautiful hue. Bonus points: you can make it in the Crock-Pot.


Nonalcoholic blood orange punch

A blend of blood orange and pomegranate juices, with a little sugar and a dash of seltzer or lemon lime soda — this Halloween mocktail is fairly easy to mix up, and oh so delicious.


A blackberry mocktail that just needs a garnish

Simply LaKita’s recipe includes instructions for making a homemade blackberry thyme syrup, which takes about 10 minutes and some gentle mashing, stirring, and straining. Once the hard part is done, you just add syrup to a glass, top it with club soda, and garnish. This would look so cool and potion-like served in special bottles or glassware (maybe with a little edible pearl dust sprinkled in).


A bright orange Halloween mocktail for kids

Adults with a serious sweet tooth might like it, but this special drink is intended for kids. Mix together a sports drink or fruit juice of your choice with a little Sprite or 7-Up and orange or lime sherbet. Divvy it up in cute Halloween bottles or cups, and garnish it with gummy worms, eyeball candies, or fake vampire teeth.

So, whether you’re making a mocktail to delight your kids or something for your pregnant friend to sip on when she comes to your costume party, hopefully one of these Halloween drinks will do the trick.