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8 Valentine’s Day Crafts To Make With Your Little Loves

Be still, my construction paper heart.

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Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without homemade cards with lollipops taped to the back, or fold-open construction paper hearts with your kiddo’s name scrawled inside. If you’re looking for some V-Day crafts to do together and get in the spirit, you’ll love these ideas.

If you want to talk Valentine’s Day crafts, homemade cards are always the first (and arguably best) choice. Make one for a friend or loved one, all your kiddo’s classmates, and anyone else who has your heart.Getty
V-Day decorations like this would show the whole neighborhood some love, and crafting together will make a great memory. Cut out all the hearts you can and tape them into your front windows. Choose the traditional red and pink color scheme, or go bold with your palette.Getty
You’ll need one long stick and two construction paper hearts. Tape them around the stick together and voila: Cupid’s wand. Did he have a wand? Well, he should. Your kiddo will love having an on-theme accessory to twirl and spread some V-Day spirit around the house.Getty
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Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday most people think about decorating their yards for, but why not make 2022 the year you start? These little tree hangers twirling in the breeze would be the cutest way to welcome in the holiday of love.

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Making a box for your schoolmates to drop Valentines into in a special memory for lots of parents, and now, a craft you have to do with your kiddo. All you need are heart-shaped decorations like candies, stickers, and confetti; a shoe box; markers; and plenty of glue.

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An origami bookmark is a great craft for older kids (or the highly experienced younger crafters) who need something to fully absorb their attention. It’s a craft they can use in their books for a long time, a keepsake of a fun afternoon crafting with you. And hey, it’s mess-free!

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Is there anything cuter than a button garland? A bag of heart-shaped buttons from the fabric store can easily be threaded onto baker’s twine or colorful string and turned into the cutest little decoration ever. Put them on your child’s bedroom door, headboard, or anywhere.

Plain white printer paper and an inexpensive water color paint set can make for a really fun craft. Have your child paint their paper to their liking, then cut out hearts from their custom sheet. Use them as Valentines, stick them in your windows, or turn them into a garland.watercolor hearts are a cute, easy craft

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