Fall Fun

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12 Fall Bucket List Ideas To Make The Most Of The Season

It’s officially time to embrace all things pumpkin-covered and cozy.

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A quintessential part of the season, autumn activities like apple picking and pumpkin carving can help you and your family celebrate all that fall has to offer.

1. Go Apple Picking

Stroll through a local orchard and fill an entire bucket with apples to make fall pies, cobblers, and every other apple recipe your heart desires.
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2. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Take adorable photos of your kids and pick out the perfect pumpkins to take home. Then, you can carve a jack-o-lantern or paint your pumpkins to display right on your front porch.

3. Play In A Pile Of Leaves

When the colors of autumn litter the ground with leaves of gold, red, and orange, take the kids outside to jump right into a freshly raked bunch in your yard.
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4. Bake A Pie

Apple, pumpkin, pecan, or sweet potato — you really can’t go wrong with fall-flavored pies. No matter which pie recipe you use, nothing beats the smell of warming spices from the oven on a cool day.
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5. Eat Candied Apples

Whether you prefer caramel apples to the candied variety, both versions are essential fall treats. Find them at a local fair or make your own at home to enjoy.

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6. Get Lost In A Corn Maze

This traditional fall activity is the perfect way to get the entire family outside to enjoy the brisk, refreshing autumn weather. (Just don’t actually get lost.)

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7. Gather Around A Fire

Roast marshmallows, sip hot cocoa, tell ghost stories, and snuggle up under a bundle of blankets beside a fire with friends and family on a crisp fall evening.

8. Bob For Apples

Whether it’s at a Halloween party or right in your own backyard with family, this fun fall pastime is a classic game to enjoy outdoors. Worried about germs? You can always opt for individual buckets.
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9. Watch A Football Game

Gather around the TV or head to the stadium to cheer on your favorite team and enjoy a football game with your family this fall.

10. Sip On Apple Cider

Make a batch of homemade apple cider and enjoy a mug full by a roaring fire. This recipe from Gimme Some Oven is a great one to try.
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11. Build A Scarecrow

You don’t have to live on a farm to make your own scarecrow this fall. Grab some old clothes, stuff them full of hay, add accessories like a hat or scarf, and prop your new pal up on the porch.

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12. Take A Hayride

Head to a local fall festival or a harvest farm to enjoy a festive hayride this autumn. Sit on a hay bale and pretend you’re the Hay King while you soak up every bit of magic that the season holds.