29 Drool-Worthy Pie Recipes To Celebrate National Pie Day

There are few things that make me feel more domesticated than making a pie. It's just a classic dessert, but in just about every pop culture reference regarding pie, it's being made to give to someone, or the fearless matriarch of the family is whipping one up to make everyone feel better. Pies are just homey and comforting, which is probably why March 14 is designated as National Pie Day. Oh sure, there's that whole pi thing in math, too, but you need some drool-worthy pie recipes to celebrate National Pie Day.

Not that you need an excuse to make a pie. For the most part, pies are fairly simple recipes and require minimal work (especially if you use a store-bought crust). But there are plenty of longer, more extensive recipes that can make a really impressive dessert. Whether you like savory, salty, sweet, fruity, or lots of chocolate, there's a pie recipe to please every crowd. These 29 drool-worthy pie recipes are a must for National Pie Day, but they're also great for any family gathering, holiday, or birthday. Or if I'm being really honest, they're also perfect when you want dessert for dinner and plan on eating it straight out of the pan with a single fork. No judgement allowed here. Just delicious pie.


Double Crust Apple Pie

You can't celebrate pies without mentioning the OG dessert — apple pie. But Baked by Rachel has a double crust apple pie recipe that takes the classic dish to a whole new level. It has a perfect flaky crust, a hearty filling, and is topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Mmm.


Butterfinger Pie

Butterfingers are basically one of my top five favorite candies in the world, so this Butterfinger pie from Cookies & Cups? A must-have. With a perfect graham cracker crust, and a cool, creamy filling loaded with Butterfingers, you'll be willing to dig the candy out of your back molars for hours with this dish.


Ice Cream Pie

With only four ingredients, this ice cream pie from foodiecrush was already a winner, but then you realize that it has a peanut butter and Rice Krispie crust and you realize you're in heaven. A super simple and versatile recipe, this is a fun pie for the kiddos to make with little mess and a guarantee that they'll eat it.


Chocolate Pudding Pretzel Pie

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned pudding pie, but this chocolate pudding pretzel pie from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is an even better version of the classic. The combination of sweet and salty is perfect, and the pie is easy to whip together.


Jumbleberry Jam Pie

Every year around the start of spring, I start craving all the berries. Spring and berry pie just go together, right? Which is exactly why you need to make this jumbleberry jam pie from Love Comma Cake. The rustic, classic pie is literally overflowing with berries, and you can choose your favorites to make it your own.


Coconut Cream Pie

Forget the graham cracker crusts, this coconut cream pie from What's Cooking Good Looking is delicious in a pistachio and toasted coconut crust. I know, now you need to go to the store and immediately get all the ingredients. It's deliciously indulgent and, if you're willing to replace the eggs, you can make this a vegan dessert!


Muddy Buddy Pie

The ultimate guilty pleasure for me? Muddy Buddies. So this muddy buddy pie from The Crepes of Wrath is basically my favorite thing in the world. You guys, it has a Chex cereal crust! Come on.


Salted Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Every Thanksgiving, I'm bummed that I have to choose between a slice of pumpkin pie or a slice of pecan pie, because I'm not really a huge fan of the two separately. But obviously I just need to make this salted bourbon pecan pumpkin pie from Half Baked Harvest, because it embodies all of the best Thanksgiving flavors in one incredible pie. Also, bourbon. Did I mention the bourbon?


Raspberry Pumpkin Ricotta Pie

The taste of a pumpkin pie doesn't have to be heavy. This raspberry pumpkin ricotta pie from Cook Nourish Bliss is light, creamy, and heavenly with a gingersnap crust. The filling is almost like a cheesecake, and is layered with a faux-raspberry jam mixture to give it just enough sweetness.


French Silk Pie

Pies are meant to be decadent and indulgent if you ask me, so any pie that includes double-stuffed Oreos, marshmallow creme, and chocolate in the recipe is fine by me. Deliciously Yum has a super easy French silk pie that is no trouble to put together, but is absolutely delicious and a must for every sweet tooth.


No-Bake Key Lime Pie

Are key lime pies not the most beautiful pies in the world? This no-bake key lime pie from Big Girls Small Kitchen is not only gorgeous, but super easy to make, and changes up the classic with an almond crust. (But feel free to use the traditional graham cracker crust!)


Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut butter was meant for desserts, and you were meant to make this creamy peanut butter pie from The Crepes of Wrath. It's creamy, the perfect complement of sweet and salty, and put together beautifully in a crisp graham cracker crust. Yum.


Banana Cream Pie

For a crowd favorite, try this banana cream pie from A Spicy Perspective. I mean, any pie that can be described as fully is a must, right?


Samoas Cookie Pie

The only thing better than Girl Scouts Cookies is turning them into a pie. This perfect Samoas cookie pie from Averie Cooks takes everything you know to be good and beautiful in the world and turns it into a dessert you'll eat straight out of the pie dish.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

When I want to pretend I'm in the middle of a Beatrix Potter story, I want this strawberry rhubarb pie from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. Not only does it look like it's straight out of a storybook illustration, but it's sweet, tangy, and delicious.


Balsamic Cherry Pie

Tired of the traditional pies? Time for something new like this balsamic cherry pie with a black pepper crust from Adventures in Cooking. Is it possible to describe a pie as sexy? Because this one totally is.


German Chocolate Brownie Pie

Want to combine all of your favorite desserts into one pie? Then try this German chocolate brownie pie from foodiecrush. I mean, seriously. This is every chocolate lover's dream and it is to die for.


Lemon Cream Pie

Tart, sweet, and creamy, this lemon cream pie from A Spicy Perspective is perfect for any citrus fans. It's just the right amount of tanginess without being overpowering, and you'll want to gobble up every bite.


Blackberry Cream Cheese Pie

If you've ever wanted more crust on your fruit cheesecake, then you'll love this blackberry cream cheese pie from Adventures in Cooking. Look how decadent it is!


Pear Pie With Crème Fraîche Caramel

Hummingbird High is killing it with this pear pie with crème fraîche caramel. It's a bit of an extensive recipe, but totally worth it for an impressive and yummy dessert.


Peach Melba Pie

All the tastes of summer are present in this peach melba pie from Taste and Tell. Made with both fresh raspberries and juicy peaches, the pie also boasts a yummy, brown sugar crumb topping.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Obviously the most kid friendly pie known to man, The Merry Thought's chocolate chip cookie pie is also a crowd pleaser for the grown-ups.


Fresh Blueberry Pie with Lemon Pastry

By adding lemon zest to the dough,Driscoll's blueberry pie with lemon pastry is a notch above the rest.


S'mores Pie

Don't save this dessert for a camping trip. The s'mores pie from Pastry Affair is obviously needed at every family function. (And also for when you're just home alone and want some pie.)


Girl Scout Thin Mint Mini Pie

For all you Thin Mint cookie lovers, this pie is a must. Foodiecrush has nailed it with a Thin Mint mini pie recipe, perfect for parties, showers, or when you don't want to worry about sharing your thin mint pie. (So, basically always.)


Fudge Bottom Banana Cream Pie

Bananas and chocolate star in this fudge bottom banana cream pie from Inside BruCrew Life and you guys, I'm so glad that they do. It's like all the best parts of a banana split in pie form.


Tropical Pie

When you need a break from all the chocolate and peanut butter options, you need this tropical pie from Table for Two. You can totally pretend you're on vacation with this pineapple and coconut flavored pie, despite eating it in your messy living room as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blares in the background.


Strawberry Pop-Tart Pie

First things first — you're welcome. Secondly, this strawberry Pop-Tart pie from Willow Bird Baking could probably make world peace happen if it was shared during a war.


Nutella & Salted Caramel Pie

And for all of you Nutella fans (so everyone, right?), this Nutella and salted caramel pie from Table for Two is perfect. It's super easy to make, and leaves room for variations, like sprinkling fruit or nuts on the pie as it sets. Make it your own, but make it today.