These fall date ideas are perfect for every couple style.
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38 Fall Date Ideas To (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Relationship

These ideas will have you feeling cozy and loved in no time.

Now that it’s finally beginning to not feel like we live in Satan’s armpit here in the south, I’m already dreaming up all the fun things I can do with my husband for date nights — and maybe even things we can do as a family as well. Maybe it’s because our wedding anniversary is in October, but fall makes me feel so romantic and in love with life and my family. You’ve got comfy and cozy fashion, delicious beverages and food, you’re finally not a stinky sweaty mess so you want to cuddle more, and I think fireplaces are super romantic. Fall dates are simply the best, y’all. And add in Halloween spookiness where you can hold onto each other tight when you’re scared? I bet you’ll feel even closer to your partner than ever — literally and figuratively.

If you love fall as well, you’re going to want to try each of these 38 fall date ideas. There are enough ideas for you to do every day in October and then some, if you really wanted to. So grab your boots, scarves, and hot chocolates and settle in for some romantic and fun date night ideas that celebrates all things fall as soon as you feel that slight shift to coolness in the air.

Fall Date Outdoors

  • Go to a haunted house
  • Enjoy a nature stroll in the woods while crunching leaves — look up reviews to find the best ones in your town
  • Build a bonfire in your backyard and make s’mores and hot chocolate
  • Watch a scary movie outdoors
  • Go to a corn maze
  • Tailgate and go to a football game
  • Visit a small mountain town and walk around enjoying caramel apples, hot cider, hot chocolate, etc.
  • Go to a live concert outside
  • Attend a fall festival

Fall Date At Home

  • Scary movie marathon — it’s fun to pick a franchise, like Scream, and watch all of them in a row
  • Decorate the house for fall together
  • Plan a puzzle and snack night
  • Cook a romantic meal together featuring fall favorites
  • Plan to have sex by the fireplace after the kids go to bed, and set up a comfy pallet ahead of time
  • DIY a couple’s costume
  • Paint or carve your own pumpkin and paint fall-themed ceramics
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Fall Date With Food

  • Attend a chili cook-off and bring your own recipe, or have a chili cook-off at home as you each make a recipe
  • Bake fall-themed desserts and do a fun ranking night with wine and score cards
  • Cook a fall-themed recipe together
  • Make your own candy apples
  • Soup night — pick your favorite soups, bake some bread, and make a big filling salad to go with it as you listen to some fall tunes

Fall Date With Drinks

  • Go to an apple orchard and have a cider tasting
  • Spend a long weekend in a cabin with a fire and do wine tastings around town
  • Create your own fall-themed beverages and make your own signature cocktail (or mocktail)
  • Find a beer festival
  • Do a mead tasting
  • Conduct a tea and chocolate tasting in your own home to find the perfect pair

Fall Date With Kids

  • Pop popcorn and watch Hocus Pocus
  • Go pumpkin picking on a farm
  • Pumpkin painting or carving party
  • Not-so-scary movie marathon
  • Bake sweet treats and have the kids do all of the stirring and pouring
  • Trick-or-treating
  • Go on a leaf hunt
  • Do crafts with found leaves
  • Model your Halloween costumes and have a little runway in your hall with spooky music
  • Play a bunch of Halloween tunes like “Monster Mash” and have a dance party
  • Attend a Jack-o’lantern festival