This Baby Yoda Snack Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

Meal planning? This is the Way.

It’s time for fans everywhere to gear up to celebrate Star Wars Day, and these new Mandalorian Cheesy Potato Tots absolutely need to be on your May 4th menu. You’re going to have to eat at some point, so why not nosh on some Baby Yoda-shaped snacks? Yes, this is the way. (You had me at cheesy potato tots, but make it Mando-style and I’m all the way there.)

Grogu, The Child, Baby Yoda — no matter which name you go with, there’s no denying that the little green breakout star from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian sure is adorable. And now, thanks to frozen snack brand FarmRich, Baby Yoda in cheesy tot-form is an actual thing.

This new Star Wars snack isn’t just adorable and fun, it’s also got some good stuff inside. The tots are made with 100% real cheddar cheese and a whole grain-rich coating. One serving includes 8 grams of protein and 10% of your daily recommended calcium and fiber. The snack also features the Star Wars Check, which means that it meets The Walt Disney Company’s guideline criteria as a source of balanced nutrition.

I’m thrilled to have an easy-to-make snack that I know my kids (not to mention my Star Wars superfan self) will love. The force is strong with these tots.

Star Wars is a story for the generations, and we’ve reimagined snacking with the new Cheesy Potato Tots shaped in Grogu’s image — inspired by the popularity of The Mandalorian,” Ciera Womack, FarmRich Director of Marketing says in a press statement.

Starting in May, you can find this new snack in the freezer section at Walmart stores and online, retailing for about $6 for a 15-ounce box. This means you’ll actually have a few days to track down a package or two prior to the 4th. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my Princess Leia hairdo all planned out, and when it’s time to celebrate a fandom like no other, I’m ecstatic to have a delicious new treat to enjoy.

I know May 4th is on a Tuesday this year, but you have my full permission to skip your usual taco Tuesday routine and make some of these Baby Yoda-shaped tots instead. Actually, maybe make your tacos and just have these as a tasty side dish — or you can top your tacos with them, because there are no rules here.