Father's Day

These Father's Day cards have something for everyone.
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23 Father's Day Cards That Will Make Him Smile

Go crazy this year. Get more than one.

Finding a special gift for Father’s Day can sometimes be a challenge. But whatever you decide to surprise him with, you’ll always want to have a heartwarming card attached that expresses how you truly feel about having him in your life. But you don’t have to stop at one card...

I could literally stand in the greeting card section forever. No matter the occasion, I’m always captured with how many different ways we can say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or even Get Well. And the cards can range from serious to poetic and funny. To help dwindle down my selection process, I usually go with how I want the person to feel when I give it to them, and if you’re anything like me, too many options means I’m buying more than one. Because it’s OK to make their heart swell from being overwhelmed with love, then follow that up with a good belly laugh, right? And there are Father’s Day Cards that can touch on all those emotions.

This list will help you with things you’ve wanted to say to your hero, and even enlighten you with words you didn’t think of putting together. Either way, you’ll find something that will make him feel just how important he is to you. And some are as easy as sending an email or downloading to print.

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Father’s Day Ecards

1. An Ecard About Dad Jokes

Dad jokes can seem like a bottomless pit of corny punchlines. But whether you snicker or roll your eyes, he had his moment. Here’s a great Ecard to give him another moment of feeling like he is the King of Puns.

2. An Ecard For That Special Stepfather

This Ecard is a sweet way to acknowledge how special your stepdad is to the family.

3. Father-In-Law Ecard

For dad of the person you love, this Ecard will make him smile and feel proud all at the same time.

4. An Ecard For His First Father’s Day

For the dad who is being celebrated for the first time on Father’s Day, this Ecard is exactly what you need. Feel free to add your own photos or even a video.

5. A Video Card To Dad From Daughter

Here’s a chance to do something a little different. This video card is a nice touch and also allows you to personalize it.

Printable Father’s Day Cards

1. A Father & Son Picture Card

This printable card is customizable so you can insert your own message and photos.

2. Dad Gets The Trophy Printable Card

If dad is always a winner in his kids’ eyes, he deserves this printable so they can tell him.

3. Printable Card With Lively Letters

This printable card is a cute way to let dad know he is loved. The vibrant colors and lively letters are a nice touch.

4. Skip To My Lou DIY Printable

Well, if it’s true, you might as well get this printable to let dad know he has good genes.

5. Landeelu Printable Card

What dad wouldn’t smile when they realize how true these words are?

Pop-Up Father’s Day Cards

1. A Star Wars Pop-Up Card

Darth Vader might not have been the best dad, but in the end he came through. So that makes him a keeper. This one is for the Star Wars love-struck dad who can’t get enough of saying, “Luke, I am your father.”

2. A Family Of Wolves Pop-Up Card

This Wolf Pack card is a great visual way to acknowledge the leader of your pack. Especially if wolves are his thing.

3. A Toolbox 3D Card

If dad is Mr. Fix It in your house, he’ll treasure this 3D tool box card. You’re speaking his language.

4. A Yoda Pop-Up Card

Here’s another one for the Star Wars Dad. He’ll appreciate this pop-up of a legendary Jedi Master. Yoda is timeless — the baby and the old version — so he’ll probably keep it forever.

5. A Pop-Up Card With Words

What better way to say Happy Father’s Day than having the words jump out at him? This festive card will be much appreciated, and you can place it on the counter for everyone to see.

Funny Father’s Day Cards

1. Etsy “Knocked Up” Card

At some point we all have to acknowledge how we got here. Even if we never want to picture it. But be prepared for a snarky comment from dad after he checks out this card.

2. A Father’s Day Card For Your Husband

Need I say more?

3. Handcrafted Etsy Father’s Day Card

It’s time to stake your claim as the BEST child. This is the perfect card to do it.

4. Confession Father’s Day Card For Your Dad

I don’t think this card will actually “help,” but everyone will get a good laugh.

5. A Father’s Day Card From His Favorite

Here’s a funny way to keep that unspoken understanding going between you and your father.

Sentimental Father’s Day Cards

1. For The Friend Who Lost Their Father

Some people grieve when this time of year comes because they have lost their dad. This card is a special way to comfort them.

2. A Card For The One Who Is Like A Dad

This card is perfect for a stepdad or even for the person who is a father figure in your life.

3. An Engraved Wooden Card

This personalized card is a gift that will literally last forever, and it can also be a memorable piece of decor in your home.