Everyone’s Favorite Phone With Wheels Is Getting An Upgrade

"Your first mobile phone is now a real mobile phone."

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There are so many old photos lurking around my mom’s house of me pulling around a Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone in the ‘80s and “chatting” on it. I think literally everyone recalls their early childhood days of pulling the classic plastic phone around by the string and having an absolute blast placing your fingers in the holes of the rotary and turning the dial.

But now it’s 2021, and the Fisher-Price classic Chatter Telephone is getting an upgrade for its 60th anniversary. There is officially now a Chatter Telephone with bluetooth. Yes, bluetooth. And it’s available for preorder now and launching exclusively on on October 19.

The toy, originally released in 1961, has gone through some facelifts and slight changes, but this one is especially great. You can now use it like a real phone, as it easily pairs to a smartphone with bluetooth wireless technology for a 15-foot range. So your child really can use their own phone and call their Memaw. (Elmo’s probably not going to answer.) Of course, it’s still a mobile phone, as in the four wheels make it a mobile toy. Those same wobbly eyes, and rainbow interface are still there, as is the bright red receiver.

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Make sure you grab yours ASAP, as I feel like this just might sell out quickly. For those of us who don’t want to buy our 2-year-olds an iPhone just yet, this classic phone with bluetooth is the perfect compromise. And if you’re not quite yet sold, you absolutely must check out this gem of a video about this phone. I am deceased. Pre-order now.

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