You Can ~*Sashay Away*~ With Your Very Own Fisher-Price Little People RuPaul Collector Set

Can we get an amen?

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Queen of Queens and Drag Race host RuPaul may be known for his statuesque, towering physique (6’4” and that’s without heels) but his larger than life energy has nothing to do with his height... and now we have proof! Fisher-Price’s Little People Collector line has released a RuPaul figure pack, which has shrunk MamaRu down to a mere 3 inches while retaining all the style, drama, and ferocity of the thing. Did we know we needed this? No. Do we need it more than maybe anything right now? Yes.

Released in May 2022, Fisher-Price’s new Little People Collector set of three figures, features RuPaul in and out of drag (though, as Ru always says, “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.”) in iconic, real-life looks featured on Drag Race. While the Little People Collector line, first launched in 2019, is geared toward adult collectors and fandom, these toys are appropriate for ages 1 year old and up, so these iconic toys can slay and play all day.

Keep it in the display packaging (complete with spotlights, glitter designs, and a tiny runway) or take the toys out to live on your desk or play with your kids. (Incidentally “I bought them for the kids” is a great cover story for when you’re an adult but are embarrassed about playing with dolls.)

She came to play and slay.Fisher-Price

Properties also associated with the Little People Collector line include The Golden Girls, The Office, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Inspiring Women. With a TV-14 rating, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the more traditional Fisher-Price Little People line are not exactly intended for the same demographic. But whether you come to play or slay, queens and dolls that look like queens can inspire you to have fun, use your imagination and, of course, be yourself.

The Little People Collector RuPaul set is available at for $14.99 now.

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