These flower crafts are great for the whole family
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10 Fun & Easy DIY Flower Crafts For Kids (& Grownups)

Check out these adorable ideas for creating faux blooms, and crafting with real stems.

Sure, the spring season is in the rearview mirror, and summer isn’t far behind. But these flower-inspired crafts will keep blooms fresh and the garden vibes flowering all year round. And while there’s no shortage of crafting inspiration on the internet, this list is worth scrolling through for several reasons. For one, the flower crafts here are easy — as in, your kid could do most of them without much supervision. Another reason is that quite a few of these crafts are edible and delicious. So while construction paper crafts are easily accessible, spending some time in the kitchen can create a craft that’ll go an even longer way in making your kids and family members very happy. Some of these ideas sprung from childhood memories; some have variations to mix things up; others are the product of websites so genius, we just had to share their inspiring work here.

Another plus? There’s a quick write-up before each craft that explains exactly what materials you’ll need. In most cases, the supply list is short, and the materials are probably already in your own home. (These are easy, remember?) So you can enjoy the precious time your kiddos will be crafting away, or join in to make some pretty sweet memories.

(And in a pinch, you can go for a “flower hunt” and just grab anything you see outside and teach your child how to make a pretty arrangement in an old pasta jar. Boom.)


Tissue Paper Flowers

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What You Need: Pipe cleaners and tissue paper sheets in various colors.

Does this craft ever get old? Not if you consider the smile on a kid’s face as they see their first bloom unfold. Simply stack a few (anywhere from, say, four to 10 sheets) of tissue paper and fold them all together like you’re making a paper fan, or an accordion (you know, fold up the sheets about a quarter-inch one way, then flip over the stack, take the folded section and fold it up against itself; repeat the process until you have the whole length folded). Wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded strip, so it holds the strip together in the middle. Then fan out the paper on either side. Beginning on one side of the pipe cleaner, start separating the pieces of tissue paper, starting with the bottom sheet; pull it down and inward toward the pipe cleaner “stem.” Once you’ve separated all the sheets of paper (the “flower petals”) on one side, do the same on the other. And there have you it: A realistic looking rose, or carnation (depending on how closely crinkled the tissue paper petals are).


Dough Flowers


What You Need: A few colors of moldable clay, such as Play-Doh.

So easy, yet so fun, these flowers can be bunched together for a cute little “bouquet” to present someone, say, upon their return home from work. Just rip off about a quarter-size lump of clay, then use a small, play-size cylinder tube (like a rolling pin) to roll it flat. Mold it around a finger then slip it off so it curves into itself, but make sure the edges don’t touch. Repeat with several pieces of clay. Arrange these “petals” you’ve made, stacking one behind then around the next, pinching them together at the bottom so you’re creating a bud. Keep stacking the “petals” one behind the other, bending back the tops to make the bud look like an open flower. You can also simplify, and flatten a few petals to arrange around a center dough ball (like you see in the picture above).


Cool Ice Cubes

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What You Need: Water, an ice cube tray, and an assortment of fresh herbs, like basil, rosemary and thyme, or edible lavender.

Consider spending a few minutes pulling together this decorative touch if you’re hosting a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, bachelorette, or even a chic date night at home. Just rip off a few stems of thyme, rosemary leaves or baby basil leaves, or pull off a few lavender buds, and sprinkle one or two into each ice cube compartment in the tray. Fill the tray with water, freeze, and in a few hours you have the prettiest little cubes to float in your glasses.


Pressed Flower Smartphone Case

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What You Need: A translucent smartphone case and some flower petals and buds.

Do you have a clear smartphone case? Why not get creative, and let your kids pick a few bright, colorful flowers with which to decorate it? Ask them to pick off the petals and a few buds, place them inside the case, then snap your phone into place. Dandelion heads make a cute (and accessible!) choice.


Dried Flower Bouquets

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What You Need: A variety of picked flowers.

Probably the easiest activity in this group, perfect for smaller kids, dried flowers are made by simply drying flowers. Have your kiddos pick stems of all varieties, then tie a string around the bottom of the bunch. Hang the bunch upside down and let your kiddos observe everyday how they look as they dry. You can create a garland of sorts by tying several bunches and hanging them from a string.


Zoom Garden Background

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What You Need: A large piece of poster board, markers, sparkly glues, pipe cleaners, and several sheets of color construction paper

If your Zoom meeting calendar is still full, why not let your kids DIY a garden background for those casual meetings? Let kids cut out paper flower petals, and glue them onto the large poster board to create a garden. Glue on pipe-cleaner stems, use markers to shade in shadowy hues, and you’ve got one adorable a conversation starter.


Rose Cupcakes

What You Need: Fondant, a rolling pin, and, oh yeah, cupcakes.

Make your cupcakes. OK, now for the flower part: Roll out strips of fondant with a rolling pin, then roll up each strip until you make a little rose! Pop it atop your cupcake and be proud of the work Bakerella shared, in addition to colorful photos and ingredient details to further guide you in this yummy Bakerella craft.


Edible Flower Sugar Cookies

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What You Need: A sugar cookie recipe or store-bought sugar cookies, baby paint brush, and edible flowers.

There are many versions of this yummy craft, and the variable is typically how or what you use to stick on the edible flowers. Once your cookies have cooled, you can paint on icing, frosting or egg whites, then press on your edible blooms. Either way, they’ll be beautiful treats or party favors.


Painted Flower Pots

What You Need: A flower pot, colored paints, and a paint brush. If you don’t have a flower pot already, check out this great supply of succulents from Home Depot, already in pots.

The best part about this craft? You probably have a flower pot in your home or garden already! This easy craft, from the website DIYCandy, works best with acrylic paint. Once you have a pot in hand, hand it over to the kiddo in your home, along with a paint brush and colored paints. Let their imagination run free. A great idea for a group of kids (and flower pots) is an assortment of painted rainbows.


Edible Flower Popsicles

Studio DIY

What You Need: An assortment of edible flowers, a popsicle mold, and juice.

As the website shows, there are a number of ways to make yummy crafts with edible flowers. This particular activity is fun, at an easy level, and delicious. Simple fill your popsicle mold with your chosen juice (the more clear, the better you’ll be able to see your edible flowers inside), and a few edible flowers. Freeze, eat, and repeat, and you’re sure to crave more! They make pretty party treats, too.