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Cute Stars & Stripes Bathing Suits For The Whole Family

For anyone in the pursuit of happiness & cute bathing suits.

One of the most fun holidays to dress up for is the 4th of July because let’s face it, there are some really cute red, white, and blue pieces. You can certainly get dresses, shorts, and tee-shirts for the holiday, but since it’s often spent poolside or on a beach, don’t forget to get some matching 4th of July bathing suits for the whole family, too. There are options for everyone from teeny babies to grown-ups, and all of them will look perfect with a pair of flip flops on your feet, some sunglasses on your face, and a firecracker popsicle in your hand.

Baby Bathing Suits For 4th Of July

Sure, your little firework may have to nap a bit throughout the holiday, but that doesn't mean they don’t need their own little patriotic bathing suit this July 4th. Just remember to add some baby-safe sunscreen (if they’re old enough, of course) and a hat to your shopping list, too, to protect their sensitive skin from the sun.

4th Of July Toddler Swimsuits

Toddlers will have a hard time picking their favorite part of the 4th of July: the fireworks, the snacks, or all of the splashing and swimming. They’ll love all of the celebrations no matter what, but it’s always a little more fun with a red, white, and blue bathing suit, right?

Kids 4th Of July Bathing Suits

It’s hard to imagine even the most opinionated big kid saying no to a new swimsuit, especially when they look this good. You can go with the classic American flag prints or give them a little bit more of a sophisticated look with a simple pattern.

Women’s Swimsuits For 4th Of July

There is no shortage of great women’s bathing suits that are specifically made for Independence Day, but since they tend to be expensive it may be nice to invest in something you’ll feel comfortable wearing well past the holiday weekend. Look for a suit with some combo of red, white, and blue that you can see yourself wearing all summer long.

Men’s 4th Of July Swim Trunks

Finding a fun pair of swim trunks for the 4th of July isn’t hard, but the best ones for him depend a lot on his style. Does he like to really lean into the holiday with shorts that look like they were made from the American flag? Or, would he like something with more of an everyday look, instead? Whatever his style is, there is a pair of trunks to match it.

The 4th of July is one of those holidays where it’s okay to be a little extra, so if your family is going to be in or near the water for the day, go ahead and get some new swimsuits for everyone. Chances are high you will fit right in with most of the other families celebrating nearby.