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These 13 Virtual Valentine's Day Cards Are Even Sweeter Cause They're Free

Because love ain’t cheap, but these cards are.

Love is in the air, and what better way to express some sweet sentiments for your significant other than with a cute card? But once you start calculating all the cards you’re really going to end up buying, it might make you think twice before cruising the card aisle. And that’s when finding free virtual Valentine’s Day cards just might be the loveliest thing you can do for yourself.

It’s easy to get swept away in all the pink and red candy-coated goodness that is Valentine’s Day. Thing is, February 14 isn’t just for your spouse or sweetie. Au contraire. Love is an equal opportunist on V Day, and that’s when, while you’re looking for a card for your honey, you’ll inevitably find an absolutely adorbs card for your kiddo. And then you’ll spy the grandparents section, and well, you’re not a heathen, so you’ll want to grab one (or three) for them, too. Tack on a card for your BFF, your children’s teachers, and soon you’ll have spent a small fortune professing your love for pretty much every person you know.

So skip the shopping and check out these Valentine’s Day cards for those you love that will make you feel all warm and happy inside — and keep your cold hard cash in your wallet.


Just for Grandma

Grandma will fall in love with this free video e-card that has everything that makes Valentine’s Day so special. There are flowers, fairies, chocolates — even the Eiffel Tower. Be sure to personalize the message so that it’s even more meaningful for the matriarch of your family.


For Dear Ol' Dad

Dear ol’ dad won’t have dry eyes when he gets this cute card. Featuring a dog declaring, “I love you Dad," it’s perfect for a young child to give to their Daddy, or even as a cute card to give to your Pops.


A Personalized Serenade From...Michael Bolton?

What could be sexier than Michael Bolton singing a song specifically to your beloved? Well, it’s possible with a free trial to American Greetings. The swoonworthy crooner will sing “Said I Loved You But I Lied” to the love of your life, for free.


Say It Like You Meme It

Is there anything greater than being wined and dined on Valentine’s Day? Yeah, sitting on the couch in sweats and not doing a damn thing. This card from Someecards shows that snuggling with your sweetie and watching Netflix should be a part of everyone’s wedding vows.


Grease Is The Word

What more could you want than seeing your and your honey’s faces plastered on a dancing version of Danny and Sandy from Grease? In this JibJab Valentine’s Day card, you’ll get to recreate that iconic ending as you sing, “You’re the one that I want,” ooh, ooh, ooh, honey!


For An A+ Teacher

Let’s say your child wants to send a sweet message to their teacher for Valentine’s Day. Well, to thank their teacher for their tireless efforts at distance teaching, your kiddo can send this absolutely adorable elephant ecard from 123Greetings. There won’t be any, um, pink elephants in the room to explain how they really feel.


A Lovely Card

With all the craziness and chaos of kid life, be sure to slow down and recognize how much you mean to each other. You can send this sweet celebration of your love via email or post it on your partner’s social media channels for all the world to know (and share in) your love.


For Your BFF

Let your bestie know how much they mean to you with this floral-filled ecard. With the simple message of “You are so very loved,” your BFF will know that you’re by their side through good times and bad, because that’s what best friends are for.


Nacho Average Card

Sure, it might be a little “cheesy”, but this funny card from Hallmark is fab for any foodie. The site also offers an option to make your card look handwritten for even more personalization. It’ll just remind you why you and your sweetie are like chips and dip — or in this case, queso.


Do Your Own Design

Let’s say that you want to completely create your Valentine’s Day cards. You can, with LucidPress. This 2-page card can help you channel your inner wordsmith to allow you to come up with exactly the right words to express your love. All you need to do is create your own account and you’ll have a customized card in mere minutes.


Perfect For Grandparents

If it’s been a while since the grandparents have seen your kids, send them this sweet ecard to show them how much your babies have grown in the past 365 days. It’ll be one ecard that the grandparents will definitely want to print out.


For Your Little Monkey

Send your little monkey some love with this cute (and free) Valentine’s Day card. You can edit the inside message, send a video greeting, or (ahem) even add in a gift card, too.


For Baby's First Valentine

What could be more purrfect than a purring cat and a teddy bear for your child? The sweet and simple animation of this V Day card can show your kiddo how much they mean to you.

You'll love all the options you'll have when you search for Valentine's Day cards for all the special sweethearts in your life. Just select, personalize, and click send. And when you calculate how much time and money you saved, you'll have all those lovely fab feels, too.