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10 Kid-Friendly Snow Crafts To Make This Winter

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

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When the ground outside is covered in a wintery white frost, there’s no better time to make crafts from snow. But even when there’s not a flake in sight, you can still make plenty of fun snow-themed crafts with your kids this winter with these ideas. Snow much fun!

Make rainbow snow using handfuls of the real stuff brought in from outside and food coloring with this snow painting craft tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks. Use a cooling rack on top of a baking sheet to catch the drips from the colorful snow as it melts.

This classic snow craft from Handmade Charlotte uses acrylic paint, Mod Podge, and glitter to create glistening snowflakes on plain white paper plates. Handmade Charlotte
These snowy surprise jars from Studio DIY are a great way to keep your kids entertained. Simply fill a jar with a bag of faux snow from the store and hide small trinkets inside to make a fun snow-themed seek-and-find for your kids.Studio DIY

Even if it isn’t snowy outside, you and your kids can create your own winter wonderland inside by making and hanging paper snowflakes around your home. These templates from The House That Lars Built are a great starting point, but you can experiment with your own shapes, too.

When you don’t have any real snow, but your kids beg to build a snowman anyway, you can make them out of moon sand. This snow craft tutorial from Delia Creates uses flour and baby oil to make faux snow that actually sticks together.

Is it really even a snow day if you don’t make snow ice cream? Part craft, part snack, this tutorial from Julie Blanner shows you step by step how to achieve creamy, dreamy perfection with snow from outside.Julie Blanner

If you love the look of freshly fallen snow, this wintery snowball wreath from Rosyscription is the perfect snow craft to make. Using foam balls, faux craft snow, and clear crystal-shaped beads, you can easily recreate this DIY wreath.

Make faux snow to play with inside using a mix cornstarch, shaving cream, and iridescent Buffalo snow. Use this tutorial from This Grandma Is Fun when you want to make a DIY snow craft that really shines and holds its shape for mini snowman building. This Grandma Is Fun
Did you know that epsom salt inside of a glass jar actually sparkles like real snow? For a fun snow craft to make with kids, use printables from Handmade Charlotte to create your own snow scene terrarium. Handmade Charlotte

This easy snow craft from Delia Creates is a fun one to try. Let your kids create their own snowscapes on paper using table salt sprinkled on top of white school glue. When dry, it glistens just like real snow!