Hasbro is releasing a new Furby and it's just like the one from the '90s.

Furby Is Back & Your Kids Are Going To Be Obsessed

The new Furby from Hasbro is an iconic rebrand of the '90s toy that everyone was obsessed with.

The ‘90s were filled with unforgettable toys every kid just had to have, but none of them hit quite like a Furby. I was a very lucky kid who had two of them, and when I taught them English, to talk to each other, and repeat all of the funny things I said, oh my. The power I felt. The little interactive toys were hugely popular, and now Hasbro is bringing back the Furby with a revamped edition that’s a little new, but mostly just like you remember them.

Starting July 15, you can purchase your kids their very own weird BFF with Hasbro’s new Furby release featuring two colors — purple and coral. And like the 1998 version (holy cow, it’s been 25 years), this new Furby will still have its own secret language with five voice-activated modes, and over 600 responses, including lights, sounds, and songs. But Furby also listens to commands like “tell my fortune” and “dance party” to really amplify your kid’s play experience. Furby can also respond to belly rubs, hugs, pats, and even a feeding of a pizza charm. I mean, does it get much more ‘90s than that?


My parents seemed to enjoy my Furby as much as I did when I was little, and I’m so eager to play with the new version with my own daughters. The Furby will be available at major retailers and Amazon starting July 15, and it’s going to be like a dip back into the ‘90s when you hear that secret little language (and the giggles). Now I’ll know the pain my parents felt hearing the Furby talk at 3 a.m. from across the house.

Nostalgia is at an all-time high, especially for ‘90s toys, so take the new Furby for a literal spin and dance party this summer.