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The Ultimate Birthday Party Inspo

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How To Throw An Epic Kids Birthday Party

The thing about throwing a birthday party is that your kid is already excited. Just the word “birthday” is enough to send them into a tailspin of joy and anticipation. But pulling off a great birthday party is about more than just excitement: It can take a little inspiration, whether you’re going for simple or more extravagant. Birthday party inspiration can come in so many forms — maybe you saw a pack of candles at the grocery store and realized they were the perfect palette for the table decorations. Maybe you took your kid to Party City and they waved their hands at the Super Mario Bros. section and you just bought everything right off the rack. Or maybe you saw something on Pinterest — a watermelon carved into a shark, a giant Barbie box for photos, a table full of ice cream toppings for a build-your-own-sundae bar — and it inspired you to throw the greatest birthday party ever. It all counts. And, truly, the best part is that no matter what you do, if your kid is happy, they will absolutely let you know that it was the most epic birthday party ever.

The key here is not to compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t look at these birthday party inspiration pictures and panic that you can’t pull it off. If something is not in your budget or you’ve got too much else on your plate to pull it off, then forget about it. Think of your own birthday parties when you were little. What do you remember most? Was it the perfectly curated snack table? Was it a photo backdrop for you and all of your friends? Was it a big group activity? Focus on that energy — think about what your child will love the most at their party, and then let these birthday party inspiration photos give you some ideas.

Pick an easy theme and let your imagination take you away.

If you’re struggling to feel inspired, think about your kid’s interests. Do they love the moon? Are you always calling them your sunshine? Do they want a pool party? What’s their favorite food or color? Once you have a general idea or theme in mind, even if it’s something as simple as “the color yellow,” you can really explore and have fun pulling the party together, as evidenced by these gorgeous photos. So much of this birthday party inspiration featured here is really quite simple.

This party was inspired by a toddler’s love for the moon, so there are lots of gold star touches in the balloons and lanterns on the table, along with inexpensive plates and cups in blue and yellow for a cohesive color scheme.A Beautiful Mess
Throwing a pool party? Then grab all the balloons and colorful floats you can and toss them in the water. Your decor and party activity are all wrapped into one — how easy is that?Studio DIY
This pom-pom birthday theme is such an easy concept but makes a big statement when you start adding all the pieces together. Bonus: these party decorations can double as room decor when the party’s over.Sugar & Cloth
This dinosaur party uses a variety of dinosaur “materials” from toys to balloons and prehistoric leaf cut-outs for a really fun effect.Style by Emily Henderson
When a 3-year-old wants a banana party, you go for it with lots of yellow touches. Easy-to-find yellow decor, like lanterns and foil decorations, make for a really fun, happy vibe.Lovely Indeed

Party photo backdrops and statement decor.

If you want a great photo backdrop at your party or just want to really wow your guests with some statement decor, there is so much inspiration to be found. If you don’t know where to start, this is honestly a great place to begin, and you can easily develop any kind of theme or vibe with materials as simple as paper chains or cut-out letters.

Old-fashioned paper chains on a pole? Count us in.Joy Cho
Paper + scissors + glue stick = perfection.The House That Lars Built
It’s the year of Barbie, after all.Rent-a-Fete/Instagram
Using my star balloons filled with regular air, streamers, and strips of a star garland, you can make this incredible “star chandelier ceiling” to hang over a craft table or a food table.Mama.Jots

Let the party food take center stage.

Whether you’re ordering a bunch of pizzas or having a caterer come in to make a massive taco bar, there are endless options for making the party food the star of the show. I mean, what’s more inspiring than a table full of cupcakes? If you still need a theme, your child’s favorite snacks, treats, and meals can inspire you, or you can simply turn to these photos for ideas on how to display all of the goodies and make everything look so fun for your birthday kid.

Take your theme, like this one of a fairy party, and put it in every little detail you can. It’s easy enough to find cute cupcake wrappers and toppers that go with your party, and displaying them doubles as decor and a snack.Occasions by Shakira
Who says simple can’t be pretty? (Literally no one.) Easy foods like popcorn and hot dogs can look cute when they’re served in little bowls on a fun tablecloth, and if you have any retro items like hot dog rollers or a popcorn machine, use them!Over the Big Moon
This looks complicated and extravagant, but it’s really not! They’re just veggie sticks and hummus. You can easily take items you were already going to serve and just work them into your theme with a little imagination.Lucky Andi
Cakes don’t have to be elaborate to work as the eye-catching centerpiece on a table.Lay Baby Lay

Make your party activities double as decor.

Whether you’re having a huge bouncy house in the middle of your yard or you’re setting up some crafts at a table, coming up with a party activity can be really simple or really extensive. Just focus on what would make your kids and their friends happy. Is it an art station? An epic dance playlist and some fun lights? Just a bunch of pillows on the floor for a movie night? There are so many inspiring party activity and craft ideas.

A paint-your-own birdhouse is a great party favor idea, but could also work for an activity. Any little wooden house or cardboard or animal will do; put them in individual bins full of craft supplies for painting and decorating. Paper & Stitch
An ice cream bar doubles as party food and the perfect party activity. Plus it’s a breeze to throw together.Cristin Cooper
If dress-up is part of your party activities, display the costume pieces and accessories in a pretty way to have it double as decor.A Magical Minute/Instagram
A flower crown bar? Come on. It’s too perfect, and this fun party activity definitely makes for a gorgeous set-up with lots of ribbons, accessories, and, of course, flowers.Events by Pins and Petals

Inspiration for your child’s party can be found just about anywhere, but hopefully these photos help you get creative and feel confident you’re throwing the best birthday party ever.