Gemini Season

13 Gemini Nail Designs That Scream “It’s My Birthday”

And some subtle options, too.

Well Gemini, you’re nearly halfway through the year. If your 2023 horoscope was right, you’ve probably weathered some big changes in the last six months. Since your birthday is coming up, it’s time to celebrate yourself (and while it’s not required to have your birthday nails on point to enjoy your party, it certainly doesn’t hurt). Bring some Gemini nail designs to your next appointment so you and your nail artist can create the perfect birthday manicure just for you.

However you usually wear your nails — long, short, almond-shaped, square on the tips — there are so many Gemini nail designs that will complement your tips. You can stay true to your usual favorites (are you a dark nail polish year ‘round kind of person, or are yours always the brightest shades available?) while incorporating some fun, astrological elements in honor of your sign. Some of these looks could be recreated at home without too much fuss, but let’s be real here, a lot of them will need a professional’s steady hand and artful eye.

So, start thinking about what you want your birthday nails to look like. They could incorporate Gemini’s lucky color, your pearl birthstone, or just go full-on astrological in theme.


Sparkles, swirls, & Gemini signs

This set has a little bit of everything that’s trendy right now — abstract swirls, chrome French tips, and a short almond shape. Everyone will want to know where you got them done in time to recreate them for their birthday month.


Neon, summery Gemini nails

Who knew bright orange and hot pink went together this well? These Gemini nail designs let everyone around you know it’s your birthday, and you’re not sharing the spotlight with anyone else today, thank you.


A blue marbled French mani

Want a birthday manicure that still screams summer? These blue marbled tips look like crashing ocean waves, and the subtle sparkle and zodiac signs make it clear that you’re also here to celebrate your special day.


Black and gold Gemini nails

If you prefer your polish on the dark side, don’t deviate just because it’s the summertime. These night sky nails with moons, stars, and Gemini signs still feel extra special.


A bright Gemini nail look with fun script

You know those souvenir shirts with pink spray paint backgrounds and black cursive script? These nails look like them in the absolute best, most nostalgic way. Plus, no one will mistake you for a Taurus or Cancer.


Nails inspired by Gemini’s birthstone

You’ve seen chrome nails by now, no doubt. Over a pearly white and pink polish, a white chrome powder can make your nails look like they’re made of the real thing.


Pearl nails, but make them matte

If a pearly polish and shining top coat is a little too much for you, tone down the glossiness with a matte top coat. Your nails will have an elegant, elevated, but still celebratory vibe.


A Gemini-themed French manicure

Modern takes on French manicures are clearly having their moment. This one uses a bright neon green and white combo, with smiley faces, cow print, and Gemini symbols on the tips. Oh, and a little yin and yang, which is very on theme for this sign.


A nail look for the hardcore Geminis

The neon shades, the flames, snakes, and melty smiley faces — these Gemini nails are very rock ‘n roll. If that’s your style, then these are the perfect birthday nails for you (and you can choose whatever colors suit your aesthetic best).


Two-tone nails so you don’t have to choose

The Gemini constellation looks like two twins, and people born under this sign can often have dueling personality traits, like they’re two different people in one. If you feel like an indecisive Gemini at the nail salon, ask for two-tone nails. Then you don’t have to pick a color after all.


A different half-and-half situation

If you want a slightly subtler take on two-tone nails, consider this mani as inspiration. Choose any two colors and let your nail artist work their magic.


A sunshine yellow mani

Want a manicure that nods to your sign, rather than going full on with the astrology theme? Yellow is Gemini’s lucky color, so ask your artist for help finding the perfect shade to complement your skin tone. This look incorporates some nude and clean, simple nail art to make the bright hue even more wearable.


Gemini nails with your star sign included

If your nails always look like little works of art, then this is the set for you. With long nails, your artist will have room to paint out your star sign twins and lots of fun accents. Also, this color palette is just *chef’s kiss*.

So, which look is perfect for your birthday nails: bright yellow tips, neon Gemini signs, or pearl accents?