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25 Great Gifts That Give Back To Equally Amazing Causes

So many incredible causes to choose from.

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Between birthdays, holidays, and milestone events, there seems to always be someone you need to buy a gift for. Giving someone you love a present is always fun, but buying gifts that give back is even more fulfilling because you’re putting your money towards something to make the world a little better. After all, why not put your spending power to good use?

Though they can sometimes be hard to find, there are quite a few fantastic companies and that have built their business models around helping people in some way or another. Some companies specifically employ people from vulnerable communities while others donate a portion of their profits to a charity they care about. If there is a specific organization you want to support, such as Black Lives Matter, be sure to check out their website because they often sell products that directly fund their mission.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a gift for someone you care about, but you don’t have a ton of time to scour the internet to find one that gives back to the community, here are some great options. All of these organizations give back in one way or another and chances are high you’ll be able to find a fantastic gift from at least one of them.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.



Rox Jewelry donates a portion of profit from every product they sell to charity, but their jewelry gives the most at $5 for every piece sold. Even better? You get to pick which charity they donate to.


Thoughtful Gift Box

Whether you want to say thank you, toast to something special, or welcome a new baby, you can do it while also giving back. Packed with Purpose creates a variety of gift boxes with products sourced from companies and organizations that provide jobs to victims of abuse, people who were formerly incarcerated, and refugees.


00’s-Inspired Ring

This ring will give the recipient some serious nostalgia since all of the pieces from BONBONWHIM are loved by the “Y2K Vintage” style crowd. However, what sets this specific ring apart from the rest of the jewelry is that 50% of its profits will be donated to AAPI Women’ Lead, Stop AAPI Hate, The Asian-American Legal Defense Fund, as well as the families of the victims of the 2021 Atlanta mass shooting.


Minimalist Bracelet

When you purchase this bracelet, you’re also supporting The Pad Project, an organization that helps end period stigma and provide period essentials to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. For every bracelet purchased, Lucky Feather donates $5 to this organization, so buy a few to hand out to your friends and help a good cause.


Sweet Treats

The organization This Saves Lives provides one packet of nutritional food to a child in need for every delightful treat purchased from their website. You can pick from a variety of delicious snack bars, kids bars, and krispie treats like this pack of six that are jazzed up with unicorn sprinkles.


Black Lives Matter Gear

By purchasing some gear directly from Black Lives Matter, you’re donating straight to the organization while also giving a friend or family member the opportunity to show their own support with style. They have a variety of products including this cropped sweatshirt as well as hats, water bottles, face masks, and more.


Horoscope Print

This print celebrates the zodiac, will add color to any space, and it gives back to the community. For every print sold, 15% of profits will be donated to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.


Fresh Coffee

Blk and Bold donates 5% of its profits to organizations that support at-risk youth across the United States, so any purchase you make helps contribute to that mission. Choose from whole bean coffees, loose leaf teas, steeped coffees, and more.


House-Warming Gift Box

When you purchase this gift box, you’re putting money directly into Project Home, an organization that helps to provide housing, medical care, education, and employment opportunities to people facing homelessness. This box comes with a soy candle, a package of cashews, cranberry sauce, and a Project Home coffee mug, making it a great house-warming gift


Artisan Jewelry

Akola provides jobs with livable wages and financial literacy education to women in Uganda, and every purchase made helps to further this mission. They have a wide assortment of gorgeous jewelry to choose from including these earrings which are hand-carved by the women Akola employs.


Sustainable Plastic Cutting Board

This cutting board has a huge following because it’s stylish, functional, dishwasher safe, and it’s sustainably made from recycled plastic and sugar cane. You can get it in six different colors, however, if you purchase either the “Reimagine Justice” or “To Pó-Po, with Love” styles, then 50% of its profit will be donated to Heart of Dinner, a meal delivery service to elders in NYC, and Drive Change, which provides on-the-job training in culinary arts to at-risk youth.


Skincare Products

For every product Tatcha sells they’re able to fund a full day of school for girls in Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, and more through their partnership with Room to Read. So any time you gift someone a face mask, some hand cream, or a bottle of their amazing face mist, you’re also providing essential education materials to girls all over the world.



STATE has partnered with a variety of organizations including Time’s Up, Seeds of Peace, and Bottomless Closet, but they also give back on their own by donating backpacks full of school supplies to children in need. Every backpack purchased through STATE funds one of their donation bags or helps further the company’s mission to support American families through initiatives and programs with their charitable partners.


Reusable Tote Bag

In collaboration with Welcome to Chinatown, Pearl River Mart created the “Chinatown Collection” which is a line of products created specifically to help businesses in Chinatown that have been affected by the pandemic. All of the profits from the collection will go right back into Chinatown, including a 10% donation to some of the community’s charities.


Bedding Set

For every Venice bedding set they sell, Parachute donates one bed to Nothing but Nets, an organization that works to protect vulnerable families from malaria. You’d want to get the bedding set anyway, though, because it’s made from luxurious, soft linen and includes a fitted sheet, pillowcase set, and a duvet cover.


Meaningful Apparel

Phenomenal partners with a variety of organizations to help raise money for underrepresented groups and communities. They offer a variety of products, each of which supports a specific organization or group.



For every product sold from the 100% Human collection, Everlane donates 10% of the profit to the ACLU which fights to protect and advance civil rights and liberties for people in the United States. The collection is full of great t-shirts, face masks, bags, hats, and more.


New Socks

BOMBAs offers a wide range of fun, comfy, and cozy socks and clothes for women, men, and kids and for every clothing item they sell they donate another item to someone in need in the US.


A Pair Of Sunglasses

For every pair of glasses sold by Warby Parker, either another pair is donated to someone in need or PPE and/or medical supplies are delivered to frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. They have a huge selection of both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, so you’re sure to find something your friend or family member will love.


Phone Case

Casetify has a huge selection of products you can choose from, but their Stop Asian Hate collection stands out because 100% of profits from these sales are being donated to the Stop AAPI Hate organization. The collection includes a wide variety of design options, in just about every style and color you can think of, from three artists.


Handmade Scrunchie

All of the products sold by It’s Not OK are made by individuals who were at risk of or who experienced human trafficking. All profits from this store feed directly into the It’s Not OK organization which helps fight poverty, human trafficking, and other vulnerabilities for families through various projects and initiatives.


Handpoured Candle

Every candle from Prosperity Candle is hand-poured by a woman refugee living in the United States. The organization employs these women, paying them living wages, aiming to help them develop skills and experience needed to create a new life in the US.


Stylish Headband

When you purchase a headband through Headbands of Hope you’re also providing one to a child with an illness. Through their one-for-one program, Headbands of Hope has provided headbands to kids in every children’s hospital across the US as well as in 19 other countries.


Luxury Purse

Olivela offers a variety of products across their website, including this amazing bag, and a portion of every purchase gets donated to one of their charity partnerships including St. Jude’s, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, The Buddy Program, CARE, and more.


Handmade Bag

Gift of Hope employs more than 70 Haitians, paying each one a livable wage in an effort to fight poverty. Profits from any product purchased from the organization, whether it’s this gorgeous bag or another handmade item, go directly towards furthering this mission.

It always feels good to give someone you love a gift, but giving them a gift that also helps someone else in the process is even better. There are so many great retailers that are working to make the world a better place, and they're definitely worth supporting.