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These 15 Gifts Give Back To Charities Your Loved One Will Love To Support

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Some people never ask for gifts for themselves, asking instead for a donation to some worthy cause in their name. It's a wonderful thought, but you can still give them something to unwrap by getting them gifts that give back to the community in some way. Whether a brand practices a one-for-one program, donates profits, or employs people to help them come out of poverty, there are some really fantastic retailers that are working to make the world a better place.

When you're trying to pick out the perfect gift for someone, think about what's most important to them. Is it the environment? Supporting kids? Helping women make a living in a third-world country? Social justice? There is no shortage of causes to support, and you can pretty much take your pick by shopping at businesses and organizations that are actively giving back to the cause of your choice.

As admirable as it is for someone you love to ask you to make a donation in their name instead of buying them a present, you can actually do both with one single purchase. Think about what they would want to support, and check out these great gift options that will give them something to open up and will also give back to a community that could use a little help.

Organic EVOO

The perfect gift for someone who loves to cook, this gift set includes one bottle of Organic Premium Everyday and one bottle of the Organic Private Select extra virgin olive oils. With this purchase, you'll get a gift for someone you love and you'll contribute to Oleamea's partnership with The Conscious Kid, because a portion of every sale goes towards organizations fighting racism in young children.

TOMS Shoes

TOMS has been around for years, and originally they were a one-for-one company, where for every pair of shoes donated they donated another to kids in need. Now, they do things a little differently, because for every $3 they make, they put $1 towards providing shoes or grants to organizations working to ensure people feel safe, mentally healthy, and "have access to equal opportunities."

Bamboo Toothbrush

These toothbrushes are sustainably made with a 100% compostable handle made from bamboo which is naturally water-resistant and antibacterial. The toothbrushes are designed to stand up on their own and are made from either soft or medium bristles, depending on what you like. Also, for every toothbrush bought through MABLE, one more is donated to a child in the US.

Kids Backpack

Bixbee has a lot of great products, but their backpacks are especially great because not only are they cute, but they're part of the company's "One Here. One There" program. For every backpack sold, Bixbee donates a backpack full of school supplies to a kid in need. They have all kinds of fun designs, too, like this sparkly bag, a shark, butterfly, octopus, and more.

'Harry Potter' Socks

John's Crazy Socks not only has a huge selection of amazing socks (like this Harry Potter pair), but the business also donates 5% of all earnings to the Special Olympics, partners with charities for fundraisers, and donates socks to charities and fundraisers. They have socks for men, women, and kids, and all of them are full of character.

Carrying Pouch

Purchases made through The Tote Project make a big impact. Each bag is made by women who have escaped sex trafficking across the world, and 10% of every sale goes to Two Wings, a non-profit organization that educates, counsels, and empowers at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking.


For every pair of glasses bought at Warby Parker, they donate another pair to someone in need. This is their standard model, which they are still using as much as possible, however, because of COVID, they've shifted things a bit for safety. So, if they're not able to safely make and distribute the glasses donation, the money will instead be put towards purchasing PPE for healthcare workers. Either way, with one purchase you are giving someone you love a cute pair of sunglasses and making a difference to someone in need.

Wire Wrap Headband

IT'S NOT OK sells products that were made by families and women who are at risk or who have survived human trafficking. Every purchase you make through this organization keeps these families employed. Also, profits fund the organization's social justice projects in Cambodia. Basically, you can get a really cute gift for someone and do a lot of good at the same time.

'Please Recycle' Socks

In an effort to support the Black Lives Matter movement, Girlfriend Collective is donating 100% of profits from their Everyday GF line to The Loveland Foundation, The Okra Project, and the NAACP Legal & Defense Fund, and these socks (with a very important message) are included in that collection. It also includes intimates that anyone would be thrilled to get as a gift, but socks may be a safer gift depending on who you're shopping for.

Rag & Bone Crossbody Bag

This gorgeous leather bag makes a perfect gift. By purchasing it, you're giving someone a new bag and you're providing chemotherapy care supplies to St. Jude's. Every purchase you make through Olivela gives back to one of their partnerships such as St. Judes, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Fransisco, The Buddy Program, CARE, and more.

Cozy Mittens

These mittens are fair trade and handmade in the Himalayas. They're super cozy, made from acrylic and nylon (that gives them the same warmth of wool but a softer texture). FAZL offers these mittens, socks, hats, and more through their site and they donate 50% of all of their profits to support orphanages in India.

Sparkly Headband

Headbands of Hope is a one-for-one company; for every product sold, they donate a headband to a child with an illness. The company goes into hospitals and gives kids going through treatment a headband to help "restore confidence." So, by getting your friend one of these gorgeous sparkly headbands, you're also making a little kid feel a little more glam while they're getting treatment.

Navy Blue Earrings

These earrings are handmade from recycled bottle caps and then handpainted by an artisan in Haiti. The organization, Gift of Hope, employs 70+ Haitians, providing them with living wages, promoting entrepreneurs, and supporting families by helping them come out of poverty. Whether you get these earrings or something else from Gift of Hope, you're playing a part in this initiative.

Pup Gift Set

If you need to buy a gift for a dog parent, this little set is perfect. It comes with a handmade squeaky toy, a hand-poured candle, and a pack of matches. This is an adorable gift set, and by purchasing it you're supporting a female artisan who is living in the US as a refugee. Prosperity Candle employs these women, giving them a living wage and a chance to build a life for themselves, and their family, in the US.

Cozy Throw Blanket

Dynamikos has all kinds of great products like glasses, accessories, and blankets and throws, like this one that's made from 100% organic cotton. All of their products are made from high-quality materials and 20% of the company's profits are donated to The Covenant House California, an organization that provides shelter to homeless and trafficked youth.

It always feels good to give someone you love a gift, but giving them a gift that also helps someone else in the process is even better. There are so many great retailers that are working to make the world a better place, and they're definitely worth supporting.