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Getting gifts for a set of twins can be practical and fun.
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30 Best Gifts For The Little Twins In Your Life

Double the gifting, double the fun.

Whether you're buying something for your own kids, nieces, nephews, or even your child's friends, picking out gifts for twins can be tricky. Do you buy gifts for twins that are the exact same gift, give a joint gift, or two different gifts? I mean, you don't want them to fight over anything, but you also don't want them to think one of them got a better gift than the other.

From gifts for new twin babies to help make life a bit easier for parents, all the way to picky preteens and every age in between, this guide has you covered with plenty of options for birthday presents, holiday gift-giving, and beyond.

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Gifts For Twin Infants

When new parents are expecting multiples, they need plenty of gear to help wrangle two babies at a time. From double strollers that make family walks with infants a breeze to nursing pillows with a spot to hold each newborn babe, there are plenty of options for gifts to give. (You can also never go wrong with a jumbo-sized pack of diapers to prepare new parents for diaper duty times two.)

Gifts For Twin Babies & Toddlers

Though babies and toddlers aren't quite yet to the age where having to share their toys won't prompt pushback, there are definitely some great options for quality joint gifts to give twins in this age group. Clothes are also a great go-to gift for this age because they just go through endless pairs of socks, onesies, and the like. Gifting something like a fun character-themed box of socks is exciting for little ones to open, but it's also a lifesaver for twin parents.

Gifts For Twin Preschoolers

For preschool twins who are always on the move, consider gifts that they can both enjoy being active with and expel some energy while playing. (Mainly so they don't continue to destroy the couch cushions.) Gifts that prompt curiosity and learning like books and art supply sets large enough to share can also be a wonderful choice for twin preschoolers as they learn and grow together.

Gifts For Twins Ages 5 - 8

When they reach elementary school, twins may start to really embrace their individual identities, so selecting gifts that can be customized, but that they can still enjoy together can be incredibly helpful. For example, you can pick out a scooter, fishing pole, or backpack that comes in multiple colors or patterns in a different color for each twin. Board and card games to play together are also fun choices for this age group.

Gifts For Twins Ages 9 - 11

Customized twin-themed gear like necklaces, bracelets, and other similar trinkets are right on target for tween twins. Trendy tech items that come in multiple funky colors so that each twin can have their own and kits to learn to code are also on par with the preteen lifestyle. Despite the likelihood that kids in this age group don't want to play family board games, they're usually up for playing games with their friends, so a fun and unique game is another handy gift choice if you want to give a joint gift.

Gifts For Twins Ages 12 & Up

The older my own kids get, the harder they seem to be to buy gifts for — twins double this conundrum. You usually can't go wrong though with something trendy to wear or something fun to make or eat. Plus, at this age, kids are usually able to confidently navigate the kitchen solo, so twins who are budding chefs might enjoy a unique cooking-themed gift set that they can experiment with together.