This Video Of A 3-Year-Old Hugging His Grandma After She Got Vaccinated Is Everything

The way he runs to his Nana...

After a full year of bending under the full weight of the coronavirus pandemic, we could all use a little hope. A little light at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind, please enjoy this video of a grandma hugging her 3-year-old grandson after she got the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kelsey Chvala of Ford City, Pennsylvania tells Romper that her son Track had “really been missing his Nana,” throughout the pandemic. “We did the best we could with dealing with everything,” Chvala says. “FaceTime calls and video calls were what got us through.”

While the family has seen each other sporadically throughout the past year in person, Track has not gotten a hug from his grandmother for months, which is why it was so special for nana and her grandson to finally get to hug last Monday after she had been vaccinated. Coincidentally the very same day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines stating that fully vaccinated grandparents or elderly adults can visit single households without masks or social distancing.

As evidenced by Track’s reaction to hugging his grandmother shared on a local Pittsburgh Facebook page by Chvala, it was not a moment too soon. He was ready for that hug, and so was his nana.

A 3-year-old boy hugs his vaccinated grandmother.

“Getting to see his Nana for the first time since Christmas...Why we vaccinated ..this is everything,” Chvala captioned the video. Her entire family has been vaccinated, as she tells Romper; Chvala received the vaccine due to her work at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The video of Track running to his Nana has everyone feeling emotional. “I can’t wait to do the same thing,” one viewer commented, while another said, “Wonderful! I don’t even know you, and I cried watching this!” As for Track’s grandmother “Nana Jean,” she told news outlet KAKE, “I cry every time I see it, I do."

This isn’t the first video of a grandmother hugging a beloved grandchild to recently go viral. Last week, 80-year-old Evelyn Shaw, who had received the COVID-19 vaccine, went viral when she was given a prescription to hug her vaccinated granddaughter by a thoughtful doctor in New York.

“We are just over the moon with how much happiness our story and video have brought thousands of people during such a trying time,” Chvala tells Romper.