Greeking Out Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

The greatest stories in history were told in Greek mythology, so of course your child wants to dress up like their favorite Greek god or hero for Halloween.

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The greatest stories in history were told in Greek mythology: gods and heroes, amazing feats, it’s no wonder our kids love Greeking Out so much. They listen to it so much, in fact, that we’ve memorized the theme song and opened the article with it, but you knew that. Yes, the National Geographic Kids podcast has been a favorite for years now, so it stands to reason our little classicists in training might be asking about a Greeking Out Halloween costume this year — which might be challenging. Sure there are plenty of generic god and goddess costumes out there, but how do you make the costumes more specific, realistic, and fun? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options.

This list of Greeking Out Halloween costumes can be used to give you resources, as well as ideas. There are so many different directions you and your kiddo could go for, so feel free to mix and match some of the more generic aspects of these costumes. If you prefer Persephone’s tunic, go ahead and use it for your Athena costume! And never underestimate your ability to DIY!

Zeus Halloween Costume

The youngest child of the Titans Cronos and Rhea, Zeus led the army of Olympians to battle the old gods and became king of Mt. Olympus. He rules the sky and is known for attacking his opponents with lightning bolts. You can keep this one nice and simple— it’s more or less the quintessential Greek god costume, but the inclusion of a lightning bolt is a great, easy way to make it specific.

Athena Halloween Costume

This daughter of Zeus is the goddess of wisdom, weaving, and battle strategy. She is often symbolized as or with an owl, so I love the idea of bringing a plush to complete this look. If you glue a strong magnet to its bottom and then put another magnet beneath it, with a little bit of fiddling you could get this owl to “sit” on your goddess’ shoulder. But even if you don’t opt for making more additional work for yourself (I don’t blame you), this is a child’s Athena costume fit for an Olympian.

Of course, Athena wasn’t a soft cuddly goddess, so don’t forget her favorite weapon: a spear.

Hades Halloween Costume

Brother of Zeus and Lord of the Underworld, Hades is the god of death and is known for his dark and gloomy disposition. This robe is available with a number of different colored sashes — I especially love purple or red for this child’s Hades costume, just to keep the vibe feeling a bit villainous (though Hades isn’t a villain, exactly, just sort of creepy).

Hades’ prized possession is his helmet of invisibility, and this one looks suitably dramatic for the gothest, dare I say most Halloween-y, god around.

Medusa Halloween Costume

In feminist circles, Medusa is getting a little bit of a redemption arc as people realize “Wait... so she was assaulted by a god and punished for it and then all she wanted to do was chill in her cave and this Perseus joker just came in to cut off her head?! Leave Medusa alone!” Also, let us not discount the truth that this is one of the coolest Greek mythology costumes your kid can choose.

I think this slightly darker tunic and sash is perfect. Pair with fangs and snake accessories and you have the perfect Medusa costume for girls.

Poseidon Halloween Costume

Poseidon is Zeus’ big brother who was given dominion over the ocean. His costume is very similar to that of his brother/boss, but for some important details — where Zeus has a lightning bolt, Poseidon prefers a trident. I like this blue-accented tunic as a nod to his watery domain and a slightly longer beard. Also, a king needs a crown, and this seashell one is pretty cool (also great for future Halloween costumes for younger siblings who want to be a mermaid).

Artemis Halloween Costume

The goddess of the hunt and the moon is a popular one among young girls (she was a patron of theirs) and I get it: she’s cool. In my opinion, she outshines her twin brother Apollo, which is impressive considering he’s the god of the sun.

For this, I went with a slightly shorter tunic (easier for running through the forest after game). I also included a crown that acknowledges her position as goddess of the moon. Add in a wooden bow and boom! Perfect Artemis costume for kids.

Heracles Halloween Costume

The hero of heroes (don’t tell Achilles), Heracles (yes, Heracles not Hercules, because this is Greeking Out, not Roman Around) is known for his 12 Labors, tasks so difficult they were thought to be impossible. While he might have had a somewhat tragic end, he was allowed to ascend to Mt. Olympus after his death.

This costume can get pretty elaborate if you and your kiddo are down for that sort of thing. Heracles was known for wearing his lion-skin cloak around, doing battle, and being hella swole, which I think is covered with this tunic, lion cloak, sword, and hilarious muscle shirt that I promise will make for some hilarious but cool Halloween pictures.

Persephone Halloween Costume

Few figures in Greek mythology are as debated or curious as Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and Zeus. Greeking Out highlights this complication, noting that depending on which story you read, her fate is either one of utter tragedy or unexpected but important growth and love.

Since Persephone’s annual ascent from the Underworld brings in Spring and Summer, I love the idea of lots of flowers. Flower crown, flowers in a basket, and soft lavender on her tunic. Of course, no child’s Persephone costume would be complete without a pommegranate, the only food she ate in the Underworld that ultimately sealed her fate to live there half the year.

Icarus Halloween Costume

Tragic and beautiful, the Icarus myth cautions mortals not to aim too high. Icarus and his father, trapped in a tower, spent years constructing wings to fly away, but the freedom was too much for Icarus; he flew too close to the sun, which melted the wax that held his wings together and he tumbled into the sea and drowned.

For this, a standard tunic will do, and this pair of “wings” is large and effective. The seaweed is optional, depending on which point of the story your kid wants to depict. It’s morose but a nice detail (just drape it over them). Instant Icarus costume!

Circe Halloween Costume

Thanks to a book of the same title by Madeline Miller, Circe, a villain of The Odyssey, is becoming redeemed. Greeking Out similarly does a great job highlighting her journey and various motivations, which are often silent by the original source material.

I like this dress for a Circe costume — Greek, but a little more whimsical and witchy, as is befitting a goddess who is also a sorceress. The beautiful circlet completes the look, along with a plush pig, as Circe had a fondess for turning sailors into pigs. (It’s a bit of an IYKYK detail, but the people who get it are going to love it.)

There are so many more heroes and gods from these classic tales your kid can dress up like this Halloween, but we hope this at least helps you get started!