The Hallmark Channel Launched A Wine Club & I *Need* To Join ASAP

Hand-selected wines paired with movie suggestions? Sign me up.

I can think of almost nothing more enjoyable than being snuggled up with a big, cozy blanket on my couch, an oversized glass of crisp, cool chardonnay in hand, and a feel-good movie on my TV. With the Hallmark Channel Wine Club, my favorite thing to do is now way easier.

In collaboration with the lifestyle wine company, Wines That Rock, the channel you know and love for their gorgeously snowy Christmas meet-cute movies will now ship a series of Special Reserve wines right to your doorstep. With a club membership, you can fall in love with Hallmark Channel’s new wines while you watch Sarah (a marketing executive from a big firm in NYC, naturally) fall in love with a hunky snowplow driver on a rural Nebraska farm who teaches her to love Christmas again.

The wines for the club’s first two releases sound just as enchanting as an actual Hallmark Channel movie. The club’s fall 2021 selection, Autumn Dreams, is described as “a Special Reserve Pinot Noir with notes of boysenberry pie and ripe cherries.” The winter club selection, Snow Kissed, is a “Special Reserve Zinfandel with notes of blackberries and delicious plums,” which sounds just perfect to accompany the bevy of new Hallmark holiday movies you’ll watch this season.

You can enjoy a variety of delicious wines just like these shipped to you four times per year. Here’s how it works. To join the Hallmark Wine Club, first choose your membership level — silver, gold, or platinum.

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Silver memberships receive three bottles of wine delivered quarterly, gold memberships receive six bottles quarterly, and platinum memberships receive 12 bottles. Platinum members also receive free shipping on their wine delivery, which is otherwise $22 for silver members and $15 for gold members.

Subscriptions start at $48 for silver memberships, $96 for gold, and $179 for platinum. With your first shipment, Hallmark Channel will also throw in bonus bottles of wine based on which level of membership you choose. Each season (fall, winter, spring, and summer), your shipment will arrive at your door with the number of bottles allotted for your membership level. Then, all you need to do is grab a glass, flip on the TV, and enjoy.

Included with your membership are also fun perks and extras like live tastings with the wine makers, a one-month subscription to Hallmark Movies Now, a complimentary Hallmark Channel DVD, a Hallmark e-book, tasting notes, and more. Personally, I want to sign up for a membership just to watch an entire month of Hallmark movies for free with my new wine.

With Hallmark Channel’s Wine Club, you too get to live happily ever after — with your wine.