These Halloween buckets and bags are perfect for trick-or-treating.
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37 Halloween Candy Buckets, Bags, & More To Carry *All* The Treats

Cast a frog-breath spell, personalize a spider, or sing along with Baby Shark.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Halloween to roll around this year (*raises both hands*). Yes, summer has its perks, but there’s just something extra special about spooky season. Whether you and your little ones are gearing up for a month of parties or one big evening of trick-or-treating, you’re going to need some buckets, bags, and baskets to carry all those sweets.

Of course, a classic plastic Jack-O-Lantern bucket from the dollar store will always be appropriate. But since pumpkin pails aren’t the only kind of treat bucket out there anymore, it’s worth it to take a gander at all the colorful, plush, personalized, on-theme options for sale. Oh, and don’t forget a cute tote for all your things, too, parents.

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Classic Halloween Buckets

Want to share a piece of your childhood Halloweens with your little ones? Then they need to carry one of these iconic candy containers. (Remember the plastic pumpkin-shaped buckets? Now they’re considered vintage specialty items, so do with that what you will.)

Personalized Halloween Buckets

Want to buy your little ghoul or goblin a Halloween bucket with their name on it? Not only are they great gifts that can be reused year after year, but it’ll keep siblings from arguing over which bucket of candy is theirs. Spoiler: the fullest pail will always cause this ownership debate.

Teal Halloween Buckets

By now you may be familiar with the Teal Pumpkin Project, which began as a way for homes to signify to kids with food allergies that there were safe treats (like toys) to knock for. Now, children who have food or gluten sensitivities can carry teal pumpkins to help identify themselves and stay safe, too.

Just like teal Halloween buckets and bags, blue trick-or-treat accessories are taking on a meaning of their own. Good Morning America explains that parents of children with autism can use a blue bucket to tell others their child may not feel comfortable saying “Trick or treat!” or conversing with others about their costume.

Character Halloween Buckets

Baby Shark. Skye and Chase. And of course, Baby Yoda. No matter your child’s costume choice this year, chances are there’s a Halloween candy container to match. Even if it doesn’t exactly go with their costume, at least a Moana bag won’t look out of place in your kid’s room when they demand to keep it out all year long.

Halloween Tote Bags

Got a really cute kid who hauls home a lot of candy? In that case, they may need two handles and something made of durable material, like a canvas trick-or-treating tote. Or, if you’re the adult on duty Halloween night, pick yourself up a festive bag to carry all your necessities along the candy trail.