english bulldog dog dressed in a bride of frankenstein halloween costume
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Halloween-Themed Dog Names Perfect For October Pups

They’re so good it’s scary.

There only thing that could be even scarier than getting a dog when you already have little kids is giving that dog a Halloween-inspired name. Whether you’re welcoming a furry family member into your home this October (godspeed) or you just love the creepiest holiday of the year, you’ll want to know about these 18 Halloween dog names, perfect for your October-born (or October-gotcha) pup.

Some of the names on this list, like Zero or Cerberus, were inspired by fictional dogs who have spooky backgrounds (either as Jack Skellington’s ghost dog, or three-headed guarders of the Underworld). Other names you’ll recognize as fictional characters or movie-inspired. And then there are cute dog names on this list, like Boo or Pumpkin, that fit the Halloween theme but aren’t too scary, because you don’t want to freak your kid out every time you call the dog inside. Even if there’s absolutely nothing scary about your adorable pup, these Halloween-inspired dog names are still fun to consider, especially because you probably don’t want to name your Scorpio baby Frankenstein.


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You know who else besides the Addams family is all a little kooky? That’s right, dogs, all of them. Wednesday is a cute name for a Halloween-loving family, and bonus points if you dress the dog up like the character, braids and all.


Everyone knows who Frankenstein is, plus it’s a fun name to yell into the yard and it will get a laugh when you say it in public. Frankie is a cute nickname for days when your pup is more treat than trick.


If you watched the HBO show about Dexter Morgan, a guy who works in the homicide division of the Miami Police Department and leads a very scary double life (aka he’s also a killer on the side), then you already know what this name nods to. Those who know the show will love the name, and so will those who don’t.


Short for Freddy Krueger, the infamous serial killer from A Nightmare on Elm Street, this name is cute 11 months out of the year and gets a spooky twist for October.


Like the classic movie Hocus Pocus, the name Hocus is sure be a family fave and a crowd-pleaser. You could get a cat or fish named Pocus, too (thought another dog with that close of a name may be confusing for everyone).


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For an all white dog, it doesn’t get much cuter than the name Ghost. In addition to spooky apparitions, it also brings to mind the iconic ‘90s movie by the same name starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.


This is an unusual and cool name that hails from Ghostbusters. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the movie (same) Zuul is a minion to Gozer, the main antagonist in the film.


Keep it classic and not-at-all scary with a sweet name like Pumpkin. You can get creative with nicknames too, like Kinny or Pum.


Jack is a super cute (and popular) baby name, but it’s short, strong sound also works well for a furry friend. It could be a nickname for jack-o-lantern, or Jack the Pumpkin King.


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If you want a name that captures the enchanted aspects of Halloween without being too dark or scary, Wizard is a great choice. You could also opt for Merlin instead.


Shadow is a great name for a dark brown or black dog, and it’s especially fitting for a spooky Halloween pup. It also happens to be the name of the Golden Retriever in the classic ‘90s movie, Homeward Bound.


If you don’t want to be shouting the word “skeleton” through the dog park, Skelly is a cute nickname that still has a bit of an eerie quality to it.


Zero is the name of Jack Skellington’s pup in The Nightmare Before Christmas. With its wavy ears and huge eyes, the ghostly pup is a great namesake for a white dog, or any dog really.


Well, Halloween is the one holiday where you may bob for apples, so Bob is a totally fitting name for Halloween dog. Plus, because it’s so simple and so well, human, the name is sure to amuse whoever hears it.


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Aww, how cute is the name Boo? It has a little mystery to it while still being adorable and easy to say for even the littlest people in the family.


If your family celebrates Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) rather than Halloween, the name Coco is a sweet homage to the Pixar film by the same name, whose plot centered on the sacred day.


Beast is actually kind of an endearing name that calls back to the goblins, zombies, and other creatures that make Halloween so darn freaky.


Cerberus is the name of the three-headed dog who guards the Underworld in Greek mythology. It’s the perfect name for a spooky pup who’s also a beloved guard dog (at least when the mail carrier comes).