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25 Baby Names For Water Signs To Inspire Your Little Pisces, Cancer, Or Scorpio


If you're pregnant, you've probably already looked up your little one's future traits based on their due dates — and their signs. If your future babe is a water sign, that means they're either going to be a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio, and they'll be known for being emotionally sensitive and creative. Hoping to harness that energy from the start? You'll need baby names for water signs to suit their big emotions and their big imaginations.

According to an article on Thought Co, “the water element is one of big feelings and imagination,” making it easy for these signs to tune into hidden emotional realities. Basically, they can pick up on the vibes of other people pretty easily, and it's essentially a super power. Water signs will also assess situations “by its undercurrents,” making them highly emotionally sensitive, and they will read people and situations based off a vibe they get. They may gravitate towards the arts as an emotional outlet and allow their gifts to be expressed by uniting people in the human experience. They are also highly in tune with others and can be dreamy, empathic, and intuitive.

I mean, that's a lot to put on a newborn, right? But water signs have big emotions for a reason, and the names on this list — which are great for any baby — will hold a special meaning for babies born within any of the three water signs of Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.

1. Margot

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According to the British Baby Names website, the name Margot holds the meaning of "pearl," one of nature’s most beautiful water miracles. This name would be fitting for any precious water babe.

2. Remy

Remy means “oarsman” and is a French masculine name according to Baby Name Wizard, but is commonly used among both boys and girls.

3. Isla

Meaning “island” in Spanish, Isla is also a Scottish name pronounced eye-la. How beautiful is that?

4. Eddy

A “circular movement of water," Eddy can be a cute name for both a baby boy or girl born in any of the water signs.

5. Hudson

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6. Zarya

Zarya is so beautiful and unique, and it means “water priestess in Slavic mythology,” according to an article in the Huffington Post.

7. River

Meaning “large creek or river,” according to the Baby Name Wizard website (pretty self-explanatory), River would make a pretty cute name for both a baby boy or girl.

8. Kailani

Meaning “sea and sky” in Hawaiian, according to the baby name website She Knows, Kailani makes for the perfect name for a little laid back water baby.

9. Ford

Ford has a cool, earthy feel to it, and means “river crossing,” according to The Bump website. The name also has Old English roots and has been steadily increasing in popularity, so if you’re looking to get in on this oldie but goodie, now may be the time to do it.

10. Darya


Darya, a traditionally female name, has Russian and Persian roots and means “the sea,” according to the Nameberry website.

11. Kai

While this name can hold different meanings in different cultures, Kai is traditionally a unisex name meaning “sea” in Hawaiian culture.

12. Noelani

The name Noelani means “mist from heaven” in Hawaiian, according to the She Knows website.

13. Brook

Also spelled Brooke, this sweet baby name means small stream, according to Baby Name Wizard.

14. Dylan

Dylan could be a cute name for a boy or girl (I just love unisex names) because of its sweet relation to water. The name means “son of the sea," “son of the wave,” or “born from the ocean."

15. Lachlan

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Lachlan can also mean “war-like,” but its Gaelic roots refer to Norway and mean “land of he lakes,” according to Baby Name Wizard.

16. Wade

A Scandinavian name meaning “crossing the sea” or “river crossing,” Wade is very cute, short, and sweet.

17. Anahita

According to Nameberry, Anahita is a Persian name for “water or river goddess.” How gorgeous is that?

18. Delta

Delta is suitable for either a boy or a girl, and refers to a “triangle of land formed by a river” or at the mouth of a river, according to Baby Name Wizard. It's one you don't hear very often, so if you're looking for unique, this may be it.

19. Aqua

Aqua is a Latin name that, pretty obviously, means “water,” according to Baby Name Wizard.

20. Ara


This beautiful Arabic name, Ara, means “brings rain,” according to The Bump website. It's such a great nature-inspired moniker.

21. Cascade

This French name, Cascade, holds the meaning “to fall” or “waterfall” according to, and is the perfect, lush name for a water sign.

22. Coral

Coral has many origins, including English and Greek, but all refer to the beautiful sea growth you will find in the ocean.

23. Cordelia

Cordelia has many meanings such as “jewel of the sea” and “daughter of the sea,” giving a perfect mermaid vibe.

24. Hali

The Old Greek meaning of Hali is “from the sea,” according to Baby Name Wizard. I love how otherworldly it sounds.

25. Kendra


If you want something subtle, but beautiful, the name Kendra means “clear water,” according to She Knows.