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These baby names are perfect for ocean lovers.
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25 Unique Baby Names Inspired By The Sea

If you feel most at peace at the ocean, try one of these baby names for your little love.

Picking a baby name can go one of two ways in my opinion. It can be incredibly fun and exciting, or it can be stressful. If you and your partner just feel completely overwhelmed with all the choices out there for names, perhaps it would be best if y’all settled on a theme to choose from, like baby names inspired by the ocean. That way, while there are still endless possibilities, at least you’re both on the same page when it comes to that front.

Whether you and your partner have a connection to the ocean, or it’s just something that inspires you when you think of your future baby, there are so many names to choose from. You could even go totally ‘90s with the nostalgia and name your child after King Triton’s daughters from The Little Mermaid: Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Adrina, or of course, Ariel. Apparently King Triton had the same idea when looking for ocean-inspired names, as all of his (fictional) children represent the seven seas, according to Quora. Attina is the Bering Sea, Alana is the Black Sea, Adella is the Mediterranean Sea, Aquata is the Coral Sea, Arista is the White Sea, and Adrina is the Caribbean Sea. Ariel is, you guessed it, the Red Sea.

But if none of those A-names work for you, then I’ve got you covered with these 25 oceanic names to choose from. From names that literally mean wave and sea to names that just have those sweet ocean vibes, there’s something for everyone.



Not only is this name unique, but your kid will probably grow up to be a bad*ss warrior — or at the very least, look like Jason Momoa or a viking. The name Aegir does mean “Norse Sea God,” after all.



This Latin and Celtic name means “daughter of the sea,” and it’s also a lyrical and somewhat witchy name, if you ask me.



Alon is a Filipino name meaning “wave.” And you can’t get much more beachy than that, am I right? It’s short for Alphonso, which is one of the most adorable names I’ve ever heard.



Your child will always be at one with the sea if you name them Aerwyna, which means “friend of the sea.” It also sounds pretty elvish, so if you’re a fan of the LOTR trilogy, this name could be a doubly perfect fit for your family.



Kai is a Hawaiian name, meaning “sea,” and it just sounds like someone who lives at the beach and loves to surf. If you’re into power metal, Kai Michael Hansen is the founder, lead guitarist, and vocalist of Gamma Ray, a power metal band.



Marella is a lyrical name that means “star of the sea.” The Danish version of this name is Mariel, and the Latin is Mary. “Marilla Cuthbert” was also a character’s name in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, so if you’re a fan of that series as well as a fan of the ocean, this is the perfect name.



Delmar has origins in both Spanish and French, and it means “of the sea.” Delmar was incredibly popular in the ‘30s, per the Social Security Administration website, but it’s gaining traction again now.



The Turkish definition of Cari means “flows like water,” and if that definition doesn’t just sound like the person would have a beautiful and peaceful soul, I don’t know what does.



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Though Calder means “rocky water,” I think there’s something magical and beautiful about an ocean having a storm brewing within its depths. I feel like your child would be strong and powerful if you named them Calder, and that would be a major positive.



Avisa quite literally means “ocean,” and you can’t get much more oceanic than that. Plus it’s a beautifully unique name to boot.



If you and your partner can’t agree to go all-in with the oceanic names, the name Dylan may be a good fit since it’s a pretty common name and most people don’t know it means “son of the sea.” But you both would know, and that’s all that matters.



An obvious, yet not so obvious choice. While Sandy is short for Sandra, which means defender of people, you can’t really go wrong either way — whether you just love sandy beaches or you want your kid to grow up to be a leader.



Definitely not a name I would have known had oceanic origins, but here we are. Douglas has Scottish origins and it means “black water.” Sounds very serious and brooding. I like it.



This name is as unique as it is adorable, and you can pay homage to the little jewels that live inside of clams in the ocean. Plus it’s definitely an oceanic birthstone for the month of June if you’re having a summer baby.



Most famously known at the moment for Gal Godot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman in the DC franchise, Gal also means “wave.” So your child will be a superhero that comes in like a wave, right?



This beautiful name reminds me of a goddess, and with good reason. Ashera in Ugaritic mythology means she who walks in (or on) the sea.




Irving is a cute name with a cute meaning — “sea friend.” It is of Scottish origin, and it can also mean “green water.”



Adrian means “a person from the Adriatic sea,” and it’s also a very common name, so it could subtly honor your love of the sea if you’d like.



Obviously, this name is Greek in origin, and it means “the body of water surrounding the earth,” aka the ocean itself.



You may have heard this word before when discussing where boats are kept, but it also is Latin for “from the sea.” It’s a sweet, spunky name that feels both traditional and trendy.



Nerio is Greek in origin and means “sea traveler” or “water.” In Roman religion and myth, it also is the name of an ancient goddess.



Azure is French for “blue” and you’ll be reminded of those crystal clear blue seas you love to visit every time you say your child’s name.



Coral is a beautiful name on its own, even without meaning to have an oceanic inspiration. Coral is the name of the stony guys that you find in the ocean in warm and tropical seas, and a similar vibe can be found in the name Cora.



One of my favorite parts of visiting the beach is the cool mist that comes from the water and refreshes and cools my face in the hot sun. Misty would be the perfect homage to that feeling and make you feel reminiscent of the beach.



Deniz is a Turkish name meaning “sea,” and is also pretty gender-neutral, which is perfect for any ocean-loving family.