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32 Lovely Ocean-Inspired Names For Your Baby Girl

These aquatically-inspired names are so beautiful.

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When you have a baby, it feels like every cliché has come true. Your love for your little one is as high as the sky, and as deep as the ocean. Wait... ocean. Hmm. Ocean is kind of a cool name, and it’s definitely different from all the other girls’ names out there. So if you’re feeling aquatically inspired, these 20 ocean names for girls might make you feel like every day is a day at the beach.

On the surface, Ocean is a beautiful baby name. But when you do a deeper dive, the name Ocean holds so much significance. Your baby has lived in water (well, amniotic fluid) for nine months, so the name ocean honors their origin. The ocean holds so much mystery and life, and you’re just starting out on your own journey of discovery as well, learning something about your newborn each and every day. And when you combine all of that beautiful imagery of the ocean, it makes the idea of giving your baby a water-inspired name so magical.

If you love the name Ocean (or something that symbolizes it), get ready to swim through this list of 20 ocean names for girls that are bold and beautiful.



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If you like the word ocean, there’s no reason to not name your daughter exactly that. The name Ocean has both French and Latin roots and means, yes, ocean. It’s not as uncommon as you might think, but you can customize it with spellings like “Oshun” or even Oceana.



A gender-neutral name, Morgan is of Welsh and Old English origin. It means “circling sea” or “bright, white sea dweller.” Either way, it has an ocean connotation. It also ranks still as one of the most popular names.



Kailani is a beautiful girl’s name that means “sea and sky.” It’s of Hawaiian origin and has a slew of spellings, such as Kaylani, Kaylanee, etc. And as a nickname, you can’t get cuter than Kai.



Mira is a baby girl’s name that has a few different meanings, one of which being “ocean.” It can also mean “admirable,” “peace,” or even “female ruler,” all of which might work well with the ocean theme. The name, which can also be written Mirra or Meera, is of Latin origin.



Come on, who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after a brave and courageous Disney princess? Moana is a popular name in Polynesian countries like Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, etc. It’s actually a gender-neutral name and means, “ocean,” “sea,” or “wide expanse of water.” Who knows how far your girl will go with this great name? (Ha.)



While the name might conjure up images of the queen of Camelot, Guinevere is a proper Welsh girl’s name. It means “white shadow” or “white wave,” and has a lot of potential nicknames, like Gwyn.



If you’re looking for an ocean-inspired name that’s uncommon, Morwenna might be it. It means “waves of the sea” and is Welsh in origin. It’s starting to see a comeback in Wales, where it originates, and is slowly making its way stateside.



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Your baby is the star of your life. That’s what makes Maren, which means “star of the sea” so fitting. It derives from the Latin name for Mary, which can also be its nickname, as well as Ren.



Marina is a girl’s name of Latin origin. It means “from the sea,” and can be spelled Marinna, Maryna, Marynna, and so on. It’s pronounced “mah-reen-ah,” instead of “mar-ih-na.”



If Guinevere seems too stuffy, you can always opt for Jennifer. Popular back in the late 70s to early 80s, Jennifer means “white wave” as well as “fair one.” It’s the Cornish version of Guinevere, which dates back to the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. Alternatives are Jenna, Jenny, or Jennie.



It might not mean ocean, but the sweet-sounding Marley means “from the lake meadow.” It can also mean “pleasant wood,” and is a gender-neutral name. It was originally a surname in Old English, and then gained in popularity as a girls’ name.



Onda is a girl’s name which means “wave.” It’s from the Spanish word “onda” which is pronounced “on-dah,” with the accent on the first syllable.



If you’re a sushi fan, then you definitely know nori as edible seaweed. And while you wouldn’t want to particularly name your child after marine plants and algae, the sweet-sounding Nori might be more palatable as a girl’s name that represents the ocean.



Doris is an old-fashioned name (think Doris Day) that you might want to consider if you want an ocean-esque name. It means “gift of the ocean”, and is of Green origin. And in Greek mythology, Doris is the daughter of Oceanus, god of the sea.



If you’re looking for an Irish girl’s baby name that means “ocean,” look no further than Muriel, which is of Irish and Gaelic origin. It means “sparkling or shining sea.”



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Of Greek origin, Nerissa is a girl’s name and means “from the sea.” It’s not as common as its similarly-sounding sisters Melissa or Marisa, but it still has the same meaning.



A name meaning “of the sea,” Maris is a girl’s name. It is of Latin origin, and can be short for Marissa. It’s pronounced “mar-is,” with the stress on the first syllable.



Meaning “daughter of the sea,” Cordelia is a lovely baby girl’s name. It is of Latin and Celtic origin, and has seen a resurgence lately. And with its lovely nickname, Cora, you can’t go wrong with Cordelia.



You don’t have to do a deep dive to figure out what Blue means. Meaning the color blue, Blue is a gender-neutral name that is of English origin. While some celebs have used it as a middle name, it wasn’t until The Carters (Beyonce and Jay-Z, that is), named their baby girl Blue Ivy that it really took off.



Where there’s an ocean there’s sure to be sand. So opt for this name that can be a nickname for Sandra. You can have fun with the spelling, like Sandee, Sandi, or Sandie.



So technically a sea is a smaller version of an ocean and is found where the ocean and the land meet, according to the National Ocean Service. Still, you can “see” why Sea would be a sweet name for your little sweetie. While you could simply call your baby Sea like the body of water that it is, you can accentuate that “a” and pronounce it like See-ah.



Sure, having a name that is as big as the ocean is impressive, but what about an ocean-inspired name that showcases the power of the water? Enter Cari, a girl’s name of Turkish origin. It means “flows like water”, which could also be cute for astrological water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.



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The baby name Kendra has multiple meanings, ranging from “magical” and “knowing”. But the one that you might want to give to your water baby is literally just that — “water baby.”



If you consider the Greek and Persian origins of the name Daria, then you might think that the baby girl’s name means “maintains possessions well”. (Heck, it might be a sign that your kiddo will keep their room clean in the future.) But it can also come from the word “darya”, which means “sea.”



Hailey is a pretty common baby girl’s name, but if you remove some letters and switch around that “I,” then you get Hali. Of Greek origin, it means “sea,” and might inspire some serious Santorini vibes.



It might not be a common girl’s name, but Samudra should be on your list if you’re looking for ocean-inspired baby names. It’s a Sanskrit term that means “the gathering together of waters”, and refers to the ocean or sea.



When you’re thinking of an ocean name, you might not consider the actual movement of the water itself. The name, of Hebrew origin, means “to flow down”, or “one who descends”, both quite appropriate when you think of labor and delivery.



A gender-neutral name, Kairi is of Japanese origin. It means “sea”, and is pronounced Kaa-iy-ree. Kairi entered the Top 1000 for baby names back in 2010, but hasn’t washed back onto U.S. shores since then.



Maya is a baby girl’s name that, depending upon its origin, has many potential meanings. In Greek, it’s “good mother,” and in Sanskrit, it means “illusion.” But it’s the Hebrew version that makes it a potential oceanic name for your little baby, because Maya is a derivative of Mayim, which means “water.”



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As far as baby names that signify the ocean, Shui is a shoe-in. It means “coming from water” and is of Chinese origin. It’s pronounced “shoo-ee”, which is so cute to say.



Looking to give your little lady a name that shows that your love is as big as the ocean? Well, then consider Yara. It means “water lady” and is of Brazilian and Arabic descent.



The “mana” is strong with the name Kaimana. It’s comprised of two powerful parts: Kai which means “sea” and mana, which means “power.” Put ‘em together, and you get Kaimana, which equates to “powerful sea.”

If you’re looking for baby girl names that are ocean-inspired, these names can make a big splash!

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