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Baby names that sound like Sophia include Josephine, Cecilia, and Amelia.
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21 Baby Names If You Like Sophia, But Want Something Different

There are lots of beautiful baby girl names with similar sounds and aristocratic vibes.

Every generation has their popular names, and based on all the lists of the most popular baby names for 2020, your kids will know a lot of Olivias, Emmas, and Sophias. But don't worry, there are plenty of baby names like Sophia you can consider for your baby girl if you love that name, but want something that hasn't caught on just yet.

Baby Center explained that Sophia is a baby name with Greek origins, and it also means "wisdom." added that it comes from the Greek word sophos, which translates to wise. Remember Sophocles, the play writer from ancient Greece? Seems like a wise dude. There are also lots of saints named Sophia in the Catholic church, so it's definitely associated with femininity and power. If your little one has older siblings already, you’re probably also familiar with Sofia the First, a Disney Junior princess who makes the name sound even more royal.

But for some parents, Sophia's status as the fourth most common baby girl name in 2019, as reported by the Social Security Administration, is a reason to look elsewhere. So, if you already know a Sophia or three and your daughter would be spending lots of time around them, it makes sense why you'd investigate some alternate (but still similar) baby names.



Cecilia is a gorgeous first name you don't hear too often on the playground, but you will find it in the pages of Atonement, The Virgin Suicides, and The Hunger Games. Oh, and that one Simon & Garfunkel song. It has similar sounds to the name Sophia and the same number of syllables, so it tops the list of Sophia-adjacent name options.



Do you even need to be reminded of all the amazing Serenas in the world your little one could take after? The name is Latin for "tranquil" or "serene”, noted Nameberry — adjectives that don’t apply to most newborns, but maybe your sweet baby Serena will be the exception. Moms who like the name Sophia may be drawn to Serena if they’re also fans of Gossip Girl or Sailor Moon.



Josephine may not seem like the obvious alternative to Sophia, but it just works. It has the same old-school, upscale vibes and the same number of syllables. Baby Center noted that Josephine is an English name derived from Joseph, and means “god will add.” If you’ve been waiting for a little girl to complete your family, a moniker with that meaning may feel extra special.



Sylvia is Latin for "woodland," according to Baby Center, so parents who love the outdoors or have special memories in nature may take a liking to this Sophia alternative. It ranked at 833 in the popularity rankings in 2020 so no worries there, and much like Sophie for Sophia, Sylvie would make a darn cute nickname.



Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldo, princess of Genovia fans, this one's for you. Amelia is a German name meaning "work," noted Nameberry, so your little princess won't be afraid to get her hands dirty. Consider Emilia too, which shouldn't be a hard sell considering Emilia Clarke has become everyone's favorite dragon queen.



Fiona is an Irish name meaning "fair" or "pale" according to The Bump, and ranks 551 in name popularity in the United States right now. Again with the royal connections like Sophia, Fiona is probably most known as the name of the feisty princess and ogre in the Shrek movies.



If you want a name that's completely off the radar, Sabina is it: The Bump reported it currently ranks #4,411 in the popularity standings for names in the U.S. (It was most popular back in the 1880s, but never ranked higher than #981.) It's a gorgeous, unique name you won't hear in your daughter's classroom, and has roots in Roman history for parents who are into that sort of thing.



The Bump explained that Seraphine means "burning ones," is of Hebrew origin, and is literally #9,776 in popularity right now. This is a formal petition to get this name back in the game, because it's too beautiful not to grace your baby's birth certificate. Seraphina is an option, too, if you want an extra syllable.



Sonia, Sonja, or Sonya, are all other languages' versions of Sophia. Regardless of the spelling, this name also means "wisdom" and shares all the saintly associations Sophia has, like Sophia the martyr and the Hagia Sophia, reported It’s a really pretty option that only ranks at #863 in popularity right now, so it’s a trendsetter waiting to happen.



Zara is derived from the classic name Sarah, which means "princess" or "lady." It could also be related to the Arabic name Zahara, which translates to "flower" or "splendor." If any of those meanings speak to you, Zara is an excellent name choice. It's a little shorter than Sophia, but still ends in that 'a' sound, which should flow nicely with whatever middle name you choose.



Samira is getting more popular thanks to the amazing actress Samira Wiley, who stars in Orange is the New Black and The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a name of Arabic origin that means “companion in evening conversation” according to Nameberry. It’s a cousin of the name Samara, which would make an equally beautiful name choice.



If you were eyeing the name Sophia because the nickname Sophie is just too precious, Saffi might be the name you've been waiting for. The Bump reported that Saffi is a variation of Sophia and also still means "wisdom," so it keeps a lot of the original characteristics of the name you love, but adds a never-before-heard flare.



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Ophelia sounds sort of like Sophia, don't you think? And, as if you needed evidence of how pretty it is, it was invented by an Italian Renaissance poet in the 1500s, noted It has that ‘oph’ sound and ending ‘a’ sound like Sophia, but is much more uncommon by comparison.



Zoe (or even Chloe), shares some similar sounds to Sophie, and similar heritage, too. Zoe is a Greek name meaning "life," noted Nameberry, adding that it's been in the top 1,000 most popular names for years, but not nearly as high as Sophia. There are tons of fun spellings if you want to spice it up from the traditional version.



In keeping with the Greek name theme, Athena is a seriously powerful choice for your little warrior. As The Bump noted, Tina Fey named her daughter Penelope Athena in 2011. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom (another Sophia nod), the arts, and war, so she’s kind of a multifaceted badass. Your little girl will be, too.



This unisex name takes after Sophia's sounds, but is equally as cool as Athena. Sasha is a Russian name meaning "man's defender," so, like, tiny Wonder Woman over here, no big deal. If you liked Sophia because your family is all about S names, Sasha will keep your theme consistent.



Sophia is such a lovely, feminine sounding name. If that's what drew you in, Cassidy might also work for you and your baby. It's an Irish name meaning "curly-haired," and currently ranks around #366 on the popularity charts. Now imagine your cute little Cassidy with the curls bouncing into pre-K (*swoon*).



Phoebe is a Greek name that means "radiant, shining one," which perfectly describes how much joy your new baby will bring to your life. The name appears in Greek mythology as an alternate name for the goddess Artemis, in the Bible, Shakespeare, and in many novels, like Catcher in the Rye (and, of course, in Friends).



The Bump noted that Elina is yet another Greek name with a beautiful meaning: "sun ray." It can also translate to "bright, shining light," added Nameberry. Similar names include Alina, Lina, Elliana, and many more, so if this option gets you as excited as Sophia did, don't be afraid to dive down the Elina rabbit hole.



If the meaning of Sophia is why you fell in love with it, there are some equally awesome options out there for you that are super unique. noted that Zosia is a Polish name derived from Sophia, so it also means "wisdom." It isn't even ranked on U.S. popularity charts, so you're safe on that front.



Does anyone else remember the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken? The protagonist is Sonora, who becomes a daredevil act riding horses off of a high-dive platform. said it's a Spanish name meaning "pleasant sounding," and isn't on any popularity lists at the moment. Seems poised for a daring comeback, don't you think?