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If you like the name Emma, these 20 baby names are similar, but different.
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20 Baby Names If You Like Emma, But Want Something Different

Because Emma is lovely, but you already know three babies with that name.

Unless they change it later on in life, the name you choose when your little one is born will stick with them forever. But a popular name today might be the "Karen" of tomorrow, so it's important to choose wisely. This list of baby names if you like Emma has tons of inspiration if you're on the fence about using the super popular moniker.

Emma currently sits in the No. 4 spot on Baby Center's list of most popular baby names in 2020, which is no surprise considering that the name has graced the site's top 10 list for the past 18 years straight. (Since 2002, you guys!) Emma has been the most popular name for baby girls in the United States six out of the last 12 years, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), with a five-year hot streak at No. 1 from 2014 to 2018.

The fact that it's such a popular baby name means that if you decide to name your baby Emma, it's likely that she will wind up with at least one — if not three or four — other Emmas in her kindergarten class. When you're 5 years old, this might not be the worst, but having to go by Emma [insert last initial here] for all of grade school does eventually wear on a kid. (As a 1990s Ashley, I know these things.) Take a look at this list to see if any other baby name sparks joy in your Emma-loving heart.



Whether you prefer Stone, Watson, or Roberts, there's no denying that the name Emma just screams Hollywood starlet. So, if you love the baby name Emma for its star-power, another Hollywood-inspired name might be just what you're looking for. Perhaps sharing a moniker with the iconic Audrey Hepburn is exactly what your baby needs.



If you're looking for a name that sounds similar to Emma, Anna is a short, four-letter, two-syllable name that starts and ends with vowel sounds. The baby name Anna means "gracious" in Hebrew. It's not nearly as popular as Emma and was ranked the 63rd most popular girl baby name in 2019 by the SSA.



Emily sounds very much like Emma, just with an "-ly" at the end. Emily means "rival" in Latin, so it stands to reason that this similar baby name is an appropriate choice if you're looking for something to win out over the name Emma in your very own battle of the baby names.



When my aunt was pregnant back in 2004, she and my uncle debated for almost her entire pregnancy about whether they would name their daughter Ella or Emma. My cousin ended up being Ella, which is still a pretty popular name, but the double "l" definitely rolls off the tongue a bit easier. (She's also the sweetest teenager I know, so the name Ella might be worth a second glance.)



Hear me out on this one — Emma was the name of Ross and Rachel's baby on the TV show Friends back in 2002. So if you like Emma, maybe Rachel gives you similar feels. Although Emma is currently still a ridiculously popular name, Rachel is less so, ranked the 191st most popular baby name by the SSA.



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Changing one letter in a name can change the entire meaning, so if you like Emma, try changing the last letter to an "e" and see how the name Emme sounds. The English baby name Emme means "jewel" or "gem," so although it is admittedly very similar, it's definitely a sparkling alternative to the name Emma.



Short and sweet in a way similar to the name Emma, the French baby name Esme means "esteemed" and "beloved." Esme has gained popularity as an American baby name over the last decade, jumping from a ranking of 924 in 2010 to 433 in 2019, according to the SSA.



The baby name Ida has two syllables and ends in a vowel sound like Emma. Also like Emma, Ida is one of those timelessly classic names that just has so much charm and elegance. Ida means "prosperous," so it's definitely a name filled with hope for the future of your baby.



Emery is a great gender-neutral name choice if you love the baby name Emma, but want something that could work for any child, regardless of gender. The name Emery is of German origin and means "industrious." Because Emery and Emma have a similar sound, Emma could actually work as a nickname for a child named Emery if you just can't choose between the two names.



Technically, the baby name Gemma has the name Emma in it, so really it's about as close as you can get to Emma without actually being Emma. Gemma means "jewel" in Latin and "precious stone" in Italian, so if you want a baby name with some sparkle behind it, Gemma might just be what you're looking for.



Adding an "-lyn" to the end of a short name is one way to change a baby name you love without losing it completely. Emmalyn is like Emma, but also not Emma. It's also not as popular as the baby name Emma, as Emmalyn was ranked 571 in 2019 by the SSA.



Similar to Emma's short, sassy appeal, the baby name Mila means "dear one" in Russian and is Slavic for "industrious." The name also has some Emma-like star power thanks to actress Mila Kunis. While I can't guarantee that if you name your child Mila, she will turn out to be a hilarious, hard-working actress, it might be worth a try.



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If the baby name Emma appeals to you, Olivia is a similar baby name that has been almost as popular as Emma has been over the past two decades. Olivia has made an appearance in the SSA's top 10 baby girl names since 2001, and like Emma, it seems as if this baby name has some staying power.



Although Hannah is definitely longer, it has two syllables and ends with the same vowel sound as the baby name Emma. Hannah is Hebrew for "favor" or "grace of God." It also has biblical roots, as Hannah was the name of Samuel's mother in the Bible, according to Baby Center.



Like Emma, Ava is a classic name that offers plenty of feminine appeal. Ava means "life" in Hebrew and is about as short and sweet of a baby name as you could possibly pick. Also like Emma, Ava has topped the popularity charts in recent decades, ranking in the SSA's top 10 most popular baby girl names since 2005.



Mia is often used as a shortened version of the baby name Maria. Like Emma, Mia is a short, easy-to-pronounce baby name that ends in an a. Of Latin origin, Mia means "mine" or "wished-for child," so it's a very sweet way to lay claim to the precious baby you created.



If you don't actually want a popular name, Sophia might not make your list (it was Baby Center's most popular name for 2020), but if you're just looking for something similar to Emma, this could be a winner. Sophia means wisdom, so it's the perfect choice for parents looking for a particularly astute name choice.



The name Emma means "whole," so if you're looking for a baby name with a similar meaning, Erma is one to consider. Like Emma, the baby name Erma is also of German origin, according to Mom Junction, and means "complete." However, the name can also be attributed to the Latin name Irma, which means "war goddess."



Another feminine name choice that gives off similar vibes to the name Emma is Chloe. (Or Khloe, if you're a Kardashian.) Chloe means "green shoot" or "blooming" in Greek, so the name definitely evokes feelings of new life, birth, and growth. Although the name is fairly popular, it hasn't ranked in the SSA's top 10 baby girl names since 2011.



The baby name Maya has roots in several languages, including Latin and Hindi, according to Baby Center. In Latin, Maya means "great" or "larger," but in Sanskrit, it means "illusion." Maya is also a derivative of the English name May. Similar to Emma, the name Maya evokes a particularly poetic feel, thanks to the famous writer Maya Angelou.