Fun Halloween Pizza Ideas To Make & Enjoy At Home

Who knew cheese and sauce could get so spooky?

You’ve got your costumes ready to go and your kids have mapped out the perfect trick-or-treat route, but do you know what you’ll serve for dinner before you hit the streets? These Halloween pizza ideas are a frighteningly fun way to fill up your crew on the spookiest night of the year.

A creepy vampire or mummy face made from some olives and a few pepperonis is actually way easier to achieve than you might think. All it takes is some creativity and willingness to get a little messy in your own kitchen to create a pizza that’s as spine-chilling as it is delicious. Yes, your kids will still probably pick off the toppings they don’t like (a themed dinner, unfortunately, won’t make their pickiness disappear), but you’ll make some happy holiday memories and could even start a new tradition that your kids will enjoy year after year.

Pizza is one of those universally loved treats that make even the most mundane days feel special — especially when it’s homemade. Even if you already enjoy the blissful simplicity of pizza delivery on a regular basis (hi, it’s me), a make-your-own pizza night can be an exciting way to celebrate Halloween. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza on your dinner menu.


Halloween Ghost Blob Pizza

Get ready to get melty with this recipe for Halloween ghost blob pizza from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs. Use cookie or pie cutters to cut cheese slices into the shape of ghosts, then add olives to make their spooky faces before baking. The end result is a boo-tiful pizza pie filled with ghoulish cheese blobs that your kids will devour.


Halloween Cookie Pizza

Who says you can’t have pizza for dessert? True pizza lovers know that a cookie pizza is one of the best kinds of pizza there is, and this Halloween-themed dessert pizza from DIY Candy is no exception. The spiderweb design makes it the perfect way to end your celebration on a sweet — but still spooky — note.


Mummy Mini Pizzas

These adorable miniature mummy pizzas from Eating Richly are so easy to make that your kids can pretty much do all of the work themselves. Mozzarella string cheese strips serve as the “wrapping” of the mini mummy faces and olive slices (that your toddler will probably throw on the ground later) make the eyes. They’re almost too cute to eat.


Personalized Halloween Pizzas

Part of the fun of make-your-own pizza night is that it gives each person the opportunity to actually make their pizza exactly the way they want it. Using Halloween-themed pizza inspiration from Fresh Family Meals, your kids (and you!) can create a creepy vampire out of olives, a spider with bacon legs, a smiling jack-o-lantern, and more.


French Bread Mummy Pizza

What’s easier than rolling out a bunch of pizza dough to make a Halloween-themed pizza? Topping french bread with pizza ingredients. Using this recipe from Simply Lakita, you can make mummified french bread-style pizzas with olive eyes and plenty of cheese for a yummy Halloween dinner treat.


Spiderweb Halloween Pizza

One easy way to achieve a tasty, yet terrifying Halloween pizza is to adorn a frozen artisan-style pizza with your own additions to create creepy creations like this spiderweb pizza from Baked By Joanna. This particular version is definitely geared more toward adult tastes, but you can always decorate a frozen cheese or pepperoni pizza in a similar way.


Halloween Pizza Skulls

If you’re looking for a fun way to creep out your Halloween party guests, look no further than these stuffed pizza skulls. This recipe on the Plain Chicken blog shows you step-by-step how to bake these scary treats using refrigerated pizza dough, a skull-shaped pan, and whatever pizza toppings you want to use for filling.


Jack-O-Lantern Shaped Pizza

This YouTube tutorial from Knockout Kitchen shows you how to make a stuffed crust pizza shaped like a jack-o-lantern, complete with a ground hamburger topping that fills in the areas where a face would be carved.


Skull Pull-Apart Pizza

Another skull-shaped Halloween pizza option is this horrific looking (in the best way) pull-apart pizza recipe from Wilton. Using refrigerated biscuits, pizza sauce, cheese, olives, and red peppers, this yummy dish is as tasty as it is creepy. You’ll need to invest in a skull-shaped cake pan to pull off this tricky treat, but the end result is 100% worth it.