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16 Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles That Are Just Tricky Enough

Riddle me this.

Halloween is fun and all, but if your kids want to up the spooktacular factor, turn your festivities into a scavenger hunt with Halloween riddles. It’s easier than you might think. Coming up with riddles is just a matter of throwing together some creepy holiday appropriate puns that lead to a clue. Then hiding said clues all over your house for your crew to find.

Keep in mind that the clues can’t be so difficult that your children don’t understand them. It might also help to have an adult lead your own version of Scoobs and the Gang through the game to ensure there’s no confusion.

Put clues in relatively easy to find spots so that your Halloween scavenger hunt doesn’t turn into an Easter egg surprise come April. And keep spirits up by making this a healthy competition. Everyone should get a go at guessing the answers and to spare yourself from tears, maybe institute a “no running” policy to keep the proceedings injury free. Just be sure to have a big prize at the end. Candy is great, but a fun pumpkin carving station or pin the arm on the zombie game could be an equally exciting prize to find after sussing out the answer to all of these clues.


A Witchy Clue

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She flies late at night and goes zoom zoom zoom, find your next clue atop her ______. Answer: Broom


A Mirror-Based Clue

Black cauldron.

Witches brew.

I am shiny,

And I look right back at you!

Answer: Mirror


An Obvious Clue

Ghosts are white

Vampires wear black

The next scavenger hunt clue can be found in a

Witch’s hat.


A Prop-Based Clue

There once was a zombie named Tim

His life was quit grim

He ate people’s brains

And was quite a pain

And your next clue is in his discarded limb. (Hide the clue in a mannequin arm or leg, or maybe a stuffed sock or other article of clothing if you don’t have a mannequin lying around.)


A Directional Clue

Trick or treat

Smell my feet

Give me something

Healthy to eat (from this room!) Answer: The kitchen.


A Scary Story Clue

A lion, a tiger, a bear, oh my!

Where can you find other Halloween looks?

Perhaps start with a page out of a book! (Answer: head to the bookshelf.)


A Shoe Clue

Say Boo!

Yes You!

Need a clue?

Look in a shoe.


A Sweet Clue

Pumpkin spice is nice

And tastes very yummy

But nothing is better on Halloween than this

In your tummy. (Answer: Candy)


A Jack-O-Lantern Clue

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Even Bats need to wash

Brush their teeth and try to floss

Especially if they eat this squash. (Answer: pumpkin)


A Postal Clue

Listen boys and ghouls,

Your next clue isn’t for fools.

It’s not in your socks

But in the postman’s favorite box. (Answer: Mailbox)


An Insider Clue

Roses are red

Spiders can be blue

This next clue

is on one of you! (Answer: Use a sticky note to tape the clue to one of the participants back.)


A Water-Related Clue

Boil, boil toil and trouble

The next clue can be found in a puddle. (Float a clue outside in a puddle.)


A Porch Decor Clue

Spooky, scary, Halloween night

Find a clue in this glowing veg

To get a big fright. (Answer: put a clue in a pumpkin.)


A Punny Clue

If a Zombie were looking for his favorite cereal, Rice Creepies, where would he find it?

Answer: The kitchen cupboard.


A Musical Clue

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If you want to play a mummy’s favorite music — wrap — head to this device for your next clue.

Answer: Alexa or stereo.


A Silly Clue

In what room can a witch enjoy broom service?

Answer: The bedroom.

Ready? Set? Go find those clues!