These halloween socks for the whole family will put everyone in a spooky mood.
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38 Pairs Of Halloween Socks To Put The Whole Family In A Spooky Mood

“Trick or treat, smell my feet.”

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I am the kind of person who goes all out with my holiday attire. You’ll find me and my kids in matching pumpkin tees all fall long followed by reindeer antlers in December. If you want to rock a head-to-toe holiday look this spooky season, these Halloween socks for the whole family are exactly what you need to complete an outfit. They totally give new meaning to the phrase “scare your socks off.”

Fun holiday socks are such an easy way to get your entire family in the spirit of the season. Especially for younger kids who aren’t quite into the scarier aspects of Halloween yet, wearing a cute pair of socks can make their holiday more fun. Choose from socks with grinning ghosts or friendly jack-o-lanterns for little ones, monsters and candy for older kids, or bats, broomsticks, and “booooze” for adults. No matter which pair you choose — spooky or silly — you really can’t go wrong.

Whether you love the look and feel of a full-length crew sock, a sporty ankle sock, or want to scare the neighborhood kids with glow-in-the-dark socks, this list has something for everyone. These styles are sure to help your family kick off the Halloween season in the most celebratory way. Trick or treat, smell my feet.

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Glow-In-The-Dark Crew Socks For Kids

This pack of kids unisex crew socks from The Children’s Place comes with three pairs of spooktacular Halloween socks. Kids can choose from a spooky jack-o-lantern on an orange background, a black sock with green accents that says “boo crew,” or a glow-in-the-dark skeleton design to flaunt this Halloween season.

Kids Halloween Ankle Socks

Your kids can celebrate Halloween all fall long with this six-pack of ankle socks from Old Navy. The gender-neutral designs feature bats on an orange background, orange and white stripes on a black background, gray and white checkerboard patterns, skeleton bones, and more for your kids to choose from.

Trick-Or-Treat Baby & Toddler Socks

How adorable are these Halloween socks for babies and toddlers? I seriously want to buy a pair for every baby I know to wear this fall. The silly “trick or treat, smell my feet” song could not be more accurate than it is plastered on the bottom of these holiday socks.

Witchy Adult Socks

You can absolutely be a witchy woman (or man) with this pair of Halloween socks from Etsy. The pair is covered in pumpkins, spiderwebs, ghosts, bats, fall leaves, moons, and witches hats in shade of black, grey, and orange on a light orange background. The sublimated print design features a black toe and heel and is made with soft and cozy fleece lining to keep your feet nice and warm. The crew-length style is perfect to pair with office attire, but the socks are also stylish and festive enough to wear straight to a Halloween party or out trick-or-treating with your kids.

Booties For Babies

Even the littlest members of your family can get in on the Halloween fun with this pair of baby bootie socks from Carter’s. The two-pack comes with one pair of black-and-white striped socks with orange detailing and one pair of gray socks with a ghost on the ankle. They’re just perfect for your little boo.

Colorful Halloween Socks For Kids

Halloween doesn’t have to be all dark and scary, as these colorful kids socks from Amazon prove. With bright colors like green, blue, purple, and orange, these Halloween socks are definitely as kid-friendly as can be.

Candy Corn Socks

Halloween is prime time for candy collection, and wearing a pair of socks covered in candy corn while your kids scope out the house with the full-sized candy bars just makes sense. With sizes for kids and adults, these socks are perfect for candy lovers of all ages.

Jack Skellington Socks

Finally, you can settle the debate over whether or not The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie by simply wearing a pair of these socks from October through December. With six designs to choose from, you could actually sport socks with The Pumpkin King’s face on them if you really wanted to.

Adult “Boooze” Socks

For a more adult take on the Halloween holiday, this pair of crew socks features ghosts with drinks in-hand and reads “Here for the boooze.” They’re perfect to wear to an adults-only Halloween party or while you’re winding down from a night of trick-or-treating with your favorite adult beverage.

Ruffled Halloween Socks

Who says ruffles and frills can’t exist alongside ghosts and goblins? You little one can be as fancy as they please this Halloween with a pair of black-and-orange-striped crew socks that feature a ruffle around the top edge.

Mismatched Skeleton Kids Socks

Another glow-in-the-dark Halloween sock option for kids is this mismatched ghost and skeleton pair from Pals Socks. The black-and-white design glows an eerie fluorescent green in the dark. This kid-friendly pair of socks also features non-slip grips on the bottom so your kids can run around without slipping.

Baby Halloween Socks

With this two-pack of Halloween socks from Carter’s, choose from a pair of socks with a silly black cat or a classic orange-and-white-striped pair for your baby this spooky season.

Striped Over-The-Knee Socks

Is there a look that is more classically Halloween than a pair of orange-and-black striped socks? This particular pair of socks is designed more like a stocking to be worn over the knee and is made with elastic that will stretch to fit various adult shoe sizes and leg length.

Dab To The Bone Socks

If you have preteens at home, you’re probably aware that their favorite pose to strike during any and all photo-taking is “the dab.” With sizes from youth small through adult extra large, your entire family can sport these awesome Halloween socks with dabbing skeletons from Etsy.

Women’s Monster Socks

I seriously cannot get over how cute these monster-themed Halloween socks are. The four friendly monsters (one for each pair included with your purchase) just look too precious to be celebrating such a scary holiday. I mean, the mummy is dripping blood, but somehow still looks adorable.

Jack-O-Lantern Socks

If you want to celebrate Halloween with just a simple pair of classic jack-o-lantern socks, this pair from Party City is perfect. For around $3, this pair of crew socks will complement your kiddo’s pumpkin costume and give you a fun sock choice for when Halloween falls on a work day in one fell swoop.

Toddler Monster Grip Socks

To get your toddler in a spooky mood, this five-pack of Halloween monster socks from Amazon offers several adorable and not-too-scary designs. Silly monster faces that glow in the dark adorn the top of these toddler crew socks so that your little one can get into the spirit of the holiday.

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