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Hello Bello’s Dr. Seuss Diapers Are *So* Fun

Oh, the places you’ll go! ... when you’re being toted on your parent’s hip.

There are few things I love more than dressing one of my girls. The cute dresses with unicorn appliqués! The matching bloomers! The bright colored socks with ruffles at the top! (That’ll I never find a matching pair of again once they’ve been washed.) Cute patterns used to just stop at clothes, but thanks to brands like Hello Bello, even diapers now have adorable motifs and designs. The new Hello Bello Dr. Seuss collection is especially cute and will make your baby look fully dressed on the days when you just cannot with any more buttons or zippers.

Hello Bello is known for its affordable, plant-based products, but they’re also known for being super fun with those items (I love their lavender bubble bath). The brand has done several collections and limited-edition prints, but the new Dr. Seuss line is one of my favorites. This design is part of their great diaper bundles and includes two prints. One is called Off and Away and features a bright blue background with classic illustrations from the Dr. Seuss classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go! like the bright hot air balloons. The other diaper design is called Balancing Act, and is a white diaper with characters from Oh, the Places You’ll Go! like the elephants and birds.

There is also a pack of wipes featured in this collection, and the bundle box — also decorated in a Dr. Seuss motif — can be turned into a hot air balloon just like in Oh, the Places You’ll Go! for your little one to play in.

Hello Bello
Hello Bello

And for even more perfection, Hello Bello will donate $1 to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund for every photo of Hello Bello x Dr. Seuss shared on Instagram or TikTok. Just use #hellobello #helloseuss for entry.

You can order the diapers now via Hello Bello’s website or find them on the shelves of your local Walmart. The Hello Bello Dr. Seuss diapers are available in the Hello Bello diaper bundles, which include four packs of wipes, up to seven different designs (or all seven of the same design!), and a Hello Bello freebie to be shipped to your home for just $65.99. You can also get 15% off other essentials not related to diapers, like shampoos and lotions, hand sanitizers, and more.